Endless and confusing Nutrition Theories!

Lately Alkaline Diet is another popular Nutrition diet system.

We have discussed earlier, every now and then Western Nutrition comes up with new theories, new diet system, each advocated by different experts, attracting their own believers, as all these experts do not see eye-to-eye. Some go into aggressive advertisement.

As far as Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC)  Dietary System is concerned, thousands of years till today, it is the same consistent theory. Hence there is never any quarrels, as the dietary system is linked to the whole body functionalities, which are also linked to health, or sickness and illness.

Such holistic theory is used for the last 3000 years, no new theory is needed. Because it is proven working thousands of years.

Alkaline Diet claims that it is the acidic body conditions that cause hundred types of illnesses.

We will now discuss Alkaline Diet make comparison with YEIC.

1。Alkaline Diet identifies human body has two types of Body Constituent : Acidic and Alkaline.

YEIC says, there are nine types of body constituents : some tend to be fat, some thin, some scare of cold, some scare of heat, some feel depressed, some aggressive … etc.

If any of these 9 body constituents get worse, illnesses arise.

There is no Acidic or Alkaline body constituent in YEIC.

Do you think complex human body only has two types of body constituents? What about those who often feel weak, difficulty in breathing, tire easily called Qi-deficiency. Some often feel hot, others cold. Is he acidic or alkaline?

2。In YEIC, the equivalent “acidic” is sourness.

YEIC places great importance to 5 major tastes : Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Salty and Pungent, each affect different organs differently.

In the case of “Sourness” or acidic, it affects the Liver. Too much or too little “sourness” cause imbalance to the liver.


Alkaline Diet says “Acidic is the cause of many illness”, then can we say “Excessive sweetness, or Excessive Saltiness, etc are also causes of many illnesses?

Of course, every thing must be in moderation. Then what is the use of highlighting “Sourness” (acidic) is the cause of many illnesses.

3。It seems Alkaline Diet borrows some ideas from YEIC, it says : “After 1 am, if still not in bed sleeping, the body turns acidic.

So far only YEIC has a system that says daily 24 hours, each period different organs are functioning differently at optimal. Not only the above that says after 1 am, not sleeping.

E.g Which hours liver performing detoxing optimally, which hours kidneys manage water system optimally.

The 200 years of Western Medicine do not have such concepts.

Alkaline Diet says : “At 1 am, not sleeping, body turns acidic”.

3000 years ago, ancient sages say : “Between 1 – 3 am, liver performing detoxing at optimal, if not sleeping, the detox cannot be done effectively, and over time, weaken the body. The concept is Functionalities of the body system, not acidic body.

Ask Alkaline Diet expert,if not sleeping till 5 am,what happen to the body? Turns even more acidic? They wouldn’t be able to give any clear answers, except guessing and proposing more new theories.

4。Alkaline Diet also says : “If not sleeping at 1 am etc. try not to eat meat, eat more Carbohydrates”.

(Ha, ha, Keto and Atkins diets say go for low-carbohydrates. All are experts, who is more right?)

YEIC says, between 1.00-3.00 am,Small intestines is at rest, even if you take any foods, after digestion, the nutrients cannot be absorbed by the Small Intestines at these hours. Then what is the use of the advice from Alkaline diet expert on taking carbohydrates?

There are surely vast differences between YEIC and Western Nutrition Theories. I hope readers will do own serious research on both to determine which one makes sense to you most.

When you have opportunity to study YEIC, you will be amazed by the interconnectedness and completeness of the holistic theory, not just diet, (not just to reduce weight),but link to hours, link to organ functionalities, link to your emotions and psychology, and of course link to illness if balanced is not achieved.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training.

“Body Constituents 体质”,”Organs clock and functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Five tastes 五味 (酸、苦、甘、辛、咸)” , 。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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