Let’s talk about “High Blood Pressure” again.

From Western Medicine point of views, they consider High Blood Pressure is due to walls of blood vessels hardening, loose its elasticity and cannot hold the blood and produces excessive pressure.

Hence attention is on the quality of the blood vessel walls with highly sophisticated instruments to examine the blood vessels, with operation if complication arise, but not the blood.

There is little explanation as how the blood vessels get hardened. Some explain by the person concerned exercises excessively or work too hard.

Ancient sages did not have today sophisticated equipment and instrument to do monitoring or checking. As such there is no such term called “High Blood Pressure” in the old texts.

But ancients sages paid a great deal of attention to the various symptoms which today Western Medicine associate with High Blood Pressure. E.g. Palpitations, chest tightness, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, sore shoulders, stroke.

How does YEIC explain High Blood Pressure?

The focus is on the quality of the blood. If the bloods contain too much unwanted things, like un-removed toxin, phlegm, some bloods solidified bits and pieces, then there is blockage to the smooth flow of the blood.

Some people have qi-deficiency, always panting, no strength to speak or move, then the weak qi is unable to drive and move the heavy blood, with more exertion to move the blood to the required region eg. brain and eyes to do thinking or reading, pressure is built up. Over time, this damage the blood vessels too.

Some old people, during younger days no High Blood Pressure, only when grow old. This is because the organs functionalities are out of balance, metabolism cannot be thorough, producing much toxin in the body and create blockages to the flow of Qi and Bloods.

People with frequent depression, blood deficiency, anemia, can easily have High Blood Pressure.

Now you can see that YEIC tells us High Blood Pressure implies many things, largely our lifestyle and how to keep organs functionalities in order, i.e. Life Cultivation 养生.

You can also see the differences in approaches towards High Blood Pressure, with Western Medicine gets patients to be on lowering high blood pressure pills for life and operation in some cases.

But ancient sages focus on making good blood quality and improve the Qi to move the blood.

Very different approach, ya?

Do you think autistic child has High Blood Pressure? You tell me.

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