What are Key Messages behind diverse symptoms?

Today we have a case analysis, with limited information provided by a group member in the Chinese WhatsApp group.

The following are some of the symptoms : Sinusitis, feel giddy while driving, after meal feel giddy too. Not able to focus and concentrate.

Sinusitis problem since young.

If sinusitis is a hereditary problem then the person concerned should find an effective and complete healing method so as not to pass down to the next generation, not to accept it as it is.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic(YEIC) says : Lungs functionalities also manifest at the nose. Lungs and Large Intestines have paired relationship.

As per 5-element theory, Lungs are represented by Metal, and Metal controls Wood (think of metal axe chops wood). And Liver is represented by Wood. Then there is relationship between Lungs and Liver.

5-Element theory, “Earth gives rise to Metal”, Spleen is represented by Earth-element, meaning Spleen nourishes Lungs.

Hence sinusitis problem can be related to nose, lungs, spleen and liver.

We can see that symptoms can be related to more than one organ. Then we need to search for more clues for relationship identification.

For example, with sinusitis problem since young, was the child attacked by cold too often, taking too much antibiotic medicines due to frequent sickness? What diets system used that make worse the situation?

Any stress or pressure from e.g. homework, parents and teachers. Especially autistic children, parents and teachers not only have high expectation but with speed on the various therapies employed. This cause more stress and pressure to children.

Because as per YEIC, emotions, stress, personality affect different organs. Example, anxiety affects the Lungs functionalities, which is relevant in the above case.

Today symptoms as mentioned above, indicate symptoms at childhood not entirely eradicated, coupled with lack of knowledge on Life Cultivation., more symptoms arise.

Sinusitis problem since young indicate Lung-deficiency, which needs to draw more energy (YEIC called Qi-Blood) from Spleen (Earth) . Spleen is supposed to nourish Lungs, but not able to do so, as now Spleen becomes weak.

When Spleen is weak, it cannot produce enough Qi-blood to supply to the brain to do mental work. YEIC also says, Spleen, one of the functions, is Thinking. Now the person concerned cannot think and concentrate well.

As the case is a female, other information is required, eg. how is the period, flow, amount of bloods, any blood stasic?

Because YEIC also says, Livers stores and detox blood. From the period performance, we can also deduce to what extent is Liver functions are affected.

The 5-element theory also provides us as a guide, Metal Controls Wood, i.e. Lungs Control Liver. If Lungs are weak, it causes imbalance to the Liver.

Now we see that, : sinusitis problem is related to the Lungs-function, feel giddy while driving, after meal feel giddy too (related to inadequate supply of Qi-blood from the Spleen and Liver). Not able to focus and concentrate relates to Spleen, with one of the functions, in Thinking.

With good understanding of YEIC theories, we can related various symptoms to the key body organs system and we only need to improve the organs functionalities.

What are Key Messages behind diverse symptoms?

Don’t let various symptoms drive you mad looking for solution to each symptom.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Lungs manifests at Nose 肺主鼻”,”Metal Controls Wood金克木”,”Earth nourishes Metal 土生金”,Various emotions affect different organs 情志(喜、怒、憂、思、悲、恐、驚) 伤脏腑, ”Diet system 饮食” ,”Cold 寒”,”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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