Better Health requires Paradigm Shift

It is encouraging to see more and more enrollments to the ancient wisdom video courses.

Many express amazement that there is not only interesting but also revolutionary ideas about health, sickness and diseases, which were advocated 3000 years ago.

With such amzement, many sign up to all the video courses concerning ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

However, I do realize some challenges faced by the learners.

This is because for centuries our minds are conditioned by the western science, western medicine and western nutrition theory to understand our body system in a particular manners, which is incomplete and hence not holistic.

Now the ancient wisdom presents a very different approach which can really address the fundamental issues with prevention and solutions.

But the subconscious mind, being heavily conditioned, cannot easily shift the paradigm after a few hours of the video courses. Hence practitioners will soon revert back to the old thinking pattern and not allowing the new practice to take roots.

For this reason, I encourage the learners to make good use of the video courses, i.e. these video courses are available for re-visit as many times as necessary.

Furthermore I organize a Telegram Discussion Group for members to share, discuss, more Q&A on their daily practices and more queries on the ancient theories.

By such reinforcement, paradigm shift can take roots and participant can enjoy the new practice towards well being.

Interested public are welcome to join the Telegram discussion group by signing up any of the video courses. By doing so, you have some theoritical basic to make meaningful discussion.

Please Telegram me @Andrew360q after you enrolled to any of the courses.

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We want Complete Health, Not just treating a symptom or two.

(This is sharing of learning gathered, without mentioning the learner’s name and particulars).

A student completed the Food Therapy video trainingand also completed the Body Constituent questionnaires and raised some questions.

The learner has many years of sleeping problem.

Learner finds that there is a mix of different types of Body Constituents relevant to herself, with different scores.

From the Body Constituent questionnaires, she also realizes there are many more symptoms experienced, and not just sleeping problems.

The following is some discussion.

In your case, focus on the one with highest score e.g. Phlegm-damp Body Constituent 痰湿体质。

The video course also explains if Phlegm is not arrested, and cumulative in different parts of the body, e.g. at heart, it may cause insomnia, if at the brain, it many cause stroke etc..

The questionnaires give details of symptoms e.g. oily face, sticky feeling, joints pain, constipation, cannot sweat easily ….

These symptoms experienced are important Indicators to watch up for, while doing various therapies 调理, until improvement is made.

Since this particular video course is on Food Therapy, then the learner should refer to the tables given indicating what foods to avoid, what foods to consume.

The video course also gives details on Food Plan.

Do the above for a few months to get the new diet plan into routine.

Later learn and apply other therapies.

(A follow up communication ).

You Stagnant Qi Body Constituent (气郁体质) score is rather high xxxx.

The main cause of Stagnant Qi is your management of your emotions.


you mentioned you are emotionally dependent on others, .

being soft hearted in doing charity,

lack of decisiveness in making life decision,


Stagnant Qi, later, can lead to Blood Stasis 血瘀, (as explained in my video), and Blood Stasis have a lot of problems to the body, imagine your blood too thick, full of toxin, cannot flow easily … blood stasis in the brain causes memory loss, in the heart causes heart attack, at the leg causes water retention and legs weakness etc. etc.)

You can better realize 3000 yrs ancient wisdom links Personality with health issues. And we all have imperfect personality, hence with different health challenges.

Note: 200 yrs Western Medicine does not have such theory linking personality with diseases, Western Medicine focuses on identifying more and more new virus and kill them.

Being aware of the above on Personality is important, we cannot change such behaviors overnight.

Hence you start with developing discipline in the Food Therapy you learned so far, and later the Qi Exercise …by practicing such discipline, you enhance your emotional stability.

Please do enjoy your Disciplined Daily Action.

Video Courses on Ancient Wisdom

Chinese Video Courses 华语视频课程 (请按)

Andrew Wong
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Seeking Solution & Seeking Knowledge are two different things!

I am glad to see much discussion among members in the Chinese WhatsApp group, quite a number of discussion is on what treatments and how etc.

It is natural that people eagerly want to get solution due to concern about own or family members’ health.

Let me highlight and elaborate more the many other important questions and thoughts beneath the question on “What Treatments?”

E.g. Question : “How to improve Kidney functionalities as someone has Kidneys-Deficiency”

There are many methods to improve Kidneys functionalities. But not all of them suit the person concerned.

Yellow Emperor says : “Same illnesses different treatments. Different illnesses same treatment.”,

“Focus on the Person and not just on the symptoms”,

内经说 : “异病同治,同病异治”,”治人不治病”。症状只是一种表现,症状背后的病因,病理,是因人而异。

Symptoms are just manifestation of something unbalanced in the body system. And different people has different out of balance body system, though many of them have same symptoms.

The above question implies the person concerned has problem in Kidneys functionalities. But is that really the source of the problem?

Hence more investigation is needed.

There is the possibility that the source of the problem is not Kidney-functionalities but Lung-functionalities.

Yellow Emperor says “Lung is represented by Metal, Kidneys by Water”. And the theory further says, Metal Produces Water. If the Metal (Lungs) is out of balance, then it affects the Water (Kidneys-functionalities).

This is the challenge of due to its theory of inter-connectivity. All parts are not to be separately treated. And many other different parts can affect the part concerned. Hence the philosophy is very different from Western Medicine, which just focus on the particular part and ignore the rest.

Today many TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctors seem to practice like the Western Medicine doctors. They also only focus the the symptoms expressed by the patient and do not make sufficient inquiry of the larger picture.

With early discussion, more questions were posed by the members.

Question : “How do I help to bring back the Consciousness of the autistic child? (this refers to the child not able to make eye contact with the mother, not able to engage in a deeper communication on consciousness level).

“My child has sensitive nose, allergic to several things? How to treat?”

I often have to explain again that one just cannot based on an experienced symptom to understand holistically what is happening to the concerned party unbalances?”

Another question : “How can one knows whether the body constituent is Yang-deficiency or Yin-deficiency?”

Body Constituent System is a large topic, (Video training on Body Constituent System is under construction).. The body is more than just Yang or Yin-deficiency, but there are 9 types of Body Constituent.

Hence if I just answer the above question, the person may think there are only two types, which is not true.

Another question : “Under what conditions pineapple consumption is harmful?”

Well these types of question, one can easily Google to find out more. Be aware, you get different answer from Chinese Food System and Western Nutrition Theory.

Question : “My mother, 82 years old, water retention in the lungs, difficult in breathing. Just completed a heart-related problem operation. Medicine taken after operation is causing stomach problems. What foods should she consume now?”

It is sad that old people suffer a great deal with all sorts of illnesses. With operation, Ancient Wisdom considers the True Qi is badly harmed, making the person weaker.

My first reaction is to recommend porridges for the old mother. But that is not sufficient, there are so many therapies can be applied to the old mother.

Besides food therapy, there is also the emotional support, any old negative issues she is holding to heart? Etc. etc. But then will the old lady co-operate? Will the adult children have time and energy and knowledge to administer? These are larger questions need considering.

Not long ago, I have a coaching case of an old mother. Besides many physical discomfort and pain, recently she has bad temper, accuses the son stealing her money, wishes her die soon.

After coaching, I explain to the adult children, whatever maybe the old issues she has, her physiology is going downhill fast.

Yellow Emperor says “Kidneys Store Fear”. As her Kidney-functionalities are deteriorating, she experience a lot of unexplained fear, and she expresses the fear by accusing people around.

Balancing is required to her Kidney-functionalities, not psychology. I recommend adult children to learn Ancient Wisdom Life Cultivation to help the mother.

The adult children do not believe all these ancient wisdom nonsense. They sent me off and continue to bring the mother from one doctor to another doctor, looking for the best cure.

I encourage people I know to learn the ancient wisdom. Life Cultivation must start now, not till older age, otherwise your adult children will also behave like above, with much stress felt, bring the old parents from one doctor to another. All are in miseries.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Same illnesses different treatments. Different illnesses same treatment 异病同治,同病异治.”, “Focus on the Person and not just on the symptoms 治人不治病”, “Metal gives rise to Water 金生水”,””True Qi 气” , “Kidneys Store Fear 恐伤肾”,”Body Constituents体质”。

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Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health

“Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health”

Topics of Discussion

1. Why Aging Before Aging age?

2. What does measured Blood Pressure represent exactly?

3. Complex Medical Theory helpful?


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Video Preview on Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being

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Happy New Year.

New Year 2019 is going to be an exciting and interesting year for me.

Why so?

I found a world platform whereby I can share the 3000 years old Chinese Ancient Wisdom to help people to create Better Well Being Today.

This is a Global Learning Community with 24 millions eager learners.

This video is a preview to introduce Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic to the whole world.

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Happy New Year to you again and hope you have an exciting start for your new year 2019.

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Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being

Little Symptoms and Serious Illness

Some people feel miserable in life, due to pain and discomfort here and there in their bodies. They have seek treatments from many doctors, still the suffering continues.

Some of them take Western Medicine resulted in side effects. They regret that they should not seek treatments in the first place.

Pain and discomfort can be dryness in the eyes, extremely thirsty, or feeling cold at hands and feet, sweat uncontrollable, giddiness, little urine or pain during urination, constipation, dry stools, oily face, ..

Due to many different symptoms experienced, they seek different specialists for treatments. Often the doctors say, from the various tests result (after paying handsomely for all these advanced scientific diagnosis), there is no indicated labelled illnesses.

Western Medicine doctors can only confirm illnesses if the illnesses symptoms fit into the definition of the labelled illnesses. But many pain and discomfort do not fall into these categories.

Sometimes, the medical machine or instruments detect some foreign growth in the body, and surgery is recommended. After surgery, the original pain persists. What a pity!

In actual fact, if we understand the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) theories, the many symptoms mentioned above, when we find out the roots, we can do some conditioning by adjusting our lifestyle.

After all it is fortunate that such symptoms have not yet developed into advanced stages of illnesses.

Such pain and discomfort are called Sub-Health. It is the borderline between healthy condition and well defined illnesses condition as per Western Medicine.

Steve Jobs, a brilliant innovator and entrepreneur, unfortunately died of pancreatic cancer at age 56.

He should have a lot of sub-health symptoms years ago, which Western Medicine doctors did not find them serious and take no further action.

Ancient sages tell us that major disease arises from cumulative sub-health issued not well addresses and balance.

Do you know the conditions of your sub-health and what steps to take to balance the Yin and Yang?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the  online training.
“Yin Yang 阴阳”,”Body Constituents 体质”,”Sub-Health 亚健康“
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Andrew Wong
EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator.
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