Understanding Yin & Yang

Often WhatsApp group members ask how to do treatments. Today we discuss the theories behind treatments. When we understand the theories and reasons behind, we can then creatively apply the necessary treatments.

We need to start from Yin and Yang theory again.

Yin and Yang is a large concept. But actually everyday we do experience it, but not aware of it.

For example, “feeling hot”, feel the sensation of heat in certain parts of the body, or mouth dry, sweat uncontrollably, … we then say it is Yin-Deficiency. There is lack of Yin and more Yang.

The other time, we feel cold. The hands and limbs sensations are cold, e.g. hands cold, running nose. This is Yang-deficiency.

Those with balanced Body Constituent, they feel reasonably cold or hot, but not extremes.

How do we use diets as treatments then?

We need to know the properties of foods in term of Yin and Yang.

YEIC says : “Yin is stillness and intrinsically cold and Yang is Excessive Movement and intrinsically heaty.

Hence animals with frequent movement, or in motions like dogs, who can run faster than chicken, then dog meat is more Yang in nature compared with chicken meat.

Pigs always just eat and sleep without exercise, it is then more Yin than dogs.

Fish in cold water needs to move constantly to create warmth for own blood circulation, then fish is Yang, and heaty in nature, in general.

For autistic children, due to influence of western nutrition theory, parents and teachers feed the children with more proteins for better growth, as based on the above discussion, if the meat consumed are more Yang in nature, children hyper activeness can get worsened.

Those living creatures with little motion, like crab, tortoise, are Yin in nature.

Most vegetable are intrinsically cold in nature. Vegetables from winter-countries are even colder.

Vegetable of Yang properties are garlic, pumpkin, ginger, leeks, onions, parsley, onions.

Fruits from tropical countries are mostly Yang, especially durian, also from temperate countries fruits ripen in summer like lychee, peach, longan, cherry, apricot, etc.

Yin types of fruits are watermelon, banana, kiwi, melon, grapefruit, orange, persimmon, melon, pear, mango, alfalfa, etc.。

Due to the influence from Western Nutrition theory, many parents want their children to take in more vegetables, consider them to be more nutritious.

Now with the injection of YEIC Food Theory, perhaps parents should do some re-thinking.

Cold types of foods are not suitable for autistic children who is withdrawn, avoid socializing. These kids should have more Yang types of foods.

This is just a general discussion.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Food Theory 饮食学说”,“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Yin-Yang 阴阳”。

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