Excessive compassion becomes problems!

Many have hearts of sympathy to others’ sufferings. What happen if it is excessive sympathy?

When come across a beggar, she feels guilt, feel uncomfortable. She must give some money to the beggar to feel at ease, and to be able to sleep at night, though the sleep is still not at peace.

Many see suffering in the world feel helpless, not able to do much except by broadcasting such news at their Facebook, calling all to pray for them.

As per YEIC, it is considered such people’s hearts are “Heart Deficient and cold”, implying “Qi blood insufficient”.

Often such deficiency arises from lack of love and care during childhood. They project such “lack” onto the suffering people around.

Due to “deficiency” she desires for love and care with great intensity. Whoever gives her a little bit of help, she considers such person committed to love her till eternity. Later, if happen they get married, she holds the ultimate belief that he loves her wholeheartedly, even if he abuses and hurts her badly, until she cannot bear any longer, she may commit suicide. Or, her blind devotion turns into hatred and kills him.

Such described relationship, though different in degree, is not uncommon.

Her dreams are often of sad scenes, with red color scheme, or abandoned dogs, .. or forever in search for something, or in a large empty room.

She prefer cold foods and drinks, and that make her condition worse.

(“Cold / hot is not what is measurable with thermometer, but as Chinese understanding of intrinsic cold or hot)

Whereas for a healthy person with adequate Qi-blood, his reaction to the suffering people is different. He has good self confidence, positively learning new knowledge and skills so as to be able to help those suffering more effectively.

Teach people how to fish and not give them fish.

Autistic child with “Heart Deficiency and coldness” is more withdrawn, hiding in his World of Autism, not able to socialize.

YEIC says “Heart stores Consciousness, 神 Spirit ”, due to deficiency and coldness, the consciousness is unable to operate.

When parents with autistic child learn YEIC, the Life Cultivation, 养生之道,they would give the child more Yang foods, and other therapies to increase “Qi-blood”.

If the parents continue with Western Nutrition Theory, the autistic child’s conditions get worse.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .

” Body Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Life Cultivation 养生” ,”Heart Difficiency & Coldness 心虚寒”,”Heart Stores Consciousness 心藏神”,
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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