Is there nutritious food? – a wrong question to ask!

Many people are concerned about nutritious foods. Many spend great deal of money on nutritious foods for self and family.

“Nutrition” is a Western Medicine / Science concept. In the ancient China, there was no such concept. However ancient sages have a rather sophisticated “Food System Theory”, which is very different from the Western Nutrition Theory.

From Food to Nutrient is Process

Ancient sages consider all foods intake must go through a process, enabled by the functionalities of five key organs, for digested foods to be converted to “nutrients” (which they called Qi-Blood) to nourish the body and mind for growth and activities.

For example, spleen / stomach to digest the foods, Small Intestines to separate the “pure and impure Qi” or nutrients and waste, which is to be discharged through large intestines, and Kidneys functions to ensure metabolism works well, to discharge toxin though urination etc.

If any of the above functionalities is out of order, the un-digested foods or incomplete conversion of foods to nutrients, or toxin produced get trapped in the body, then the intake of foods (whether nutritious or not) harm the body system.

Hence the ancient sages focus food intake that enables the key organs functionalities in balance and in order, and it is the well functioned processing that give rise to nutrients for the body growth and activities.

Nutrients are the end Results, foods intake and processing the Causes.

Western science reverses the above formula, placing nutritious foods intake as the beginning of the process.

Fragmentation Mentality

Western Science Nutrition Theory break-down foods into their elementary components : protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, vitamin etc.

Consider a grain or rice or bean, besides the above mentioned % of elementary components, the rice or bean also contain a Life-force, as when you plant the rice or bean, it grows into a plant, full of life.

But Western scientists only look at “tangible things”, and do not consider the intangible like life-force. They imagine plants and human bodies are like machines with parts to be analyzed.

If you invite the scientists to assemble all the components of rice or bean and get the assembled product to produce a plant, the scientists cannot deliver live-plant.

Ancient sages consider all foods have their own life-force to serve the various human organs for delivering the expected functionalities.

Hence when we learn the Food Systems Theory as per YEIC, we can help the body and mind to operate a optimal levels, healing illnesses and / or build immune system not to get sick.

We can then use Diets as medicines to heal health problems like autism, Parkinson, cancers, work performance issues etc.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the  online training  .“Foods System Theory 饮食学说” , “Food and Medicine share the same theory 药食同源”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Organs Functionalities 脏腑功能”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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