Life Purpose supported by Physiology

In my hundreds of coaching cases, many are seeking meaningful and purposeful life engagement. Different people express and manifest differently. Some do not seem to be interested in meaningful engagement with life.

A lady feels angry and lost due to her husband having an affair. During the coaching process, she describes her marriage life as “nothing joyful or exciting, nor depressing” until the recent issue.

Both husband and wife has his or her own duty to perform, making an earning, taking care of children. There is no common platform of interest and sharing, nor compelling vision forwards.

I asked : “What do you think is happy marriage?”

She answered : “There should be no extramarital affair.”

There was another case, lovers for years. One day the male partner decided to end the relationship.

I asked about their years of courtship. What they did together. She answered : “Eat, drink, shopping, watching movies”.

One employee, due to difficult economic situation, lost his job. I asked : “During your work, what made you feel excited, proud, or any achievement felt?”

Answer : “No lah. Just follow the boss’s instruction to do the work.”

It seems making a living is more for survival sake, no other purpose and meaning. As long as life is smooth sailing, everything is OK. Until some negative happening.

Having a purpose Life Direction and hence the Intention, is the function of Spleen.

And having Will Power to purse what one’s belief or dream is the function of the Kidneys.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, the ancient wisdom, says : “Kidneys store Will Power” “Spleen stores Intention”

Intention and Will Power are two of the 5 Consciousness.

And Consciousness is related to the body physiology. A person who is often sick, with weak body, always feels tired walking a few steps, surely his or her Consciousness levels are low.

How do you make observations of your autistic child’s Intention and Will Power? What about Parkinson’s sufferers?

More detailed discussion on relationship between psychology and physiology is as per video training course “Organs Functionalities (What Western Medicine does not know)

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, “Consciousness 五神 ” , “Kidneys store Will Power 肾藏志”,”Spleen stores Intention 脾藏意“

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Combine Western Science and Ancient Wisdom to find clues to illnesses like stroke, Parkinson, Dementia.

From the Western Science we get the fact that :  Up to 60% of the human adult body is water by weight, the brain is composed of 73% water.

What is the function of the brain having 73% water?

We shall discuss with simple logic.

3000 years ago, ancient wisdom as per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, says, the brain is filled with Sea or Ocean. They had the notion that the brain is in fluid medium, “脑为髓之海”, though they did not have the technology to measure the actual amount. But they knew like what today scientists know.

Why brain has so much water or fluid content?

We can say that logically the brain needs a lot of energy to function, to think, to analyse, to co-ordinate all stimuli and information to create sensible perception and make sense of reality.

So far you are OK with these logic presented. Ya?

In my free Video training (Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health), I presented the notion that the brain need energy, and energy is a rather abstract concept, not practical for usage, and replace with the 3000 years notion of Qi-Blood.

Hence the brain needs a lot of Qi-blood (energy) to function well.

You will accept the Blood as needed, but not Qi concept at this junction. I invite you to enroll the video training “Qi (its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”.

For the time being I go alone with your current paradigm that much blood is needed to the brain. You don’t want to talk about Qi. That is OK.

Much blood means the heart needs to work hard (i.e. a lot of pumping) and that produces a lot of heat. (Ancient Wisdom just called it Yang).

Then logically there is need to have coolant (73% water in the brain) to ensure balancing or reaching optimal equilibrium.

If the water content of the brain is very much reduced, ie. Little or no coolant, what happens? (Just simple logical question)

Similarly just using these two variables : Water / fluids and Blood, there are 4 scenarios that cause in-equilibrium. Too much water, not enough water, too much blood, not enough blood.

What about the quality of Water and Blood? Water too slurry, sticky, or Blood too thin, or blood stasis?

If in-equilibrium or imbalance, do you think it will affect the functionalities of the brain? Do you think there is connection between such imbalances with stroke, Parkinson, dementia?

I am just presenting some logical flow.

How do you do manage the balancing in order not to get stroke, Parkinson or dementia?

You need water management of your body. Ya? How?

You need blood management of your body, Ya? How?

What are the inputs to Water and Blood, and how the Body Process these inputs in order to get quality water and blood?

So your body processing is like a factory. How do you know the factory is working OK?

In the video training : “Qi (its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”, the 5-Essential Human Life Variables are

  1. Water / Fluid :2 Blood : 3  Qi :4  Essence :5 Consciousness

For the 1 and 2, you are OK with the concepts, but not 3,4,5.

But 3000 years old Ancient Wisdom tells us all these 5 variables need to be managed to achieve balancing for better well being, not to get sick.

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Seeking Solution & Seeking Knowledge are two different things!

I am glad to see much discussion among members in the Chinese WhatsApp group, quite a number of discussion is on what treatments and how etc.

It is natural that people eagerly want to get solution due to concern about own or family members’ health.

Let me highlight and elaborate more the many other important questions and thoughts beneath the question on “What Treatments?”

E.g. Question : “How to improve Kidney functionalities as someone has Kidneys-Deficiency”

There are many methods to improve Kidneys functionalities. But not all of them suit the person concerned.

Yellow Emperor says : “Same illnesses different treatments. Different illnesses same treatment.”,

“Focus on the Person and not just on the symptoms”,

内经说 : “异病同治,同病异治”,”治人不治病”。症状只是一种表现,症状背后的病因,病理,是因人而异。

Symptoms are just manifestation of something unbalanced in the body system. And different people has different out of balance body system, though many of them have same symptoms.

The above question implies the person concerned has problem in Kidneys functionalities. But is that really the source of the problem?

Hence more investigation is needed.

There is the possibility that the source of the problem is not Kidney-functionalities but Lung-functionalities.

Yellow Emperor says “Lung is represented by Metal, Kidneys by Water”. And the theory further says, Metal Produces Water. If the Metal (Lungs) is out of balance, then it affects the Water (Kidneys-functionalities).

This is the challenge of due to its theory of inter-connectivity. All parts are not to be separately treated. And many other different parts can affect the part concerned. Hence the philosophy is very different from Western Medicine, which just focus on the particular part and ignore the rest.

Today many TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctors seem to practice like the Western Medicine doctors. They also only focus the the symptoms expressed by the patient and do not make sufficient inquiry of the larger picture.

With early discussion, more questions were posed by the members.

Question : “How do I help to bring back the Consciousness of the autistic child? (this refers to the child not able to make eye contact with the mother, not able to engage in a deeper communication on consciousness level).

“My child has sensitive nose, allergic to several things? How to treat?”

I often have to explain again that one just cannot based on an experienced symptom to understand holistically what is happening to the concerned party unbalances?”

Another question : “How can one knows whether the body constituent is Yang-deficiency or Yin-deficiency?”

Body Constituent System is a large topic, (Video training on Body Constituent System is under construction).. The body is more than just Yang or Yin-deficiency, but there are 9 types of Body Constituent.

Hence if I just answer the above question, the person may think there are only two types, which is not true.

Another question : “Under what conditions pineapple consumption is harmful?”

Well these types of question, one can easily Google to find out more. Be aware, you get different answer from Chinese Food System and Western Nutrition Theory.

Question : “My mother, 82 years old, water retention in the lungs, difficult in breathing. Just completed a heart-related problem operation. Medicine taken after operation is causing stomach problems. What foods should she consume now?”

It is sad that old people suffer a great deal with all sorts of illnesses. With operation, Ancient Wisdom considers the True Qi is badly harmed, making the person weaker.

My first reaction is to recommend porridges for the old mother. But that is not sufficient, there are so many therapies can be applied to the old mother.

Besides food therapy, there is also the emotional support, any old negative issues she is holding to heart? Etc. etc. But then will the old lady co-operate? Will the adult children have time and energy and knowledge to administer? These are larger questions need considering.

Not long ago, I have a coaching case of an old mother. Besides many physical discomfort and pain, recently she has bad temper, accuses the son stealing her money, wishes her die soon.

After coaching, I explain to the adult children, whatever maybe the old issues she has, her physiology is going downhill fast.

Yellow Emperor says “Kidneys Store Fear”. As her Kidney-functionalities are deteriorating, she experience a lot of unexplained fear, and she expresses the fear by accusing people around.

Balancing is required to her Kidney-functionalities, not psychology. I recommend adult children to learn Ancient Wisdom Life Cultivation to help the mother.

The adult children do not believe all these ancient wisdom nonsense. They sent me off and continue to bring the mother from one doctor to another doctor, looking for the best cure.

I encourage people I know to learn the ancient wisdom. Life Cultivation must start now, not till older age, otherwise your adult children will also behave like above, with much stress felt, bring the old parents from one doctor to another. All are in miseries.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Same illnesses different treatments. Different illnesses same treatment 异病同治,同病异治.”, “Focus on the Person and not just on the symptoms 治人不治病”, “Metal gives rise to Water 金生水”,””True Qi 气” , “Kidneys Store Fear 恐伤肾”,”Body Constituents体质”。

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Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health

“Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health”

Topics of Discussion

1. Why Aging Before Aging age?

2. What does measured Blood Pressure represent exactly?

3. Complex Medical Theory helpful?


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A report on Autism

This report was made on June 7, 2017.

Before we started our 4th June workshop with the parents who have autistic children, in a short time we did a quick survey about their children conditions.

Altogether 9 autistic children.

(3 yrs below=1, 3-5 yrs=3. 5-9 yrs =1,9-12 yrs =2,14 yrs =1,20 yrs=1)

Speech Deficiency (9-12yrs=2,14yrs=1,20yr=1)

Hyper-active (9-12yrs=2)

Socializing proglem (3 yrs below=1, 3-5 yrs=1, 5-9yrs=1,9-12yrs=2,14yrs=1,20yrs=1)

Learning Disability (3yrs below=1, 3-5yrs=2, 5-9yrs=1,9-12yrs=1)

Fixed and Repeated Behaviors (3 below=1, 3-5yrs=2, 5-9yrs=1,9-12yrs=1)

Before the start of autism symptoms any high fever, flu = 2, (baby time).

Cesarean=3, all 3 are hyper-active。

Mommy often sick, weak body constituents, high stress and emotional disturbance during pregnancy, period irregular before pregnancy = 2

Shortly after vaccination, any unusual behaviors of the child = 0

Taking part in various programs, activities (OT, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration, etc. = 8

Time / Period attending the program : (3 months below =2, 1 yr below =3, 5 yrs=1, 7 yrs =1)

Parents understand what method used in the various program OT, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration, know how the specialist carry out the activities :(10% = 2, 50% = 4, 75% = 2)

How much time spent daily on the following : IQ(20 % = 2,30% = 3, 50% = 2)

How much time spent daily on the following :EQ(5 % = 1,20% = 1, 30% = 2, 50%=1)

(Note” Most take EQ more in controlling the child tentrum, difficult sentiment, and not balancing their emotions or developing EQ)

Later in my talk, I explain 5 Consciousness as per Ancient Wisdom, more than just EQ, which correspond to 5 body organs that determine behaviors and performance.

How much time spent daily on the following : (BI) Body Intelligence = ??

(Note: Most take BI as Sensory Integration activities. In my talk, I explained that from Ancient Wisdom perspective, BI is on raising the Yang energy / Life Force of the child)

How much time spent daily on the following ?: :diet( 30% = 3, 50%=2, 70%=4)

(Note: In my talk, I explained that Ancient Wisdom perspective, diet is related to improving our bodily organ functionalities which also include 5 sensory faculties. Ancient Wisdom called it Theory of Foods & Drink, which is very different from Western Nutrition Theory)

After various programs and activities :(OT),Speech Therapy,Sensory Integration)etc. What are the improvement performance ?:

( 6 month period : 5%=1, 20%=2, 30%=1, 50%=1。)

( 3 yrs, with one 7 years : 30%= 1, 50%=1。)

The one with 7 years intensive attendance to various programs activities, today still have speech deficiency and socializing programs problems.

In our workshop, I asked : “If we have opportunity to meet again in 5 years time, what report you can give about the progress of your autistic child?

I emphasize the importance of constant evaluation and measurement of the child progress, on whatever program attended, and not leave the child to the specialist / center day after day, year after year.

From the above information, you are welcome to share your views, discussion, your own analysis and thoughts on the above.

Subsequent to the above, I continue to take such survey in other Ancient Wisdom introduction talk. The pattern of the result is similar to the above.

There is really very little significant improvement with years of Western Education/ Therapy for Special Need children. Perhaps that is why they attend my talk.

This is regretful and sorry state, after years of hardship on the part of the parents for their love of their special need child, yet without significant result. I know of some, after 20 years of OT etc program, having their children dependent on large dose of western medicine to control the tantrum, some violence.

Many parents, after 10 years,20 years hardship, feel totally discouraged to seek anymore solution, and accept the cruel reality. They are no longer active on social media looking for solution or discussing or sharing.

Hence in the social media, mostly are young parents, actively pursuing seeking solution full heartedly. I wonder after another 20 years, what will become of them? Will they also give up hope?

I sincerely offer them a new hope based on the ancient Chinese wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classics.

To understand how autism came about, to use the ancient wisdom theory, we need to know the basic concepts and knowledge of the Yellow Emperor, i.e. Qi, Yin Yang, Zangfu Organs, Food Therapy, Qi activation, 5-elements etc.

Then we can initiate balancing treatments to the child on daily basis. Treatments must be holistic, not doing just one thing.

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Andrew Wong
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Let’s talk about “High Blood Pressure” again.

From Western Medicine point of views, they consider High Blood Pressure is due to walls of blood vessels hardening, loose its elasticity and cannot hold the blood and produces excessive pressure.

Hence attention is on the quality of the blood vessel walls with highly sophisticated instruments to examine the blood vessels, with operation if complication arise, but not the blood.

There is little explanation as how the blood vessels get hardened. Some explain by the person concerned exercises excessively or work too hard.

Ancient sages did not have today sophisticated equipment and instrument to do monitoring or checking. As such there is no such term called “High Blood Pressure” in the old texts.

But ancients sages paid a great deal of attention to the various symptoms which today Western Medicine associate with High Blood Pressure. E.g. Palpitations, chest tightness, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, sore shoulders, stroke.

How does YEIC explain High Blood Pressure?

The focus is on the quality of the blood. If the bloods contain too much unwanted things, like un-removed toxin, phlegm, some bloods solidified bits and pieces, then there is blockage to the smooth flow of the blood.

Some people have qi-deficiency, always panting, no strength to speak or move, then the weak qi is unable to drive and move the heavy blood, with more exertion to move the blood to the required region eg. brain and eyes to do thinking or reading, pressure is built up. Over time, this damage the blood vessels too.

Some old people, during younger days no High Blood Pressure, only when grow old. This is because the organs functionalities are out of balance, metabolism cannot be thorough, producing much toxin in the body and create blockages to the flow of Qi and Bloods.

People with frequent depression, blood deficiency, anemia, can easily have High Blood Pressure.

Now you can see that YEIC tells us High Blood Pressure implies many things, largely our lifestyle and how to keep organs functionalities in order, i.e. Life Cultivation 养生.

You can also see the differences in approaches towards High Blood Pressure, with Western Medicine gets patients to be on lowering high blood pressure pills for life and operation in some cases.

But ancient sages focus on making good blood quality and improve the Qi to move the blood.

Very different approach, ya?

Do you think autistic child has High Blood Pressure? You tell me.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training. “”Qi and Blood 气血”,”Life Cultivation 养生”。

Qi and Blood 气血 is particularly explained in the video “Qi (Its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”

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Video Preview on Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being

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Happy New Year.

New Year 2019 is going to be an exciting and interesting year for me.

Why so?

I found a world platform whereby I can share the 3000 years old Chinese Ancient Wisdom to help people to create Better Well Being Today.

This is a Global Learning Community with 24 millions eager learners.

This video is a preview to introduce Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic to the whole world.

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Happy New Year to you again and hope you have an exciting start for your new year 2019.

Andrew Wong
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Blog :
Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being

Emerging Larger Picture

Very excited.

My 2nd video training course just gets published by Udemy.

With a few more video training courses to be published, we can all begin to see the whole picture of the Ancient Wisdom to create Better Well Being today.

This video training course is on 

“Qi (Its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”.

It took me almost 1.5 hours to explain the Concept of Qi, the most confusing and misunderstood concept.

Take a look at a few free preview videos and program outlines to appreciate how critically important is the Concept of Qi to your life.

Qi (Its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables

Welcome to share with your family and friends if you find it useful.

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Learning ABC before writing an Essay

It sounds obvious.

Not knowing the alphabets, how to communicate and write an essay.

Not knowing a language, how to understand the underlying message.

Sometimes, we operate without being aware of such simple logic.

I give an example.

After being given a prescription by a Western Medicine doctor for an illness, the patient quickly checks at the internet, for more information on the medicine given. The patient finds some extra information regarding the medicine, which the doctor did not mention. The patient is worried about that information. On the second day, the patient visited the doctor again to challenge him on his prescription.

The patient know the language of the medicine, though not too technical in details, but sufficient for him to know the pro and con. This is the challenges faced by the Western Medicine doctors.

If the patient visits a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor. When given the prescription, the patient has hard time to understand the prescription after spending long hours with Google search. There are strange language and metaphor used. For example, the Liver is on fire. Or there is too much Evil Qi, or the Yin Yang no balance. Or Wood attacks Earth.

The patient is at a loss. He cannot challenge the TCM doctor.

This is because the patient does not know the ABC, the language of the Chinese medical treatment system.

Some health-conscious people, or have some not too serious symptoms in the body, want to learn from the ancient Chinese health system, do good deal of research and reading. These people are often puzzled by the strange language. Qi Deficiency. Yin Deficiency. Yang Excessiveness. Stomach Qi or Essence depleting.

Soon these learners give up.

Not knowing the alphabets, how to communicate and write an essay.

Not knowing a language, how to understand the underlying message.

For the above cases, my work o Video Training Courses on the Ancient Wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, has the purpose to provide basic ABC language to help learners to explore and understand better their performance, behaviours or health issues based on ancient wisdom.

More than providing the language, but also the knowledge how to do self Yin Yang balancing, e.g. Through food therapy, activating Qi, raising consciousness.

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The next Video Training Course is on “Qi (Its mystery unfolded), Qi Blood & 5-Essential Human Life Variable” will be ready for publishing after Christmas

There are altogether 10 Video Training Course to complete the essentials of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

Keep coming back to the is Blog to check the status.



Can you succeed just by yourself? No need collective contribution?

“Uric Acid is the byproduct of metabolism. A healthy body will discharge such by-products through urine, stools and sweats.

When there is poor functioning of metabolism, uric acid can be generated and give rise to problems like gout, pain in the joints, and with long period of accumulation in the body, many serious illnesses can develop.

A proper functioning of metabolism requires the well-functioning of all the 5 key-organs, not one less.

What functionalities?

Well, foods must be well digested, transformed to nutrients for the body growth and activities. This require good function of Spleen and Stomach.

Lungs and Liver Qi must be able to transport the nutrients to various parts of the body.

Small intestines must be able to absorb the nutrients and send the waste products to the Large Intestines.

And Kidneys must be able to filter the liquids and send the urine to the bladder etc.

We have discussed often, your excessive thoughts and emotions can also affect the above processes.

When any of the above processes is out of balance or not functioning well, we have many signals, including production of uric acid.

Many people, especially those with gout problem, direct their attention to what diets to avoid that can cause high level of uric acids. Hence they spend time, energy and money on control, avoidance, or reduce certain diets etc. Which certainly is tedious and tiring.

With all these efforts, what about what diets to ensure no cancers, diabetes, Parkinson, … ?

Isn’t it more important to focus on well functioning of all the 5-key organs functionalities so as to protect you from all illnesses?

Western Medicine doctor recommends taking plenty of water. This is control and avoidance strategy. It appears the life purpose focusing on gout and uric acid as enemies to be fought or avoided.

Perhaps such life attitude and paradigm should be changed. As per YEIC Life Cultivation, we focus on overall improvement of the body, mind and emotions and good functioning of all 5 major organs. This is holistic approach, there is no enemy to fight.

If we follow the Western Medicine doctor’s advice to take in more water, have we also considered can the kidneys and bladder take this extra burden?

For those with Yang-deficiency body constituent, taking in more water worsen the health condition. Can we afford to take care of one, and harm the overall system?

Life Cultivation 养生 aims to focus on diets that suit different person’s body constituent, the person lifestyle including exercise or not, personality, psychology etc. There is no one-size fits all.

The principles of YEIC are simple, But it takes great deal of learning to acquire the knowledge.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Functionalities of key 5 organs五脏六腑功能”,”Body Constituent 体质”,”Holistic Approach 整体观”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Yang Deficiency Body Constituent 阳虚体质”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Andrew Wong
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