Avoidance Strategy for Autistic Child for life?

I am glad one of the Chinese WhatsApp group members provided the following discussion.

With discussion, sharing of experiences etc. we can learn more. It is better than just posting articles, videos from other sources without first own assessment or application and experience and share the same.

The group member introduced “Gluten Free Diet” topic for discussion.

Western Medicine research find Gluten diet is related to certain illnesses. According to Wikipedia, it says there is no 100% evidence that Gluten is related to autism.

Again, I wish to clarify, I am not against Western Medicine.

It is after much research and own application of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC), it becomes clear to me the pro and con of Western Medicine, due to big contrasting theories. And I wish to share the differences for readers to make their own evaluation and judgment.

Back to the discussion on Gluten Free Diet, with such belief, parents put a lot of constraints on autistic child to avoid Gluten diet.

Is Avoidance strategy the best strategy for life?

Shouldn’t the focus be on improve the functionalities of Spleen and Stomach so that the child can enjoy a wider selection of foods?

Western Medicine uses term like Gastrointestinal problem. YEIC simply says “Spleen and Stomach out of balance”.

Let’s us understand the thought pattern of the ancient sages.

Spleen and Stomach are closely related to each other. We also discussed earlier, they are like cousin brother relationship.

Spleen is Yin, Stomach is Yang, a model used to indicate relationship.

Yin-Yang needs to be in good balance, so that consumed foods can be “digested” and “transformed” into nutrients for the body, absorbed by the Small Intestines, with waste product sent to Large Intestine for expulsion.

YEIC has the same theory like 200 years Western Science more than 3000 years ago.

YEIC says, “Spleen is a vital organs with functionality to transform foods into nutrients / energy or Qi-blood, for any living person. : “脾为后天之本”。

Western Medicine does not see the importance of Spleen function.

How do we help the autistic child to be able to enjoy wide selection of foods, including Gluten-diets?

We have to start strengthening the functionalities of Spleen.

YEIC also says : “Spleen, one of the functions, is Thinking”. This is the beauty of ancient integrated system, physiology and minds and emotions are related to each other.

We also notice many autistic children have learning difficulties. This implies weak Spleen functions.

They also have digestion problems.

We also notice many aged people cannot consume too much foods, and learning capability is much slow-ed and impaired, again it is due to Spleen weakening.

We also can easily notice, healthy adult with too much thinking and worries, have no appetite for foods.

Now you see the wisdom of ancients sages, through careful observation, they can derive relationship between Spleen / Stomach with digestion, thinking, learning ability.

With such theory, we only need to focus on how to improve the Spleen, and YEIC in the Life Cultivation, provides us many methods to execute daily.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training . “Spleen & Stomach cousin relationship 相表里”,”Yin-Yang 阴阳”,”Spleen function is a critical function for all 脾为后天之本”,”Spleen has function in thinking 脾主思”,。。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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