You want your child to have good healthy physical components or Capability to manifest full potentials?

A child has serious skin problem, itchy all over the body, he really suffers a great deal. Furthermore he is hyperactive.

Half a year various medical treatments brought no progress.
Professor Low 罗大伦博士,(Beijing YEIC expert) introduces Chinese Yam (a type of vegetable you can buy in the market) and after the child’s father followed the instruction, the child’s skin problem is solved and not so hyper-active then.

We will discuss the medical theory applied.

We will skip Western Medicine treatment, as Western Medicine treats symptom and not root causes.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) says : “Lungs Functionalities manifest through Skin”, meaning skin-problem is related to Lung function. In 5-element model, Lungs are represented by “Metal”, and Spleen represented by “Earth”.

“5-element theory” further says “Earth gives rise to Metal” or “Earth supports Metal”, then only when Earth or Spleen functions are in good order, we can have good Lung-functions, good skin too. In this case, the skin-problem, related to Lung-Functionality-deficiency is due to weak or imbalanced “Earth or Spleen”.

One of the Liver-functionalities is “Easy flow and Spreading out”, and body, limbs movement requires energy or Qi-blood supply to limbs for movement. If Liver-functions are not in balanced, the movement cannot be well coordinated, resulting in hyper-active movement.

Liver is represented by “Wood” in the 5-element. If the Earth is weak or loosened, then the Wood or tree is not stable and move uncontrollably. Again the key problem, or function out of order is the Earth – Spleen.

Weak Spleen causes Skin-problem (Lungs), and causes hyperactive movement, (Liver).

Chinese Yam is administered.
What is the key property of Chinese Yam? The key property of Chinese Yam is to strengthen Spleen, which is the root cause of the above case.

What are the properties and functionalities of foods (Chinese yam) was carefully studied thousands of years ago, unlike Western Nutrition theory which breaks foods down to components like carbohydrate, fat, vitamin etc.

This is how YEIC treats “skin problem, hyper-activeness” as mere symptoms, but look up for key root-cause using the above discussed Theory.

Do you see autism and Parkinson problems have a lot to do with functionalities of Liver and Spleen?

You want your child to have good healthy physical components or Capability to manifest full potentials?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses.“5-element theory 五行学说” “Lung equates to metal 肺属金,Spleen to Earth 脾属土,,Liver to Wood, 肝属木”,”Lungs manifest at Skin 肺主皮毛”,”Functionalities of Organs 脏腑功能”,“”Diet and Medicine interchangeable 药食同源”    “Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Endless and confusing Nutrition Theories!

Lately Alkaline Diet is another popular Nutrition diet system.

We have discussed earlier, every now and then Western Nutrition comes up with new theories, new diet system, each advocated by different experts, attracting their own believers, as all these experts do not see eye-to-eye. Some go into aggressive advertisement.

As far as Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC)  Dietary System is concerned, thousands of years till today, it is the same consistent theory. Hence there is never any quarrels, as the dietary system is linked to the whole body functionalities, which are also linked to health, or sickness and illness.

Such holistic theory is used for the last 3000 years, no new theory is needed. Because it is proven working thousands of years.

Alkaline Diet claims that it is the acidic body conditions that cause hundred types of illnesses.

We will now discuss Alkaline Diet make comparison with YEIC.

1。Alkaline Diet identifies human body has two types of Body Constituent : Acidic and Alkaline.

YEIC says, there are nine types of body constituents : some tend to be fat, some thin, some scare of cold, some scare of heat, some feel depressed, some aggressive … etc.

If any of these 9 body constituents get worse, illnesses arise.

There is no Acidic or Alkaline body constituent in YEIC.

Do you think complex human body only has two types of body constituents? What about those who often feel weak, difficulty in breathing, tire easily called Qi-deficiency. Some often feel hot, others cold. Is he acidic or alkaline?

2。In YEIC, the equivalent “acidic” is sourness.

YEIC places great importance to 5 major tastes : Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Salty and Pungent, each affect different organs differently.

In the case of “Sourness” or acidic, it affects the Liver. Too much or too little “sourness” cause imbalance to the liver.


Alkaline Diet says “Acidic is the cause of many illness”, then can we say “Excessive sweetness, or Excessive Saltiness, etc are also causes of many illnesses?

Of course, every thing must be in moderation. Then what is the use of highlighting “Sourness” (acidic) is the cause of many illnesses.

3。It seems Alkaline Diet borrows some ideas from YEIC, it says : “After 1 am, if still not in bed sleeping, the body turns acidic.

So far only YEIC has a system that says daily 24 hours, each period different organs are functioning differently at optimal. Not only the above that says after 1 am, not sleeping.

E.g Which hours liver performing detoxing optimally, which hours kidneys manage water system optimally.

The 200 years of Western Medicine do not have such concepts.

Alkaline Diet says : “At 1 am, not sleeping, body turns acidic”.

3000 years ago, ancient sages say : “Between 1 – 3 am, liver performing detoxing at optimal, if not sleeping, the detox cannot be done effectively, and over time, weaken the body. The concept is Functionalities of the body system, not acidic body.

Ask Alkaline Diet expert,if not sleeping till 5 am,what happen to the body? Turns even more acidic? They wouldn’t be able to give any clear answers, except guessing and proposing more new theories.

4。Alkaline Diet also says : “If not sleeping at 1 am etc. try not to eat meat, eat more Carbohydrates”.

(Ha, ha, Keto and Atkins diets say go for low-carbohydrates. All are experts, who is more right?)

YEIC says, between 1.00-3.00 am,Small intestines is at rest, even if you take any foods, after digestion, the nutrients cannot be absorbed by the Small Intestines at these hours. Then what is the use of the advice from Alkaline diet expert on taking carbohydrates?

There are surely vast differences between YEIC and Western Nutrition Theories. I hope readers will do own serious research on both to determine which one makes sense to you most.

When you have opportunity to study YEIC, you will be amazed by the interconnectedness and completeness of the holistic theory, not just diet, (not just to reduce weight),but link to hours, link to organ functionalities, link to your emotions and psychology, and of course link to illness if balanced is not achieved.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training.

“Body Constituents 体质”,”Organs clock and functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Five tastes 五味 (酸、苦、甘、辛、咸)” , 。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Is Nutrition Theory like blind men and an elephant?

After reading the report below, tell me what diets can help good health and long life.

“That there is no magic common healthy diet for all could not have been better validated than by Buettner’s study of the ‘Blue Zones’ that boast the highest rate of centenarians in the world.

These enclaves of healthy high longevity populations include Sardinian shepherds from Cannonau county who have a high proportion of meat in their diets and drink the polyphenol-rich local red wine four times a day.

Adventists in California on the other hand thrive on a strict regimen of vegetarian delights and no alcohol.

Greeks in the idyllic island of Ikaria feast on the Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, vegetables and seafood.

And Okinwan centenarians love generous helpings of fat-rich pork with their vegetables. There is no common dietary factor that could account for their longevity”

(The above is an extract from “Principles of Chinese Medicine: A modern interpretation” by Dr Hong Hai)

As we can see there is no common diet system that promotes the above different cultures centenarians.

So how do Western Medicine / Nutrition Theory make meaningful conclusion? Solely based on diets in term of Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamin, etc cannot explain adequately, nor other diets system like today popular Alkaline Diet , etc.
However, 3000 years ago, ancient sages already give us clues as per YEIC. That is the critical concept of Body Constituents (体质).

What is Body Constituents?

Individual’s unique Body Constituents come from 1 ) Pre-natal, (先天) (that include hereditary,DNA etc),and 2) Post-natal (后天)” (that include exposure to weathers, seasons, environment (whereby above different cultures have different environments) , place of stay, life habits, diets, types of exercises, moods, emotions, consciousness, personality, psychology,attitudes towards life, …etc.,)。

Hence what food is good for A, is harmful to B. Because A and B Body Constituents are different.
Not knowing one’s Body Constituents, and apply the most modern nutrition theories is like blind man and the elephant, or buy lottery tickets, sometimes win, most times lose.

The 5000 years Chinese food theory is based on what foods suitable for which aspects of body functionalities like digestion, metabolism, blood supply, respiration system, excretion etc. Unlike Western Nutrition Theory solely based on the composition of the food make-up, which cannot specifically points how it helps liver, or kidney or heart functioning !
Body Constituents + Diet Theory” (体质 + 饮食学说), is ½ day discussion at the 2-day YEIC training, involving many new concepts and knowledge.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training  .
” Body Constituents 体质”,”Diets Theory 饮食学说” ,” Pre-natal, Post-natal 先天”, “后天”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Andrew Wong
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High Blood Pressure – Wrong Focus !!

In the Mandarin WhatsApp group, a member asks :

“Teacher, high blood pressure is due to which organ out of balance? How to avoid taking high blood pressure medicine?”

I ask : “Are you referring to western medicine ??”,she replied : “Yes”

Come to think of it, there are many illnesses require lifelong medication, including high blood pressure.

Lifelong medication to the ancient sage is a rather ridiculous thing. The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) principle is “Restore body organs functionalities, you get well”. If herbs and acupuncture could not cure, consider daily practice of Life Cultivation 养生之道。

Back to the topic of high blood pressure, the issue is not which organ is out of balance, perhaps in the previous discussion, body organ functionalities are often mentioned.

I explain as follow.

Western Medicine focuses on “Pressure” and uses instrument to measure it.

YEIC does not use pressure as a concept. Instead a more powerful concept “Qi-blood” is used to explain many phenomena in the body functionalities or operational problems or illnesses.

When a person is very angry, he feels pressure in his head. Interestingly in Chinese language, angry (生气) ,means generate a lot of qi, resulting in pressure.

It is the qi that raises the blood pressure, and pressure is the end product.

Hence it is wise to put focus on the factor that creates pressure, i.e. qi.

Western Medicine does not have “Qi” concept, they consider high blood pressure is due to blood vessels lack elasticity, or damaged. Hence medication and necessary surgery are the main approaches.

“Qi-blood” is needed to all parts of the body. When you have high workload and the boss is impatiently waiting for your delivery of work, your head feels the pressure. That is because the body needs to send much more “Qi-blood” to your brain to help you finish your task and you feel the pressure or fainting.

If your body constituent (体质) is weak, particularly short of breath, i.e. your “Qi” is weak, and your “Qi-blood” is inadequate ( eg. anemia ),and you struggle to complete the task, besides having high blood pressure, you may have other problems like cold feet (as most qi-blood goes to the head, not feet), insomnia, anxiety attack, … which further increases your high blood pressure.

If you have blood stasis, eg. ladies with irregular periods, thick blood, or with high fat contents in the blood, and fluid part of the blood, due to poor metabolism, contains phlegm, or toxins, which manifest in your urine, stools, sweat, i.e. as per YEIC, called “Yin-Yang imbalance”, … isn’t it true then the Qi needs enormous force to move the heavy, contaminated blood and fluid, causing high blood pressure?

Earlier we have many discussions on our diets, lack of exercises to move qi, our emotions, feelings, personality, life attitude, … affecting Yin-Yang Balance, 阴阳失调,which further affect body organs functionalities, 五脏六腑功能失调,these cause high blood pressure, which is not due to only one organ issue.

Hence if you accept the teaching of ancient wisdom, and practice daily Life Cultivation 养生,and raise the quality of Qi, Blood, body Fluid, you can do away with medication ?, and not suffer high blood pressure, don’t you agree? ???

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in  online training.
“Qi 气”, “Life Cultivation, 养生”, Organs Functionality “五脏六腑功能”,“Qi-blood 气血”,”Fluid 津液”,”Body Constituent 体质”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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How crying comes about?

It is common we cry with tears when we feel sad, especially for ladies.

Sometimes tears with running nose.

How do we explain physiologically the happening, tears and running nose?

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) says : “Heart manifests in Happiness”, likewise, heart also manifests sadness.

Hence in extreme happiness and sadness, the heart is “moved”, causing imbalance. And extra energy is necessary to restore balance. Such energy, the old sages called “Qi-Blood”.

YEIC also says “Liver is responsible for distribution of Qi and Blood”. Then, in the above case, the Qi-Blood must be directed to the heart.

As the Liver is doing extra work to deliver the Qi-blood, energy, Liver also needs extra energy (qi-blood), which is drawn from the Kidneys, the reservoirs of energy, This reservoir is like Retirement Fund, meant to be used at old age. YEIC says, “Kidneys stores Essence”.

Kidneys are represented by Water as per 5-element theory. And indeed Kidneys are in charge of body fluids, including urine.

YEIC says, the fluid part of the Liver is tears. And Kidneys direct the fluids to the Liver.

YEIC also says “Liver manifests in Eyes”. Then on one hand, Liver delivers Qi-Blood to the heart, Kidneys supply fluid (a form of energy or fuel) to the Liver too. The by-product of the above Liver operation is Tears.

To supply Qi-blood, obviously we need Qi to move the blood. This requires the working function of Lungs, taking in air through breathing. YEIC says : Lungs manifests in running nose fluid. And Lungs manifest at nose. Then we have running nose.

With excessive discharge of tears and running nose fluids, the digestion is affected. No appetite for foods, then lack of foods as nutrients to make fresh Qi-Blood.

Hence excessive emotional upheavals harm Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen.

That is why ancients sages consider the importance of emotions affecting health.

In fact, any time, whatever activities, emotional, mental, or manual work, energy or Qi-blood is consumed. If excessive, health imbalance is caused, as all 5 key organs are affected.

In the extreme case of sadness with non stop crying, the kidney-essence maybe excessively consumed. And the person may go blind, or all sorts of illnesses.

If you ask Western doctors about sadness, tears and running nose, how would they explain?

Likely they say : “No big deal, it is natural.” or “there are tears glands, tears are secretion, ..” and they do not have other theories to explain further.

Isn’t it typical that Western Medicine cannot explain fully many illnesses, but vaguely say nervous system in the case of Parkinson or dementia. But they offer you medicines and surgical procedures. Funny, ya?

Does it mean that one should not have emotions, no crying is better?

Not so.

If a child never has any emotions, no sadness, no anger, no fear …etc

Then it reflects the organs functionalities are out of balance. All are needed in moderation, the key philosophy of YEIC.

Actually children crying does not necessarily indicate sadness, but activating the functions of the lungs and hearts etc. They cry at one moment, and laugh and play when you shift their attention.

Not long ago, I had a coaching . counselling case. She has a lot of sad stories, and she said she had run out of tears. During coaching, she only used her mind to communicate with me, no emotions.

One day, something big and negative triggers her emotions deeply. She seems like totally collapsed and called me urgently. When I met up with her, in her emotional stage, she was able to release her emotions and her breathing became calmer and we had a more effective coaching session.

Sadness is energy. Emotion is energy. Energy can be transformed.

Now do you appreciate more and more the ancients wisdom, 3000 years ago they gave us principles and theories to explain and understand many phenomena and how to strengthen the organs functionalities, which is like the immune system.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the On-Line training .

“Organs Functions 五脏六腑功能”,”Hearts manifests in Joy and Sadness 心主喜”, “Liver function in distribution 肝主疏泄”,”Kidneys store Essence 肾藏精”,”Kidneys represented by Water 肾主水”,”Liver manifests in tears 肝其液在泪”,”Liver opening in eyes 肝开窍于目”,”Lungs has function in fluid like running nose 肺其液在涕”,”Lungs opening at nose 肺开窍于鼻”.
Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago”

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 Andrew Wong
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