Supplement = Nutrition, Nutrition = Supplement ?

“Supplement and Nutrition”

Very often people associate Nutrition with Supplement, something extra for better health. And many spend a great deal of time and money on it.

Dictionary definition of Supplement : “a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it.

In Chinese language, supplement 补, has two different meanings, 1. To add, like the above, 2. To repair something that is broken e.g. 「补衣服」

On the subject of Nutrition, most people take supplement as “To add something more”.

When we consume foods, there is a long process for the foods to be transformed to various products in our body.

This requires the proper functioning of Spleen and Stomach for digestion, Small Intestine for absorption of digested foods, Large Intestines to receive and expel the by-product, and Bladder to excrete urine, etc.

If along this process, the functioning is out of balance, the metabolism is not working well with toxin generated and trapped in the body, and if your continue to take Supplement, add extra foods,your body system will be further burdened. The body may need Removal and Expulsion and not Addition of Foods.

Is your investment in Nutrition more on Expulsion or Removal, Addition?

Some toxins get trapped and cannot be sent to Large Instestine and Bladder or sweat pores for expulsion!

How do you know when and how much to expel and to add?

Because we do not hold the notion of supplement as to repair the dy-function parts of the body system. We continue to add more foods as supplements!

If the blood vessels are damaged or weakened, there is loss of blood in the body or external. Likewise, there may be damaged or inadequate function of the stomach, large intestines, bladder etc. meaning these organs do not have the capability to hold the process foods and liquid in place. .. isn’t that a serious problem.

Capability to hold the process foods and liquids in different parts of the organs and body system is functionalities of some organs.

Shouldn’t not we be aware of these functionalities and take necessary action?

YEIC gives us the knowledge to recognize what organs functionalities are out of order or out of balance.

YEIC also gives a lot of information using ordinary foods to repair and strengthen these functionalities.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Supplement and Repair 补与泻”, “Holding 固摄”,,”Organs Functionalities 脏腑” ,“功能”,。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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