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In promoting 3000 years Chinese ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, 黄帝内经, which addresses all the major aspects of our life : Performance, Health, Illnesses, Emotions, Psychology, Consciousness, Physiology, I have been conducting training classes and doing one to one coaching to clients with all sorts of issues.

Last month a friend introduced an internet platform Udemy, whereby they have 24 millions students / learners eager to learn something in life, I get very excited with the potential reaching out to the whole world.

I plan to design the ancient wisdom in video training course, module by module.

Just a few days ago, my first video training course was approved. That provides great encouragement to me.

I found some great advantages using video training course. For example, to explain the fundamental concept of Yin Yang, how is the concept used to observe and understand the world and various phenomena, how Yin Yang changes taking place in our body, mind and emotions, how Yin Yang balance comes about to achieve harmony, …. I realize that if I do the explanation in the classroom, I may spent less than 10 min. as there are many other topics to cover in the 1-2 training days.

But in the case of video training, I have the luxury to spend more than 1 hour to bring the abstract concept of Yin Yang to deriving principles and application, and explain in details “What is Qi”? for 1.5 hours

I am now designing the 3rd module.

It is real great fun and inspiring.

You are welcome to listen and watch a few free preview video and study the video course objectives and program outlines.

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