Half way to Heaven only!

What a strange topic for discussion.

Which religion will you choose :  

1) show you way to heaven,

2) show you half (½) way to heaven?

Yesterday I have a discussion with a mother, who has a child of autism.

Throughout the conversation she holds the Belief that she can only do her best, there is no way the child can be normal and healthy again.

Similarly I observe there are many people with sickness like diabetes, Parkinson, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancers, depression,  . ,hold the Belief that their sickness can never be cured completely, and they must take life long medication to control the sickness and suffer the side effects.

Where does such strong Belief come from? It is like a strong religious Belief.

Such Belief comes from Western Science, Western Medicine Theory, Western Nutrition Theory,

Our mind is brainwashed since young throughout our education, formal & informal.

It is like a religious Belief, except this religion does not show you the way to heaven, only halfway to heaven.

What if there is another theory that shows you the way to heaven, i.e. to full recovery from sickness, to be free from autism, to be fully healthy?

Ancient Wisdom offers such theory.

Ancient Wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, shows you the Way, the Dao.

“Is there guarantee my sickness or autism can be completely cured?”

Well, who can guarantee you that you can go to heaven if you follow the religion?

Surely it depends on your faith and your sincere & diligent practice daily.

Ancient wisdom just shows you there is a way, whereas Western Medicine say no way.

Which theory you want to choose to practice now?

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