Special Need Child’s wrongly labelled as behavioral problem!

This is a discussion from the Chinese YEIC (Ancient Wisdom) WhatsApp group. A mother shared the challenges faced with respect to her child.

After a series of Q&A to understand better the overall situation, (which Yellow Emperor’s Inner Clasic,YEIC, emphasizes a lot, to have a holistic view), the following are the information and analysis made.

(words in brackets are info from the mother).

(A special need child, female, 10 years old, extrovert behaviors)

(The child was born a cesarean case)

(Child’s teeth not strong).

(Learning disability. Simple arithmetic she has great difficulty. Self help not disciplined. Forgetful.)

(In early years, she cannot control her urine, Now improve a bit.)

From the above data, analysis is made from YEIC perspectives.

The above indicates Kidneys-functionalities out of balance, or Kidneys-deficiency.

3000 years ago, ancient sages says : “Kidneys manifests in Bones 肾主骨,Kidneys give rise to bone marrow 骨生髓,which gives rise to brain 通脑”,”Kidneys are responsible for inner body irrigation system e.g. urination 肾主水”

These imply, the above mentioned symptoms like learning difficulty (brain problem), forgetfulness, unable to control urination, teeth (bones) not strong, … are all related to Kidneys-functionalities.

YEIC also says ; “Kidneys store Fear” “肾主恐”. Some fetus are sensitive, during cesarean delivery, they might get frightened with all the instruments used. Such fears stored in the Kidneys-cells and manifest in all sort of fear-related behaviors, one of which is urination problem.

(The child gets flu easily since young. Had used Chinese medicines, if not improving, use Western Medicines. )

It is the theory that excessive use of Western Medicines harm the kidneys-functionalities.

(Prefer cold drinks and foods. Sleep OK. Sometimes constipation).

As per YEIC, cold drinks and food are detrimental to the functionalities of kidneys, spleen and stomach.

(This one year, she likes to bite her fingernails.)

(She does not demand much. If she cannot get what she wants, she feels moody but she does not throw tantrum)

(If she sweats, most sweat at the head region).

(Today 10 years old, she can talk more. But still cannot express herself adequately.)


Because of kidneys-functionalities out of balance, and as per 5-element model, “Kidneys belong to Water “肾属水”,Liver belongs to Wood “肝属木”,The theory is Water gives rise to Wood “水生木”,Then Kidneys by-right should support Liver. But Kidneys now are deficiency, cannot support Liver. One of the Liver-function is to control emotions, especially anger and frustration. In the child’s case, Liver is not nourished by Kidneys and she cannot adequately express her emotions and thoughts.

Sweat mostly at the head region, implies Heart is heaty. By theory, “Water controls Fire”, in this case Kidneys Control Heart (fire), but kidney is weak, cannot control the fire and the fire heat up the head regions to produce sweat. (Most people experience headache, dizziness, ..) Excessive sweating at the head , harms the brain, and weaken intelligence and study ability.

YEIC also says : “Liver manifests in tendon, and finger nails, “肝主筋,其華在爪”,爪=手指甲。

Because the child cannot express adequately, and she does not use tantrum “肝主怒?her frustration and anxiety are then expressed by biting nails.

(Mother says the child’s hands and legs not flexible)

Ancient sages observes : Hand and legs flexible imply cleverness “手脚灵活,聪明伶俐”。Cleverness is kidneys-functionalities, meaning the child has high degrees of all 5 major organs functionalities not in balance.

This is the beauty of ancient wisdom, able to connect and explain phenomena in a logical and holistic manner.

I hope we all are more committed to learn YEIC and help to improve the body internal organs functionalities, helping self and children.

As I mention many times before, special need children, eg autism, the problem is NOT the behavioral issues, but the body internal organs functionalities need to be balanced through diets, qi-movement therapy etc.

Western special need children specialists do not know the Chinese YEIC theories, they continue to use Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration program, Speech Therapy to adjust the children behaviors. We pity the poor children.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
“Key organs functionslities 五脏六腑功能”,。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.

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