Dilemma of Western Nutrition Theory

*”Calcium pills raise heart attack risks by 30%”*

This is another conflicting report against some long established nutritious product. Certainly more will come.

This is today dilemma of Western Medicine and Western Nutrition theory.

They have simple brain and naive mind.

They think that when the body lacks calcium then inject your body with more calcium.

Even engineers knows that with all raw materials input, the manufacturing process produces a new product, not give you back the raw materials.

Very silly ya for nutritionist to treat the body system as non-processing.

Suppose a family is unhappy. It appears that the unhappiness is caused by lack of money. So you give them a lot of money. Do you think they attain happiness ever after?

Surely not. Often easily obtained money destroy their life. What is important is the knowledge and skills to generate the required finance by themselves.

Our new Malaysian government sees the problem of NEP now, and they try hard to make progressive changes.

Similarly our body system must have the capability to generate what is good for healthy bone structure.

How does YEIC understand and treat bone related problems?

First of all, ancient sages observe bone weakness (osteoporosis, walking difficulty, joints pain) , memory loss (dementia), deterioration of brain power, hearing problems etc are related mostly to aging. And they all belong to governing power of Kidneys-sub-system.

They also observe that good Lungs and Large Intestine functionalities improve Kidneys-functions.

They also observe that poor Spleen / Stomach system weakens Kidneys functions. Do you not observe the same, aged people have poor digestive system?

The above is governed by 5-element Theory. 五行学说。

So how do we strengthen bone structures. It must be strengthening the overall body system. And by Life Cultivation 养生, ancient sages give us plenty simple and practical methods to improve the concerned problem.

Interestingly by practicing Life Cultivation, you improve the overall quality of your life, not just weak bones problems.

Do you think ancient sages are wiser and more scientific?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “5-Element Theory 五行学说”, “Life Cultivation 养生”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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