What are the functionalities of Kidneys?

Today we continue to discuss how the Western doctors / therapists, after studying Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, understand more deeply the psychological aspects in the human body system.

These types of information are rarely found in the Chinese worlds of TCM literature.

Kidneys, one of the key functions, is responsible for the Excretion of by-products of metabolism namely urine, sweats. And bladder function is storage of the fluids and excretion of urine.

These were recognized by ancients sages 3000 years ago, whereas Western Science discovered such in the last 200 years.

YEIC also says : “ Kidneys store Essence, Kidneys are responsible for the formation of bones, and bones gives rise to bone marrow, which forms the brain, Kidneys has function in reproduction, growth capability.

This implies brain, intelligence, sexual performance, production of future generations are derived from the Yin-Yang interaction of Kidneys,

YEIC also notes : Kidneys and Bladder have cousin relationship. Kidneys are Yin, Bladder Yang. As per the 5-elements, Kidneys are illustrated as Water.

The Western scholars conclude : Kidneys and Bladder have capacity and capability in Past, Present and Future Consciousness.

The past can be the culture, tribes, hereditary.

Kidneys function include management of past, present, future dreams.

Early we also discussed “Kidneys Functionalities are also derived from Pre-natal. We can now see that Kidneys have vital function in our life.

Now we can use the above to explain many phenomena experienced in our life, e.g. autism.

Many autistic children problem came from Prenatal imbalance, i.e. at fetus stage, which we discussed early. The reasons can be hereditary, weak body constituents of the mother who were not healthy, shocks or trauma experienced by mother during pregnancy, which also shocked the fetus, (YEIC says “Kidneys store Fear), or sick mother consume too much Western Medicine before and during pregnancy,

All these and others affect the healthy development of fetus and baby.

Hence the learning deficiency of the autistic child, is not brain, behavioral problems or nervous system problems, but Kidneys Qi deficiency.

Sexual performance is one of the Kidneys functions. Young people with excessive masturbation habits lose a lot of Kidneys-Essence, weakened the Kidneys-functionalities, which can include weak bones, feel tired easily, not able to focus, learning dis-ability and affect the intelligence.

Forgetfulness, not able to derive past learning for today application, with fuzzy vision of the future, lack of willpower, are also another tell-tale sign of Kidney Qi-deficiency.

Can we not now appreciate deeply the wisdom of the ancient sages, sharing with us all the connectivity of phenomena we experience today, and the Western Medicine cannot give us clear, logical steps and holistic explanation?

Ancient sages also share with us Life Cultivation as ways to improve deficiencies.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Kidneys store Essence 肾藏精”,”Kidneys functions responsible for Intelligence 肾主骨生髓, 脑为髓之海”, “Kidneys functions include reproduction, health growth physically and mentally 生殖,生長發育功能”,”Kidneys function has pre-natal attributes, 肾为先天之本”, “Fear harms Kidneys function 恐伤肾”,
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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