Do you flush your toilet?

Not long ago we talked about Medicine Diet, using maize strand of fibres as an example. One of the key properties of which is “Improve the body liquid metabolism.

Most people pay a lot of attention to heart issues, high blood pressure etc. but little on the effectiveness of metabolism.

“Improve the body liquid metabolism. “利水”? Why is it important?

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) says : “Liquid metabolism is like body irrigation system, There must be good balance between too little or too much liquid. And the irrigation system must also ensure smooth and effective urination.”

On diet, with influence by the Western Nutrition Theory, we are overly focusing on supplement, nutritious quality of goods for health reason.

Even the notion of “health” is also a very fuzzy idea, rather abstract. It is like saying “I want happiness”. Some people consider plenty of money to eat what you like and to enjoy all the material things in life is Happiness.

There is no definite definition of health and what it entails.

Besides focusing on the what are nutritious foods, our minds are also occupied by conscious or unconscious worries about illnesses, high blood pressure, cancers. And these prompt people to buy all sort of supplements to prevent illnesses.

When the doctor says your sickness is related to metabolism problem, resulting in diabetes, uric acid, etc. We just accept it as a fact and inquire no further. And we just obey and take doctor’s prescribed medicines.

Here we have a case of maize strand of fibres that has the property to improve metabolism. Yet we are not aware of. Of course in Chinese food system, there are thousands of foods with documented food properties to ensure our body operates in optimal condition.

Can you make guesses, if our metabolism is out of order, what has it got to do with cancers, autism, Parkinson, diabetes?

We know that our body is 60-70% makes up of water. The water consists of many other types of liquids. The healthy part, ancient sages called :Pure Qi with minute particles), what today Western scientists called hormone, secretion, endocrine etc.

Then there is another portion called Impure Qi “浊气”, like toxin, uric acid, etc. The ancient sages classified impure Qi in Phlegm, Dampness, Blood stasis, etc. And these Impure Qi must not retain in the body too long, must be expelled.

The expulsion is done through functionalities like breathing out, sweating, urination and passing stools.

But today highly stressed lifestyle, excessive consumption of nutritious foods, much of these impure qi and substances get stuck in the body.

Over time, these affect the blood circulation and further make worse the metabolism process, they develop into tumors, cancers, affecting health and work performance etc.

We can now more and more appreciate how the ancient sages’ advice, like not just focus on supplement our body with more nutritious foods, but also consider the effectiveness of the expulsion of impure Qi and substances from our body. Isn’t this very are relevant and applicable in our modern daily life.

Only maize strands of fibre can help water metabolism? Surely not, there are many other foods. For example :

Winter melon; mustard; barley, papaya, red beans, coix seed, mung bean, kelp, mushroom. .

With good understanding of the YEIC theories on organs functionalities, able to correlate to Food System, we can practice Life Cultivation without incurring too much costs.

Do you flush your toilet?

Do you flush toxin from your body system consciously? Or you just depend on your sweating, urination and passing motion? How do you know that is sufficient? Why not learn to use ancient food therapy that can help you flash your body toxin naturally.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Medicine Diet 药膳”,””Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能” “Food Properties 食物功效” “,。。。

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