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“The brain-gut connection: how TCM has known for centuries what Western medicine is now discovering

There are more and more such articles published that today scientists discover the functions or malfunctions of the brain is connected with the gut. 

This implies brain related problems like Parkinson, dementia, autism, stokes are connected with the gut problems. 

This connection and relationship are well understood 3000 years ago as per ancient wisdom “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic”.

However today scientists using Western Medicine theory still operate with their fragmented and compartmentalized thinking, looking for micro solutions and not macro solutions.

For example, such statements “Recent research has found that bacteria in the gut can affect people’s mental state, leading to mood, cognition and behavioural problems.” lead scientists to zoom in research into the bacteria and elimination of the bacteria.

But that will not solve the fundamental problems.

Let me explain.

As per Google search :

Where is the gut found? The mouth is the first part of the gut (gastrointestinal tract). When we eat, food passes down the gullet (oesophagus), into the stomach, and then into the small intestine. The small intestine has three sections – the duodenum, jejunum and ileum.

The gut involves digestive system (mouth, stomach) and absorption system (small intestines).

Just based on the above limited information, ancient wisdom considered more than 2 variables (Stomach & Intestines) that create whatever may be the health problems.

Stomach is closely related to Spleen. Small Intestines are closely related to Heart.

As per 5-Elements Theory, Spleen / Stomach, Small Intestines / Heart are in constant interaction with Kidneys / Bladder, Lungs / Large Intestines, Liver / Gall-Bladder. 

Only with all the organs functionalities are in good balance, you will not have so called bacteria in the guts.

Hence bacteria in the gut is the end result of how well you overall organs functioning. Hence it is not the cause.

What is this ancient wisdom Total Integrated Model that connects all parts of our body and mind?

Watch this short video to get some understanding.

How do I strengthen the overall performance of my body organs system to heal (balance) or to prevent diseases?

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Kid’s inability to Concentrate

A concerned mother shared the following about her 5 years old kid for advice.

Andrew, my kid’s learning is affected due to in-ability to concentrate .

His confidence is low as the teachers have not been kind to his inability to concentrate.

He cries easily. His core muscle weak and cannot sit straight to do homework

He has difficulty to wake up in the morning though he sleeps by 11 pm.

He does not have much temper .. very kind.

Just that he can’t focus and cannot complete work without being reminded.

How to help him, please?

My reply :

Thanks for the sharing.

Based on the information given, I share the following from the perspective of Ancient Wisdom.

Generally, there is overall body weakness or deficiency. (体质虚)

I suspect his Spleen and Stomach more deficient. (脾虚,胃虚),

because Spleen Consciousness is manifested in Thinking, which needs concentration. (脾主思)

Core muscle weakness and cannot sit straight to do homework, and you said “He does not have much temper .. very kind”.

Such symptoms are related to both Liver Deficiency (肝气虚).

Not having much temper should not be taken as healthy sign. For example, if a child has no temper even he is bullied, his toys are forcibly taken from him by other boys, and he shows no temper or anger, it show weakness in Liver Qi (肝气虚).

One of the Liver functionalities is in Muscles and tendons, which the child has weaknesses.

And Liver in in charge of Anger Emotion. (肝主怒)。

You also mentioned, “he always Gives up”

This is lacking in Will Power. And this can be due to Kidneys deficiency. Kidneys Consciousness manifests in Will Power. (肾主志)(志是志气).

There is relationship between Spleen, Liver and Kidneys as per 5 Element theory (五行学说)。

The theory says, Spleen Controls Kidneys (土克水), and Liver Control Spleen (肝克水).

Because his kidneys are in deficiency, that affects his heart (水克火), Heart is in charge of Consciousness. This may explain why he has difficulty to wake up in the morning although he did sleep the previous night.

All organs functionalities affect each other to various degrees with all sorts of behaviors and symptoms.

I suggest you take up the 6 essential video lessons on Ancient Wisdom (黄帝内经), starting with Food Therapy.

You can choose English or Chinese lessons.

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What is an Integrated Life Model?

What is an integrated Life Model?

What is Ancient Wisdom for Today Well Being?

This short video explains ….

What is an integrated Life Model?

After the above introduction, you may be motivated to find out more to enhance the well being of yourself and loved ones, you can explore and learn the theory and practice of the ancient wisdom by enrolling the following video courses.

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Half way to Heaven only!

What a strange topic for discussion.

Which religion will you choose :  

1) show you way to heaven,

2) show you half (½) way to heaven?

Yesterday I have a discussion with a mother, who has a child of autism.

Throughout the conversation she holds the Belief that she can only do her best, there is no way the child can be normal and healthy again.

Similarly I observe there are many people with sickness like diabetes, Parkinson, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancers, depression,  . ,hold the Belief that their sickness can never be cured completely, and they must take life long medication to control the sickness and suffer the side effects.

Where does such strong Belief come from? It is like a strong religious Belief.

Such Belief comes from Western Science, Western Medicine Theory, Western Nutrition Theory,

Our mind is brainwashed since young throughout our education, formal & informal.

It is like a religious Belief, except this religion does not show you the way to heaven, only halfway to heaven.

What if there is another theory that shows you the way to heaven, i.e. to full recovery from sickness, to be free from autism, to be fully healthy?

Ancient Wisdom offers such theory.

Ancient Wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, shows you the Way, the Dao.

“Is there guarantee my sickness or autism can be completely cured?”

Well, who can guarantee you that you can go to heaven if you follow the religion?

Surely it depends on your faith and your sincere & diligent practice daily.

Ancient wisdom just shows you there is a way, whereas Western Medicine say no way.

Which theory you want to choose to practice now?

You are most welcome to learn about ancient wisdom in the following video courses.

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Son’s Violent Behaviors

Lately there were a few cases referred by two Western  Medicine doctors to me, involving teenage / adult children.

Common factors among these cases are enormous & uncontrolled anger, violence against the parents & family members, some with threats to inflict physical injury to parents.

Recent triggering events can be jilted by girlfriend, failed the college exam, taking drugs, not getting the high pocket money demanded, …

The parents feel so sad and guilty about their poor parenting.

In those cases the parents came to see me and shared with me the background stories, I did the psychological & physiological analysis on their adult child and assured the parents they had done the best they could on parenting and need not get locked in their guilt feeling.

I share the following examples.

The child since young had problems to stay focused. Any interest or hobby, activity is very short live.

Hence he could not succeed anything : whether school work, sports, games or hobbies.

This can create a built up frustration and anger in him over years.
The above is analysis from psychological and personality angles.

As per 3000 years ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, there is matching physiological image to the above psychology & personality.

Spleen consciousness is in Thinking & Focusing. 脾主思。
Kidneys consciousness is in Will Power. 肾藏志。

Hence since young, the child had deficiencies in Spleen & Kidneys Functionalities.

(Please refer video training course on “Organs Functionalities, What the Western Medicine does not know.”)

In one of the cases, the child also has achievement orientation, and got the recognition from his friends on some of his expressed capability. The friends influenced him on gambling, taking drugs, with many exciting night activities without sleep.

Ancient wisdom says, Liver stores Ethereal Soul,  肝藏魂。

Ethereal Soul has attributes like creativity and strategies. Now he can express such attributes in gambling, drugs and illegal activities.

Ancient wisdom says, Liver stores Anger,  肝主怒。

His past years of frustration & anger due to him not able to focus and not able to achieve much, coupled with not enough sleep at nights, his Liver functionalities are severely out of balance.

His anger & violence can be easily triggered by anything not going his way, e.g. jilted by girl friend, lost money in gambling, not able to get from parents his high demand on pocket money….

Why inadequate sleep can affect liver function, and affect behaviors? Please refer to video training on Meridians.

Ideally if the parents know the psychology & personalities and the matching corresponding organs functionalities, there are many therapies (Including Food Therapy) the parents can do when the child is still young.

This article illustrates the importance of the knowledge in the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, a holistic model integrating Psychology, Personality and Physiology.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.”
Liver stores Ethereal Soul,  肝藏魂 ” “Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, ,”Food Therapy” 食疗, 饮食学说。 Meridians, Qi exercise 经络,气的运动。 Spleen consciousness is in Thinking & Focusing. 脾主思。
Kidneys consciousness is in Will Power. 肾藏志。

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The Brain is shrinking

This is a  video on “The Brain is shrinking”. It seems like a big and new scientific discovery.

But more than 3000 years ago, ancient wisdom already knew, “Brain is Shrinking”.

The video continues to related other symptoms and diseases with brain shrinkages., e.g. dementia, depression, Parkinson, Stroke, celebral palsy, Huntington’s diseases, diabetes, etc.

And Vitamin B12, artificially made chemical substance is recommended for prevention. (Have you read reports how damaging are man-made artificial vitamins?)

Lack of exercise, improper diets, inadequate sleep are mentioned as contributing factors to brain shrinkage. As discussed in several other articles and video in this Blog, western scientists can only point out the above as general condition, they do not have integrated theory to explain exactly how lack of exercise, improper diets, inadequate sleep cause brain shrinkage.

Such is the incompleteness and inconsistency of today modern science.

What knowledge was held in the 3000 years ancient wisdom that the brain is shrinking, especially over aging?

Different terminology was used. Instead of Brain is shrinking, it is called Yin Deficiency.

Since Yin is deficiency, it causes imbalance to the Yin and Yang. And Yang now becomes excessives, which contribute to many of the symptoms and diseases mentioned above.

Now you, see, Yin Yang Theory is the overarching integrating theory, that can put all things under one roof.

For example, good sleep is Stillness, Yin is at rest. Insonia is the opposite, Yin is not at rest, and Yang is agitating. Can you figure out how these affect the brain? Agitated Yang implies thoughts, nervous system not in harmony.

Thousands of years, ancient wisdom offers us how to supplement the Yin, how to calm the Yang, through food therapy, qi exercises and many self-healing techniques.

All these to ensure gradual diminishing of Yin and more balanced Yin and Yang during aging. The brain will still shrink, but more gradually and gracefully.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.”Yin Yang Theory, 阴阳学说“, “Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, “5-elements theory 五行学说 ” ,”Food Therapy” 食疗, 饮食学说。 Meridians, Qi exercise 经络,气的运动。

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Mummy’s bones healthier than today living person, why ?

When we begin to make deep and serious inquiries into things we take for granted about our health and being, we come closer to the awakening to what is Life.

We will not take what is passed to us, to our belief system, just on face value.

We begin to ask more deep questions.

How come thousands of years of mummy bones stronger than today living persons’ bones?

What is the relationship among osteoporosis, dementia, cancers, Parkinson, autism, …?

Do you know that Western Medicine does not have Theory on Relationship.

Let’s discuss at

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黃帝內經  : 自愈保健方法, 經絡,  气的运动 (古人教你如何應用自己身体內的大藥)








  • 坚信自己身體有自然大藥,可以调理及打造健康。
  • 熱愛生命,追求幸福,發揮本有的無限潛能。
  • 對身心靈健康和宇宙充满好奇。
  • 尽管當下面临挑战,表现不佳,或有疾病,决定学习天天養生,以实现全面健康。



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Aging with difficult behaviors

I had a coaching case of an old lady, whose adult son’s patience has been stretched by her to a limit. The old lady for the last year or so, became very temperamental, scolding the in-laws and the maid and accusing the son for stealing her money, and wanted her to die soon.

The old mother has pain here and there, discomfort every day which she complains non-stop. The son and family try their very best to accommodate her, bring her to clinic and hospitals.

But nothing improves. And the son wonders it is because of her psychological issues and calls me for help.

I also come across some adult children, with such difficult case, lost their patience and hit the old parents, which they regret greatly later.

After my coaching session with the old mother, I explained to the family it is not psychological issues but her body organs system deteriorate badly, with lots of imbalances, and these affect the mood and behaviors.

This is similar to autistic child’s behavioral problems arising from physiological imbalances or called Yin-Yang imbalance.

This is the key principle of YEIC : psychology and physiology affecting each other.

Both the old motner and the adult children do not know YEIC Life Cultivation 养生 principles, meaning if the old lady knows YEIC, and if she practices Life Cultivation before her old age, her body internal system, though may deteriorate, but in a more balanced manner. (In my previous articles, I mentioned how emotions affect organs, like Anger affects Liver, Fear affects Kidneys), ..

And the children do not know YEIC and they hope doctors can help the mother, but doctors can’t. Because Western Medicine nevers considers psychology and emotion as part of the body organs systems.

Some people, without Life Cultivation, when come to old age, they may not manifest in behavioral problems, but illnesses like diabetes, Parkinson, cancers etc.

I suggest to the adult children and in-law to learn YEIC so as to apply Life Cultivation for their mother. One cannot depend on medicine and doctors (Western Medicine or TCM) forever. But, like most people, the children expect me to give a magical pill or solution, without them having to learn new things with application.

This is a common mindset of people. “Too busy with life, if sick, see doctors”. This is very different from YEIC, which stress the importance on Life Cultivation to prevent sickness.

It is difficult for me to convince them, nor do I want to convince them, but only explain to them. Obviously the adult children do not think what may happen to them when they grow old. Most people assume, today my health is quite Ok, I should be ok in the future. Is that so?

I see the adult children and in-law still busy sending the old grumbling mother from clinic to TCM doctors to hospitals.

It is pitiful people get caught in vicious circle without any breakthrough.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses , …

“5 Consciousness and 5 Organs 五神对应五脏” “Emotions and Organs 情志”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Functionalities of Organs 脏腑功能”,

“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Self Healing on Post-stroke Depression, Restores Function

This is an interesting article “Acupuncture Reduces Post-Stroke Depression, Restores Function

The experiment conducted (using acupuncture) had chosen the following acupoints for Post-Stroke Depression, Restores Function

  • Baihui (GV20)百会穴
  • Sishencong (MHN1) 四神聪
  • Taixi (KD3)太溪穴
  • Neiguan (PC6) 内关穴
  • Hegu (LI4)合谷穴
  • Taichong (LV3)太冲穴
  • Zusanli (ST36)足三里穴
  • Xuehai (SP10)血海穴

The suggested acupoints also reveal the respective meridians and hence zangfu organs functionalities.

This is helpful for the patients to carry out their own focused Life Cultivation practice e.g.

Using Food Therapy to also focus on Pericardium, Large Intestine, Kidneys, Liver, Spleen and Stomach, (as per above suggested Meridians).

And also using Qi-exercises to address the above said meridians including the Strange Flow meridian (MHN1).

Not forgetting using the many self-healing methods, particularly moxibustion, which the patient can do for himself or herself.

Whether the patient has access to good acupuncturist or not,

Whether the patient is already under a good acupuncturist treatment, it is important the patient carry out self-healing and balancing work, 阴阳调理。


It is because the patient needs to activate his or her Consciousness 五神, his passion and love of his or her own life, the motivation to get better.

Such raised Consciousness surely helps to speed up recovery.

Food Therapy and self-healing techniques video training courses are available at

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