Who is 1st class doctor?

Today I share some interesting concepts of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.


“Not just focus on treating the Illness, but those parts that are still functioning well”


“30% on treatment, but more importantly 70% on LIfe Cultivation”.

For example, illness like stomach cancer, all attentions are on treating the cancer.

When the ancient sages say “Not just focus on treating the Illness, but those parts that are still functioning well”, it does not mean you should not seek treatment from doctors, as the sages also say “30% on treatment, but more importantly 70% on Life Cultivation”.

Why such concepts?

When we have opportunity to study more deeply YEIC, we can understand what is meant by Total Integration of Life.

Integration of the body parts, those with illness, those without, organs, tissues, emotions, beliefs, life attitudes, what we eat, how we sleep,exercise …. As they are all interconnected and interrelated to each other.

As per the 5-element-theory, there is possibility that stomach cancer may arise from Liver problems.

And Liver problem is often caused by frustration, angers or other negative emotions.

With the understanding of such relationship, as illustrated just now, we can better appreciate the total Life Cultivation approach.

Does it make sense to you?

There is another ancient saying regarding : “Who is the best doctor?”


3rd class doctors treat serious illness,
2nd class doctors treat light illness.
1st class doctors or best doctors treat you, even now you have no illness, but you will not get sick in the future.

The ancient 1st class doctor, when interacting with patient will little sickness, he can tell the person if he does not develop good Life Cultivation, he will get sick by certain year, month and day.

Today we view medical doctors in reverse order, ya? We glorify doctors who treat well a serious disease case. But no doctors specialize in illness prevention.

Why not we learn YEIC to learn to be our own 1st class doctor, stay healthy and not get serious illnesses.

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