TCM doctors also cannot help!

Sometime back I shared an article about a child with serious skin problem, for half a year various TCM medical treatments, resulted in not only no improvement, in some cases the problem intensified.

During the sharing at my 2-day Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) training, many participants also had bad experiences with TCM doctors, in one case, an autistic child with a few years acupuncture treatments, the autism problems became worse.

I pointed out to the participants that in the old days, China emperors had hundred of qualified TCM doctors, in many cases, these doctors, not only could not cure the illnesses of the emperor or royals, the illnesses intensified.

Eventually they found miraculous healer in the villages, who cured the very important people in the palaces. Miraculous healer like Hua Tuo 华佗!


1。There are many different medical treatments in TCM : accupucture, herbs, massage, etc. Some work well for certain patients, but not others.

2。The foundation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is on YEIC (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classics) which provides the holistic and integrated theories. And these integrated approach is far superior than any of the above different treatment methods, which are individually sub-divided from the whole.

3。YEIC also emphasizes the importance of Mind, Consciousness and Emotions. “五神” involving psychology, personality, life attitudes etc.

YEIC also places great importance on daily foods consumed which either helps or harm our body. These necessary aspects of integrated health are not addressed by most TCM doctors.

Treat the person, not the illnesses

4。YEIC says, “Treat the person, not the illnesses”. But today most TCM doctors like Western Medicine doctors treat the symptoms and illnesses too, not the person as a whole.

  1. One of the principles of YEIC : “30% treatment, more importantly 70% Life Cultivation” 三分治七分养。 This gives great emphasis on how you live your life daily as critically important, not just medicine.

6。Because YEIC embraces all things in the universe, life, not just health in totality, there are very few “miraculous healer” who have wide fields of knowledge and experiences.

Just like a skillful detective, with so many clues, facts, events happening …. He is able to filter the noises and only focus on the signals to solve the case.

7。Visiting a doctor is only a few hours with a few visits matter, but the YEIC emphasis on Life Cultivation which is 24 hours, daily consciousness and practices.

If today you find a “miraculous healer” to cure your illnesses, it is your luck and fortune.

However it is far better you learn the knowledge of YEIC and become your own best doctors on small illnesses so that they would not develop into serious health problems, and practice Life Cultivation.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .“Best doctor prevent sickness 上医”,”5 Consciousness 五神”,”5 Emotions 五情志”, “Treat person not illness 治人不治病”,”30% treatment 70% life cultivation 三分治七分养”,”Prevention 治未病” 。。。

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