Combine Western Science and Ancient Wisdom to find clues to illnesses like stroke, Parkinson, Dementia.

From the Western Science we get the fact that :  Up to 60% of the human adult body is water by weight, the brain is composed of 73% water.

What is the function of the brain having 73% water?

We shall discuss with simple logic.

3000 years ago, ancient wisdom as per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, says, the brain is filled with Sea or Ocean. They had the notion that the brain is in fluid medium, “脑为髓之海”, though they did not have the technology to measure the actual amount. But they knew like what today scientists know.

Why brain has so much water or fluid content?

We can say that logically the brain needs a lot of energy to function, to think, to analyse, to co-ordinate all stimuli and information to create sensible perception and make sense of reality.

So far you are OK with these logic presented. Ya?

In my free Video training (Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health), I presented the notion that the brain need energy, and energy is a rather abstract concept, not practical for usage, and replace with the 3000 years notion of Qi-Blood.

Hence the brain needs a lot of Qi-blood (energy) to function well.

You will accept the Blood as needed, but not Qi concept at this junction. I invite you to enroll the video training “Qi (its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”.

For the time being I go alone with your current paradigm that much blood is needed to the brain. You don’t want to talk about Qi. That is OK.

Much blood means the heart needs to work hard (i.e. a lot of pumping) and that produces a lot of heat. (Ancient Wisdom just called it Yang).

Then logically there is need to have coolant (73% water in the brain) to ensure balancing or reaching optimal equilibrium.

If the water content of the brain is very much reduced, ie. Little or no coolant, what happens? (Just simple logical question)

Similarly just using these two variables : Water / fluids and Blood, there are 4 scenarios that cause in-equilibrium. Too much water, not enough water, too much blood, not enough blood.

What about the quality of Water and Blood? Water too slurry, sticky, or Blood too thin, or blood stasis?

If in-equilibrium or imbalance, do you think it will affect the functionalities of the brain? Do you think there is connection between such imbalances with stroke, Parkinson, dementia?

I am just presenting some logical flow.

How do you do manage the balancing in order not to get stroke, Parkinson or dementia?

You need water management of your body. Ya? How?

You need blood management of your body, Ya? How?

What are the inputs to Water and Blood, and how the Body Process these inputs in order to get quality water and blood?

So your body processing is like a factory. How do you know the factory is working OK?

In the video training : “Qi (its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”, the 5-Essential Human Life Variables are

  1. Water / Fluid :2 Blood : 3  Qi :4  Essence :5 Consciousness

For the 1 and 2, you are OK with the concepts, but not 3,4,5.

But 3000 years old Ancient Wisdom tells us all these 5 variables need to be managed to achieve balancing for better well being, not to get sick.

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