Stronger the heart the better?

TED Speaker, Oded Shoseyov’s researches plant molecular biology protein engineering and nanobiotechnology, creating super-performing materials that are could change the way we build our future products.

He makes a compelling presentation how scientists have not learned or decoded the 3 billions years of wisdom nature offers.

Hence comparing 200 years of modern science Vs 3 billions years of nature wisdom, today modern science is still in its infancy state.

The speaker makes impressive presentation on the promise of future new nanobiotechnology.

Such innovation and new products will certainly enhance the world at large.

Nature Wisdom Decoded

Interestingly also, 3000 years ago Chinese ancient sages also decoded the mysteries of the universe and life of billions of years history, with observations made in the book called “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic”.

As compared with the TED speaker, the ancient sages pointed another important pattern : “The Relationship and Integration of Parts” theory, whereas the speaker only focusing on parts.

For example, TED speaker talks about the new innovation applied to human body.

He gives examples of heart (transplanted) , with the new technology, is much stronger and durable.

Stronger the heart the better?

He may not be aware that even today there are many cases of old people having heart transplant die soon, when the heart donors are from young people with strong hearts.

Making strong heart, with transplant or nanobiotechnology ignores the  “The Relationship and Integration of Parts” theory, as the strong heart cannot be well supported by the other interacting organs like Liver, Lungs, Kidneys and Spleen which are not strong due to aging.

The relationship theory, as per 5-element theory of the ancient wisdom, in the case of strong heart installed, affects the lungs.

As per the 5-element theory, heart is represented by Fire, and lungs by Metal. Lungs are represented by Metal. Fire Controls or melts the Metal.

The person straightaway, with the new strong heart will have difficulty in breathing.

The 3 billions years of sustainable nature growth is an ecological process that involves countless parts interacting and supporting each other, none can be isolated for treatment.

The new nanobiotechnology is useful to produce new material-products to benefit mankind, but certainly not in applying to a living human body, unless the scientists incorporate the decoded wisdom of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the  online training  .“Five-Element Theory 五行学说”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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