Without theories, can we built an airplane?

Why are there often pustules on the face (lips)? (Heat-symptom)

Why pustules at the lips and not nose etc?

Why face often has pimples?

Why eyes are red, especially when angry?

Why wrinkles on the face when we grow older, and not at the feet or butt?

Why during winter, people wrap themselves all over the body with warm clothing, but not so much the face?

Why hairs (on the head) turn white and drop, but not so much hair at other parts of the body?

Why so much money spent on cosmetics and beautification by females, but cosmetic can hardly maintain the desired beauty?

How does Western Medicine explain the above?

Most of the time the explanations are piecemeal, un-connected to each other or just taken for granted.

Ancient sages use a simple concept “Yin and Yang” to explain all.

Head / face are considered Yang with respect to the lower part of the body.

Of all the meridians to the head region, there are 6 Yang meridians, except one Liver-Yin meridian.

Hence the head region is heavily Yang, implies warm or heat. Hence the head / face can withstand winter cold better. At the same time, due to heat, pustules and pimples easily develop.

When one is angry, the Liver Qi rises, YEIC says “Liver energy manifests at eyes”, the eyes turn red without adequate Yin nourishment.

Hairs turn grey and drop due to inadequate Yin sources nearby.

Why pustules at the lips and not nose?

YEIC says : “Spleen’s Opening is at mouth and lips”. When Spleen functionalities are out of balance, pustules as symptoms emerge at lips and mouth, not nose.

What can trigger Spleen / Stomach imbalance? Beside wrong diets, it is over pensiveness, worries. Hence pustules are reminding you to cool down, take life easy..

Why females have difficulty to maintain beauty of the face?

Since the head is a Yang region, it needs a lot of Yin nourishment supplied by Spleen, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys and Heart. But all these organs are easily out of balance due to excessive emotions.

Are you not amazed how ancient sages can use a simple theory to explain various phenomena, with good logic? Yet today modern science still have difficulties.

In fact, Western Medicine also cannot explain logically how Parkinson, Autism, and many other illnesses come about. Yet they can administer medicines and surgery. Funny Ya!

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
“Yin Yang Theory 阴阳”,”Meridian Theory 经络学说”., “Spleen manifests at mouth and lips 脾开窍于口 其华在唇”,”Organs functionalities 五脏六腑”,”Liver manifests at eyes 肝主目
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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