Life Purpose supported by Physiology

In my hundreds of coaching cases, many are seeking meaningful and purposeful life engagement. Different people express and manifest differently. Some do not seem to be interested in meaningful engagement with life.

A lady feels angry and lost due to her husband having an affair. During the coaching process, she describes her marriage life as “nothing joyful or exciting, nor depressing” until the recent issue.

Both husband and wife has his or her own duty to perform, making an earning, taking care of children. There is no common platform of interest and sharing, nor compelling vision forwards.

I asked : “What do you think is happy marriage?”

She answered : “There should be no extramarital affair.”

There was another case, lovers for years. One day the male partner decided to end the relationship.

I asked about their years of courtship. What they did together. She answered : “Eat, drink, shopping, watching movies”.

One employee, due to difficult economic situation, lost his job. I asked : “During your work, what made you feel excited, proud, or any achievement felt?”

Answer : “No lah. Just follow the boss’s instruction to do the work.”

It seems making a living is more for survival sake, no other purpose and meaning. As long as life is smooth sailing, everything is OK. Until some negative happening.

Having a purpose Life Direction and hence the Intention, is the function of Spleen.

And having Will Power to purse what one’s belief or dream is the function of the Kidneys.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, the ancient wisdom, says : “Kidneys store Will Power” “Spleen stores Intention”

Intention and Will Power are two of the 5 Consciousness.

And Consciousness is related to the body physiology. A person who is often sick, with weak body, always feels tired walking a few steps, surely his or her Consciousness levels are low.

How do you make observations of your autistic child’s Intention and Will Power? What about Parkinson’s sufferers?

More detailed discussion on relationship between psychology and physiology is as per video training course “Organs Functionalities (What Western Medicine does not know)

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, “Consciousness 五神 ” , “Kidneys store Will Power 肾藏志”,”Spleen stores Intention 脾藏意“

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