Many different treatments without compelling theory!

During my 2-day Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC ancient wisdom) training, I asked the participants : “Observe carefully, what are the similarities in behaviors between autistic children and some old people with health problems?”

With such focused question, after a while, participants pointed out the following similarities.

They have 5-senses deficiencies, learning difficulties, hands and limbs not flexible, slow and not alert, fixed behaviors, repeated behaviors, stubborn, throw tantrum, temperamental …..

The parents with autistic children suddenly brightened their eyes, and began to wonder : “Why similar behavioral pattern problems having different therapies? Why I have to spend so much time, energy and money on Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Speech Therapy, for my autistic child, whereas the older people with similar behavioral problems do not need to? Is there really a coherent theory to explain phenomena and with which to execute therapy?”

This is indeed the current challenges of 200 years old Western Medicine, which does not have an integrated and holistic theoretical framework governing life and human body system, but so many fragmented and piecemeal theories and application, with no linkages with each other.

3000 years ago, what does YEIC theory says?

“Kidneys system is Prenatal foundation.” (same as today concept like genes, DNA). And “Kidneys Store these Essence” (The essence of life)

These notions or theories explain the behavioral patterns of autistic children and unhealthy older people.

“Kidneys system is Prenatal foundation.” “Kidneys Store these Essence”, upon birth, healthy baby inherits the genes and DNA from healthy parents, called Essence “精”. When subsequent life span with good Life Cultivation practice, one can live till designed life span of 120 years old.

Most autistic children do not have such quality Essence, which in our previous discussion, called “Prenatal deficiency”. Hence Kidneys-Qi is deficient. Kidney Qi governs one’s intelligence (learning ability). Weak Kidney Qi further weaken other organs like Liver (with tantrum, as Liver Stores Anger), etc etc.

For a normal health person, over time, when he excessively uses his energy, emotions, activities, .. the Kidney Essence gets depleted very fast. And these result in many people even before older age, have learning difficulties, forgetfulness, bones weakened (all these are attribute of Kidneys Qi or energy), which later affect other organs like Liver ( with anger and stubbornness, etc.)

With such a theory in hand, we can then focus our attention to do healing to the Kidney Qi / Essense to both autistic children and older people.

Isn’t it important to have a logical and compelling Theory to act upon to get meaningful and effective application in therapy and treatment?

If we operate on the wrong theory e.g. “Anything heavier than air cannot fly” then we can never able to invent and build airplane.

So Lady and Gentleman, what theory do you use to operate on to manage your health, whether it is autism, cancers, Parkinson?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses.

“Kidney-qi lays the life foundation upon birth 肾为先天之本” “Kidneys Store Essence 肾藏精” , “Pre n Post Natal Deficiency 先天不足,后天不足”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Organs Functionalities 脏腑功能”,

“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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