Little Symptoms and Serious Illness

Some people feel miserable in life, due to pain and discomfort here and there in their bodies. They have seek treatments from many doctors, still the suffering continues.

Some of them take Western Medicine resulted in side effects. They regret that they should not seek treatments in the first place.

Pain and discomfort can be dryness in the eyes, extremely thirsty, or feeling cold at hands and feet, sweat uncontrollable, giddiness, little urine or pain during urination, constipation, dry stools, oily face, ..

Due to many different symptoms experienced, they seek different specialists for treatments. Often the doctors say, from the various tests result (after paying handsomely for all these advanced scientific diagnosis), there is no indicated labelled illnesses.

Western Medicine doctors can only confirm illnesses if the illnesses symptoms fit into the definition of the labelled illnesses. But many pain and discomfort do not fall into these categories.

Sometimes, the medical machine or instruments detect some foreign growth in the body, and surgery is recommended. After surgery, the original pain persists. What a pity!

In actual fact, if we understand the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) theories, the many symptoms mentioned above, when we find out the roots, we can do some conditioning by adjusting our lifestyle.

After all it is fortunate that such symptoms have not yet developed into advanced stages of illnesses.

Such pain and discomfort are called Sub-Health. It is the borderline between healthy condition and well defined illnesses condition as per Western Medicine.

Steve Jobs, a brilliant innovator and entrepreneur, unfortunately died of pancreatic cancer at age 56.

He should have a lot of sub-health symptoms years ago, which Western Medicine doctors did not find them serious and take no further action.

Ancient sages tell us that major disease arises from cumulative sub-health issued not well addresses and balance.

Do you know the conditions of your sub-health and what steps to take to balance the Yin and Yang?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the  online training.
“Yin Yang 阴阳”,”Body Constituents 体质”,”Sub-Health 亚健康“
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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