Son’s Violent Behaviors

Lately there were a few cases referred by two Western  Medicine doctors to me, involving teenage / adult children.

Common factors among these cases are enormous & uncontrolled anger, violence against the parents & family members, some with threats to inflict physical injury to parents.

Recent triggering events can be jilted by girlfriend, failed the college exam, taking drugs, not getting the high pocket money demanded, …

The parents feel so sad and guilty about their poor parenting.

In those cases the parents came to see me and shared with me the background stories, I did the psychological & physiological analysis on their adult child and assured the parents they had done the best they could on parenting and need not get locked in their guilt feeling.

I share the following examples.

The child since young had problems to stay focused. Any interest or hobby, activity is very short live.

Hence he could not succeed anything : whether school work, sports, games or hobbies.

This can create a built up frustration and anger in him over years.
The above is analysis from psychological and personality angles.

As per 3000 years ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, there is matching physiological image to the above psychology & personality.

Spleen consciousness is in Thinking & Focusing. 脾主思。
Kidneys consciousness is in Will Power. 肾藏志。

Hence since young, the child had deficiencies in Spleen & Kidneys Functionalities.

(Please refer video training course on “Organs Functionalities, What the Western Medicine does not know.”)

In one of the cases, the child also has achievement orientation, and got the recognition from his friends on some of his expressed capability. The friends influenced him on gambling, taking drugs, with many exciting night activities without sleep.

Ancient wisdom says, Liver stores Ethereal Soul,  肝藏魂。

Ethereal Soul has attributes like creativity and strategies. Now he can express such attributes in gambling, drugs and illegal activities.

Ancient wisdom says, Liver stores Anger,  肝主怒。

His past years of frustration & anger due to him not able to focus and not able to achieve much, coupled with not enough sleep at nights, his Liver functionalities are severely out of balance.

His anger & violence can be easily triggered by anything not going his way, e.g. jilted by girl friend, lost money in gambling, not able to get from parents his high demand on pocket money….

Why inadequate sleep can affect liver function, and affect behaviors? Please refer to video training on Meridians.

Ideally if the parents know the psychology & personalities and the matching corresponding organs functionalities, there are many therapies (Including Food Therapy) the parents can do when the child is still young.

This article illustrates the importance of the knowledge in the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, a holistic model integrating Psychology, Personality and Physiology.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.”
Liver stores Ethereal Soul,  肝藏魂 ” “Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, ,”Food Therapy” 食疗, 饮食学说。 Meridians, Qi exercise 经络,气的运动。 Spleen consciousness is in Thinking & Focusing. 脾主思。
Kidneys consciousness is in Will Power. 肾藏志。

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