Is there fit for all healthy diet?

Glad to see much discussion among the Chinese WhatsApp group. The hot topic is on Healthy Diet.

Although there were many other discussion on Diet previously, as most are deeply influenced by the Western Nutrition Theory, it is difficult to shift the thinking to another dimension.

I will use the current discussion content to make illustration again on how YEIC view Diet differently.

One member shared he and his wife have the same diet everyday, and he think the diet taken is helpful to them.

One of the diet is Chives “韭菜”. We will use this for discussion.

As per ancient Chinese food system, the functionalities of Chives “韭菜” are as follow:

“Strengthen Spleen, Stomach, Kidneys Yang, makes one alert, help reduce excessive sweating, preserve essence.

This vegetable is suitable for most people, especially those with cold body constituent, rough skin, constipation, dry eyes etc.”

From the above, we can see that classification of foods is a per body constituents, key organs, what functionalities necessary for the healthy body.

At the same time, the Food System also highlights under what situations this food is not suitable for consumption.

1、Because Chives is Yang and heaty, those with excessive Yang body constituents, not suitable.

2、Those with poor digestion due to Stomach heat.

3、Excessive chives consumption can harm kidneys.

4、Cannot be consumed together with wines.

This is an important messages. It follows the philosophy of Middle Path, i.e. nothing, no matter how good, cannot be consumed excessively.

Many believe green vegetables and fruits are always good for the body, it is not true.

Western Nutrition Theory is based on identifying the essential elements like protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, etc. they consider protein is good for growth. But them they do not differentiate how different meat protein, e.g. mutton, pork, chickens, etc. can help in what different ways.

Ancients sages know that if you let hyperactive children, or tantrum autistic child consumes more mutton, they become more hyperactive.

Do you see that Chinese Food Theory is very logical and practical?

It tells you how different foods can help to improve your body functionalities which affect behaviors and performance.

Do you know your own Body Constituents? If not, you wouldn’t know what foods suit your!

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training. “Food Theory 饮食学说”,“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Yin-Yang 阴阳”, “Body Constituents 体质。

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