Learning ABC before writing an Essay

It sounds obvious.

Not knowing the alphabets, how to communicate and write an essay.

Not knowing a language, how to understand the underlying message.

Sometimes, we operate without being aware of such simple logic.

I give an example.

After being given a prescription by a Western Medicine doctor for an illness, the patient quickly checks at the internet, for more information on the medicine given. The patient finds some extra information regarding the medicine, which the doctor did not mention. The patient is worried about that information. On the second day, the patient visited the doctor again to challenge him on his prescription.

The patient know the language of the medicine, though not too technical in details, but sufficient for him to know the pro and con. This is the challenges faced by the Western Medicine doctors.

If the patient visits a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor. When given the prescription, the patient has hard time to understand the prescription after spending long hours with Google search. There are strange language and metaphor used. For example, the Liver is on fire. Or there is too much Evil Qi, or the Yin Yang no balance. Or Wood attacks Earth.

The patient is at a loss. He cannot challenge the TCM doctor.

This is because the patient does not know the ABC, the language of the Chinese medical treatment system.

Some health-conscious people, or have some not too serious symptoms in the body, want to learn from the ancient Chinese health system, do good deal of research and reading. These people are often puzzled by the strange language. Qi Deficiency. Yin Deficiency. Yang Excessiveness. Stomach Qi or Essence depleting.

Soon these learners give up.

Not knowing the alphabets, how to communicate and write an essay.

Not knowing a language, how to understand the underlying message.

For the above cases, my work o Video Training Courses on the Ancient Wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, has the purpose to provide basic ABC language to help learners to explore and understand better their performance, behaviours or health issues based on ancient wisdom.

More than providing the language, but also the knowledge how to do self Yin Yang balancing, e.g. Through food therapy, activating Qi, raising consciousness.

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The next Video Training Course is on “Qi (Its mystery unfolded), Qi Blood & 5-Essential Human Life Variable” will be ready for publishing after Christmas

There are altogether 10 Video Training Course to complete the essentials of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

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