Single Cause to Fire, Disease?

A short circuit occurs in a house resulted in a big fire. If it is only the short circuit without adjacent combustible items, without supply of oxygen, and with automatic fire-extinguishing system i.e. presence of some “necessary and sufficient conditions” the fire will not occur.

Do you agree with this logic?

In the Cause and Effect model : Effect = Fire, Causes = Short circuit + combustible items + oxygen + failure of fire prevention system.

Today modern medical philosopher, John Mackie proposes the INUS model / theory that says the above message.

This implies that common medical assertion that the disease is caused by virus (like the above short circuit) is insufficient conclusion.

Another scholar, Carter, declares in exasperation that it is “totally pointless, hopeless and downright silly to think one can ever state precisely what it is for one thing to cause another.”

These new theories present tremendous challenges to the medical practitioners, with “virus” as the cause of illness is a belief system deeply embedded, coupled with enormous pressure from the pharmaceutical industries.

Back to 3000 years ago, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) already knows this simple logic, that it is the body internal environments that attract “virus” (at that time, they used the word “evils” 邪) that harms the body.

This implies that if the main body organs functionalities as a system is intact, the healthy internal body environment will not attract such “evils” to harm the body, resulting in cancers, tumors, etc.

And the treatment is to restore the functionalities of the body organs system, not kill the virus.

Now we can realize the importance of Life Cultivation 养生, constantly strengthening the body organs system, or as per ancient sages saying “Balance the Yin and Yang”.

Hence a short circuit that starts the fire, the fire would not spread if the  “necessary and sufficient conditions” do not exist. Likewise, whatever may be the virus attack, if the internal body system is intact, stable and healthy, the so called disease caused by “virus” would not occur.

“Single cause and effect” mindset is very prevalent in most people, especially in the subject matter of nutrition. The logic says : “eat this and that foods make you healthy or make you sick”. They spend great deal of money chasing after cancer-prevention foods, etc.

But so identified  food is only a single factor, there are many other  “necessary and sufficient conditions” for the cancer to occur.

Without comprehensive knowledge how illnesses / diseases come about, we are living in illusion of health.

Ancient sages already provided us with the knowledge 3000 years ago as per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC).

Shall we not be curious to find out more the ancient wisdom?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in online training .
” Body Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Life Cultivation 养生” ,“Body Constituent 体质”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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