Energy for work, mental activity. What Energy?

Today we talk about Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic and YOU.

In our WhatsApp group, most members are young till middle age. You are on your own or husband or wife to your partner, parents to children, children to your parents.

You work hard to support self and families. Responsibilities are not light.

You have your own preference, styles, strategies with your unique characters, attitudes and psychology to meet all the life challenges. In all these, you need to spend “Energy” to attend to your activities towards your goals in life.

What is Energy?

How do we consume energy so that we remain healthy and not get sick?

Different strategies in energy consumption due to your own preferences, what tell-tales signs let you know you could be out of balance?

How do we get energy replenishment?

As we are influenced by Western Science and Medicine, we may not treat the above questions more deeply and seriously, but just a simple notion that good diets (as per Western Nutrition Theory), good exercise, sleep well, do regular medical check up, keep us healthy.

Now if we take a closer look at people we know close to us, they have the same above notions, but they get sick, some seriously sick, or die young,how come?

Could it be that the above notion are too abstracts, too vague?

What does Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic(YEIC) say about this?

Ancient sages do not use the term “Energy”, but Yin-Yang.

They classify the Yin-Yang as follow。

Yin = Blood, Body fluid / hormone, Essence

Yang = Qi, Consciousness / Mind

The above variables need to be in balance, otherwise illnesses occur.

When there is some small symptoms, pain, discomfort, Western Medicine doctors may say no problems, but as per YEIC, it is considered Yin-Yang out of balance, if not treated, it leads to serious diseases.

Yin-Yang (or Energy) comes from parents, or hereditary, called Essence, the rest come from digested and transformed foods, and air we breathe.

Note: as discussed early, not till the foods can be properly digested and transformed to energy, the foods are not called Nutritious Foods.

What energy for physical work and what energy for mental work?

These Yin-Yang (energy) helps our body growth, carry out mental or laborious activities. And we need to constantly replenish with fresh foods and air and sleep.

When we carry out labors work, we use more Body-fluid energy

When we carry out more mental work / emotional activities, we use more Blood-energy.

At younger age, or youth, we have more abundant Yin-Yang energies, what we called good immune system.

But even at younger age,, if we consume excessive Yin-Yang energies, we may feel alright, not sickness, actually the energy comes from the stored energy called Essence at the Kidneys, which is meant for old age pension. Hence today more young people age faster and they have illnesses similar to old people with poor health.

YEIC says : “Kidneys store Essence”

Different personalities and strategies in excessive consumption of Yin-yang energy, particularly Essence, energy consumption patterns are different.

Let’s talk about introvert and extrovert personalities.

Extrovert personality expresses in strong leadership, creativity, controlling, .. they consume more Liver and Spleen energies.

Introvert personality, conservative, not taking initiative, they deplete their Kidneys and Lungs energies faster.

All these are examples of imbalance in Yin and Yang.

We need suitable Food-System to do the balancing, what foods to improve Liver functions, or Kidney functions etc.

Now do you see how different is the YEIC food system as compared with Western Nutrition Theory.

Do you see YEIC gives us much clearly guidelines about healthy living, certainly not vague or abstracts, do you not agree?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Yin Yang阴阳”,”Blood, Fluid, Essence, Qi and Consciousness 血,津液,精,气,神,”,”5 emotions and consciousness 五神”,”情志”,”Liver stores Anger “, “Kidneys store Fear 肾藏精”,。。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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