Why divide your body into parts to manage?

I am grateful that a Chinese WhatsApp group member shared about the learning problem faced by her child. This provides us an opportunity to learn about YEIC application.

As I mentioned earlier, this platform is not for symptoms diagnosis and treatment, but rather using the discussion to bring up the Theories and Principles of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC), the ancient wisdom.

And the emphasis is Total and Integrated Approach and I use case study (e.g. below) to illustrate further why it is important to understand the Whole rather than some symptoms.

Once we understand the overall concepts and theories, we can better make good observation of various symptoms in our body and link to the overall body system.

The story of the child is constructed after a series of Q&A between me and the mother.

“The daughter is now 14 yrs old. Since 4-5 years old, she has learning disability. Today she hardly knows a few words and cannot write.

She has speech deficiency, and poor expression ability. Her eyesight is OK, urination is OK. Sometimes with constipation.

At 7 years old, the child had shocking experience.

She can take care of the younger brothers.”

To understand the Total Picture, good Q&A is necessary. Today many Western Medicine doctors and TCM doctors, seldom make too much inquiry, except focusing on the symptoms and carry out treatments.

This is very much against the Principles of YEIC, “Focus should be on the person as a Whole, not symptoms.”

Why I ask about the age of the case, as different age reveals different stages of psychological and physiological development. A younger person normally has more psychological and emotional issues, whereas older persons have more physiological issues.

I ask about various performance capability, as different performances are governed by different organs functionalities. E.g. eyesight is related to Liver function, learning with memory are related to Kidneys functionalities.

What are the good performances of the child, then we can deduce what organs functions well.

Although there is no details about how the child was shocked, YEIC theory tells us that Kidney Qi is harmed due to shock or fear.

One of the Kidney functions is related to Intelligence and Learning capability. We can see the connection now that the child past shock and fear experience affects her today learning ability.

The above is just brief way to illustration the application of YEIC theories and principles in our daily life.

Many group members often ask about how to do treatments to certain symptoms or problems. You can realize that this WhatsApp discussion is limited to reveal a more complete picture for understanding. Hence it is not wise to give suggestions on treatment based on partial information.

Furthermore, as discussed in the training class, Life Cultivation to help balance the Yin and Yang in our body system is not apply a single treatment, which will not work well, But it calls for several adjustments and therapies to be carried out together.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Fear harms Kidneys 恐伤肾”,”Liver, one of the function is eye performance 肝主目”,Intelligence and Memory are related to Kidneys and Bladder 肾与膀胱的心理功能在”智慧”,”记忆力”。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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