Self Healing on Post-stroke Depression, Restores Function

This is an interesting article “Acupuncture Reduces Post-Stroke Depression, Restores Function

The experiment conducted (using acupuncture) had chosen the following acupoints for Post-Stroke Depression, Restores Function

  • Baihui (GV20)百会穴
  • Sishencong (MHN1) 四神聪
  • Taixi (KD3)太溪穴
  • Neiguan (PC6) 内关穴
  • Hegu (LI4)合谷穴
  • Taichong (LV3)太冲穴
  • Zusanli (ST36)足三里穴
  • Xuehai (SP10)血海穴

The suggested acupoints also reveal the respective meridians and hence zangfu organs functionalities.

This is helpful for the patients to carry out their own focused Life Cultivation practice e.g.

Using Food Therapy to also focus on Pericardium, Large Intestine, Kidneys, Liver, Spleen and Stomach, (as per above suggested Meridians).

And also using Qi-exercises to address the above said meridians including the Strange Flow meridian (MHN1).

Not forgetting using the many self-healing methods, particularly moxibustion, which the patient can do for himself or herself.

Whether the patient has access to good acupuncturist or not,

Whether the patient is already under a good acupuncturist treatment, it is important the patient carry out self-healing and balancing work, 阴阳调理。


It is because the patient needs to activate his or her Consciousness 五神, his passion and love of his or her own life, the motivation to get better.

Such raised Consciousness surely helps to speed up recovery.

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