Is Medicine the only answer?

In our Chinese WhatsApp YEIC discussion group, when the discussion is on various types of symptoms or sickness, some members often ask ; “Teacher, what medicine should I take?”

This is a general mindset : “Not feeling well or sick, one must take medicine.”

Today we discuss further such concept, “sickness, not well, behavioral problems, …what medicine or therapy should be applied?”

Let us spell out from our head the various questions we often have : “Should one take medicine because of sickness? Should I take medicine for life? In what situation medicine does not really help? ….”

Not long ago, I was watching a video from China, about a famous TCM doctor sharing his experience on “望闻问切” i.e. by “examining the patient, listening to his voice, make some important inquiry, and feeling the patient’s pulse, the TCM doctor is able to determine the sickness of a patient.

A lady from the audience was invited for demonstration, After a few seconds, the lady was surprised the doctors able to tell her often occurred discomfort and sickness, and she quickly asked “Doctor, what medicine should I take?”.

The doctor replied, “I am not teaching you to take medicine. But I will teach you about your diet, and how to function well as a human being”.

As per YEIC, this is considered a first class doctor, who “treats a person, not his sickness . Treat parts that are well.” 上医不治已病,治未病”, “治人不治病”。

But in some cases, surely medicine is needed. How to know the difference?

First, we need to understand the purpose of medicine as per YEIC. If you say it is to cure sickness, then Western Medicine is also to cure sickness. What is the difference?

The ancient sage considers the key purpose of medicine is to help to restore your basic body organs functionalities, e.g. if you have severe asthma, you hardly can breathe, a TCM doctor may use a strong herb to get the Qi-to move, thus restore breathing.

Let me repeat, in YEIC, the purpose of medicine (herbs) is to restore body organs functionalities, 五脏六腑功能。

This concept is very different from Western Medicine, which if there is headache, pain killer is used. If cancers, use medicine to kill the cancer cells, including the healthy cells.

We have heard ancient stories in China, e.g. a poor farmer has a sick child since birth, with severe and constant sickness, many doctors are not able to cure him, and the farmer begs a Sifu in the mountain to take care of the son. The son helps the Sifu clean his residence, follow the Sifu Qi-gong, and follow the Sifu’s simple diet.

Years later, the son gets well and strong, with good performance in Qi-gong, much to the pride and delight of the Sifu. This is an example of “Life Cultivation” (养生), without taking medicine.

The same principle applied. Whether taking medicine (herb) or Life Cultivation, i.e. the Tao of Living, for a long term, restore the body organs functionalities. When body organs functionalities, e.g. heart, lung, liver, kidney spleen, are functioning well, one will not get sick anymore.

Ancient miraculous healer, Sun Simiao, 孙思邈,says : “As a doctor, he must first consider using diet to heal the patient, If diet does not work, consider medicine (herbs)”.

Diet and Herb can restore body organs functionalities “药食同源”. This is what we discuss in details in the 2-day YEIC training.

Especially for autistic child, Parkinson sufferer, or who are in long term sickness, instead on totally dependent only on current medication, Life Cultivation, the Tao of Living is recommended.

In our WhatsApp group, a member due to a fall ten years ago, today suffers much discomfort and pain, after many attempts to try with many doctors, therapists, medicine, … do not help, he is still looking for a pill to cure him. Perhaps he should consider Life Cultivation, the Tao of Living. 养生*,又 *养心 了。

If your today health is reasonable. Life Cultivation helps you to prevent major sickness.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .

“Life Cultivaqtion, 养生,养心”,Diet and Medicne same functions “药食同源”, Organs Functionalites “五脏六腑功能”,
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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