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This is another useful concept from “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” YEIC. It provides a broad category of illnesses.


For any type of illnesses, there is one category belongs to deficiencies occurred at pre-natal, and another category post-natal.

We will use some examples to illustrate such concept.

Pre-natal Deficiency

For most autistic children, after birth or a few years later, parents notice something unusual as compared with normal healthy child development, for example strange behaviors or learning difficulty. Mostly these cases are grouped under “Pre-natal Deficiency”, which also include during fetus stage.

It is like today science called hereditary or DNA problems, or inherently weak body constituents of the mother giving rise to unhealthy baby. 体质失调问题。

Post-natal Deficiency

A grown up person with rather good health, but over years develop into illness : cancers, Parkinson, diabetes etc. .. These are grouped as “Post-natal Deficiency”.

Some may have combination of both Pre-natal and Post-natal Deficiencies.

Post-natal deficiency mostly arise from the person ignorant of Life Cultivation, lack of knowledge of how illnesses come about and engage in activities which do harm to the body.

Life Cultivation is a big subject, which we will discuss later over time.

Irrespective of Pre or Post Natal deficiencies, YEIC broadly explains them as “Yin-Yang imbalance”. In theory, when one can balance the Yin Yang, autistic child can develop healthily, cancers, Parkinson patients can be healed.

Yin-Yang Theory

Yin-Yang Concept is interesting “阴阳学说” but it is rather abstract.

Just a small example

Body organs are classified into Yin and Yang.

E.g. Heart = Yin, Small Intestine = Yang

And Heart & Small Intestines work in pair, closely related to each other like cousin-brothers. We had this relationship discussion earlier.

And Yin-organs and Yang-organs each have their unique functionalities.

Heart = Yin, Yin is defined as condensed matter,

Small Intestine = Yang. Yang is defined as loose, hollow, constantly in motion, which is the case of small intestine, which continuously absorb fresh nutrients from digested foods and discharge to the large intestines the impure portions of the digested foods.

And the YEIC main proposition is that :

*When all the key 5 organs functionalities are in good order and balanced, we have healthy body and mind*.

Are you not impressed with the ancient sages, 3000 years ago, coming out with simple concepts to guide healing and Life Cultivation, and provide a Blueprint for life.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training . “Pre n Post Natal Deficiency 先天不足,后天不足”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Yin-Yang Theory 阴阳学说”,”Body Constituents 体质” , “Organs Functionalities 脏腑功能”,
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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