Some common foods can be effective medicine

This is a story of the famous Chinese medicine practitioner Zhang Xichun 张锡纯 during the late Qing Dynasty.

We may not want to be a TCM practitioner, but we wish to understand the theory and principles used as per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC), especially how the body internal organs functions, then we can better manage our health without serious illnesses.

When Zhang Xichun 张锡纯 began to study medicine, he was a teacher and often students came to him for treatments.

One student, 13 years old, suffered from nosebleed four times a day. When the student was diagnosed, Zhang Xichun wanted to know more about whether the student felt internal cold or heat. He asked the students many other related questions and the student could not answer well.

Zhang Xichun reasoned on his own, young boy was full of Yang-energy, and it was summer time. It should be internal heat, and the student was given a cold medicine to balance the heat.
But then nasal bleeding became worse by the day. Zhang Xichun immediately gave the child a warm medicine, the main one is dried ginger plus some other herbs.

Then the nose bleeding stopped. The illness is cured.

Why the warm medicine?

This is because the child’s spleen / stomach were weakened by cold. Then the body lacks Yang-energy. The cold created blockages at the stomach, preventing downward movement of digested foods. The old and freshly digested foods in the stomach produce more fermentation and Qi, which can only flow upwards, with heat and causes nose-bleeding.

Dried old ginger is to warm and unblock the stuckness at the stomach.

What have we learned?

The importance of the mechanics of Qi-movement in the body. And knowing how the body system works (which Western Medicine does not offer such explanation), we can easily treat little illnesses using simple food therapy before the illness gets worse.

Dried ginger, a common food in the kitchen, can also cure diseases. This is the theory “Medicine and Food for Healing 药食同源” which we discuss more at the 2-day YEIC training.

We can also use the learned YEIC principles to observe and help autistic child e.g. in tantrum, determining he has internal heat or cold, etc.

The effective functional operation of the spleen and stomach requires temperature, so the cold diet hurts the spleen and stomach.

Every food/diet has five qi (warm, hot, medium, cool, cold). What is the daily diet of your family and your child?
What daily diet can help strengthen your autistic child or cause family illness?

Can you now make better comparison between ancient Food-Diet System and the current Western Nutrition Theory?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
“Qi 气”, “Qi Mechanic 气机 “, “diet”, “Medicine and Food for healing 药食同源”, “Five Qi 五气 (warm, hot, medium, cool, cold) 温,热,中,凉,寒”. .
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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