Joy felt at heart. What about fears, anxiety by which organs?

Today we discuss more relationship between body organs and emotions.

Western scholars and therapists, who study Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, place more emphasis on the psychological aspects in relation to the body system.

On this note, Eastern Traditional Medicine, TCM doctors, do not consider emotions and psychology too much in treating patients.

Early we discussed “Spleen and Stomach in pair”, Spleen is Yin and Stomach is Yang. Spleen belongs to Earth-element. Stomach function is to dissolved foods, Spleen function is to transform digested foods to minute particles as nutrients for the body. (previous articles)

Spleen and Stomach also have psychological and emotional functions.

Fetus in mother’s womb depends on nutrients / energy supply from mother. Upon delivery the baby depends on his or her lungs to breathe and consume mother’s milk to grow.

This is a dramatic experience for the baby, learning to grow on by himself or herself.

And this self-learning process depends on the maturing process of Spleen and Stomach so as to take in other foods, besides milk.

But for 9 months pregnancy period, the fetus felt secure and happy in mother’s womb, with great emotional attachment to the mother.

If the Spleen Yin too strong, even after a few years, the child still feels very attached to the mother, and would not socialize with others, in school or at home.

On the opposite, if Spleen Qi is weak, the bonding between the baby / child is very weak. This is the phenomenal most occurred to autistic children, they do not like mother or parents to hug them. Spleen weakness also reflects in gastrointestinal problems.

When Stomach (Yang) able to take in more variety of foods, correspondingly the child’s learning sphere enlarges, and less dependence on the mother. And and child can socialize with more people.

YEIC also says : Spleen / Stomach has function in Thinking “脾主思“。

Hence for the autistic children with the above mentioned problems, the solutions lie in strengthening the Spleen and Stomach.

With good understanding of YEIC knowledge, parents can help heal the child.

Now, do you see the relationship and connectivity of Spleen / Stomach / Growth process / dependency / independence / thinking / socializing?

This is how Western therapists / psychologists, after studying Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, are able to provides more psychological aspects i.e. the Mind-Body-Emotion into the YEIC integrated theory.

Do you now find it fascinating about the ancient wisdom?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Yin-Yang 阴阳”,”Qi-blood 气血”,”5 Consciousness 五神”,”5 Emotions 情志”,”Spleen  in growth 脾为后天之本”,,。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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