Is Nutrition Theory like blind men and an elephant?

After reading the report below, tell me what diets can help good health and long life.

“That there is no magic common healthy diet for all could not have been better validated than by Buettner’s study of the ‘Blue Zones’ that boast the highest rate of centenarians in the world.

These enclaves of healthy high longevity populations include Sardinian shepherds from Cannonau county who have a high proportion of meat in their diets and drink the polyphenol-rich local red wine four times a day.

Adventists in California on the other hand thrive on a strict regimen of vegetarian delights and no alcohol.

Greeks in the idyllic island of Ikaria feast on the Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, vegetables and seafood.

And Okinwan centenarians love generous helpings of fat-rich pork with their vegetables. There is no common dietary factor that could account for their longevity”

(The above is an extract from “Principles of Chinese Medicine: A modern interpretation” by Dr Hong Hai)

As we can see there is no common diet system that promotes the above different cultures centenarians.

So how do Western Medicine / Nutrition Theory make meaningful conclusion? Solely based on diets in term of Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamin, etc cannot explain adequately, nor other diets system like today popular Alkaline Diet , etc.
However, 3000 years ago, ancient sages already give us clues as per YEIC. That is the critical concept of Body Constituents (体质).

What is Body Constituents?

Individual’s unique Body Constituents come from 1 ) Pre-natal, (先天) (that include hereditary,DNA etc),and 2) Post-natal (后天)” (that include exposure to weathers, seasons, environment (whereby above different cultures have different environments) , place of stay, life habits, diets, types of exercises, moods, emotions, consciousness, personality, psychology,attitudes towards life, …etc.,)。

Hence what food is good for A, is harmful to B. Because A and B Body Constituents are different.
Not knowing one’s Body Constituents, and apply the most modern nutrition theories is like blind man and the elephant, or buy lottery tickets, sometimes win, most times lose.

The 5000 years Chinese food theory is based on what foods suitable for which aspects of body functionalities like digestion, metabolism, blood supply, respiration system, excretion etc. Unlike Western Nutrition Theory solely based on the composition of the food make-up, which cannot specifically points how it helps liver, or kidney or heart functioning !
Body Constituents + Diet Theory” (体质 + 饮食学说), is ½ day discussion at the 2-day YEIC training, involving many new concepts and knowledge.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training  .
” Body Constituents 体质”,”Diets Theory 饮食学说” ,” Pre-natal, Post-natal 先天”, “后天”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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