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“Uric Acid is the byproduct of metabolism. A healthy body will discharge such by-products through urine, stools and sweats.

When there is poor functioning of metabolism, uric acid can be generated and give rise to problems like gout, pain in the joints, and with long period of accumulation in the body, many serious illnesses can develop.

A proper functioning of metabolism requires the well-functioning of all the 5 key-organs, not one less.

What functionalities?

Well, foods must be well digested, transformed to nutrients for the body growth and activities. This require good function of Spleen and Stomach.

Lungs and Liver Qi must be able to transport the nutrients to various parts of the body.

Small intestines must be able to absorb the nutrients and send the waste products to the Large Intestines.

And Kidneys must be able to filter the liquids and send the urine to the bladder etc.

We have discussed often, your excessive thoughts and emotions can also affect the above processes.

When any of the above processes is out of balance or not functioning well, we have many signals, including production of uric acid.

Many people, especially those with gout problem, direct their attention to what diets to avoid that can cause high level of uric acids. Hence they spend time, energy and money on control, avoidance, or reduce certain diets etc. Which certainly is tedious and tiring.

With all these efforts, what about what diets to ensure no cancers, diabetes, Parkinson, … ?

Isn’t it more important to focus on well functioning of all the 5-key organs functionalities so as to protect you from all illnesses?

Western Medicine doctor recommends taking plenty of water. This is control and avoidance strategy. It appears the life purpose focusing on gout and uric acid as enemies to be fought or avoided.

Perhaps such life attitude and paradigm should be changed. As per YEIC Life Cultivation, we focus on overall improvement of the body, mind and emotions and good functioning of all 5 major organs. This is holistic approach, there is no enemy to fight.

If we follow the Western Medicine doctor’s advice to take in more water, have we also considered can the kidneys and bladder take this extra burden?

For those with Yang-deficiency body constituent, taking in more water worsen the health condition. Can we afford to take care of one, and harm the overall system?

Life Cultivation 养生 aims to focus on diets that suit different person’s body constituent, the person lifestyle including exercise or not, personality, psychology etc. There is no one-size fits all.

The principles of YEIC are simple, But it takes great deal of learning to acquire the knowledge.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Functionalities of key 5 organs五脏六腑功能”,”Body Constituent 体质”,”Holistic Approach 整体观”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Yang Deficiency Body Constituent 阳虚体质”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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