What is Aging Process?

There are interesting observation and conversation with friends on the above subject matter, “What is Aging Process?”

Surely this subject matter is of concern to those past middle age, especially those retire from work.

At the same time, most admit that they cannot go into deeper discussion as they have very vague ideas what aging process is all about?

As a concept, we all know that we cannot stay young and strong forever.

But without knowing the aging process, it is difficult to ensure gradual and graceful aging. We do not know what to expect? How not to get into serious illnesses?
Western Medicine does not provide much clues on the above, except general advice : good diet, good sleep, reasonable exercise, be happy.

And that is what most people do.

Those retired have the opinion that enjoy life to the fullness NOW, be happy, go travelling. The underlying assumption is Now everything is OK, enjoy. Later, …..don’t know, until some symptoms show up. Pray that no major illnesses.

Others still have a lot of ambitions with worthy cause. Some want to do charity to help people. This is another assumption that he or she currently is fit and healthy, hence can contribute much.

Later, when and how is he or she no longer fit, age faster, with weakening body functioning ……, that need others to do charity to him or her? i.e. To take care of him or her?

Isn’t is nice to know exactly what is the aging process, then we can become more conscious how to take step to ensure gradual and graceful aging?

In my 1st published video training on “Philosophy, Yin & Yang Theory, And Application” I shared, as per ancient wisdom, Aging Process is diminishing of Yin and Yang.

If that is the proposition, then we need to understand the basic concept of Yin and Yang, and how Yin and Yang are operating constantly in our life and take action based on that understanding.

Is Aging process only the concern of the middle age people?

Once we understand the ancient wisdom, we realize that we should implement the Life Cultivation in balancing Yin and Yang for babies and young children so that they have a better foundation to ensure gradual and graceful aging process.

You are welcome to learn from the following video training, what is Yin and Yang.


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