Many different treatments without compelling theory!

During my 2-day Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC ancient wisdom) training, I asked the participants : “Observe carefully, what are the similarities in behaviors between autistic children and some old people with health problems?”

With such focused question, after a while, participants pointed out the following similarities.

They have 5-senses deficiencies, learning difficulties, hands and limbs not flexible, slow and not alert, fixed behaviors, repeated behaviors, stubborn, throw tantrum, temperamental …..

The parents with autistic children suddenly brightened their eyes, and began to wonder : “Why similar behavioral pattern problems having different therapies? Why I have to spend so much time, energy and money on Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Speech Therapy, for my autistic child, whereas the older people with similar behavioral problems do not need to? Is there really a coherent theory to explain phenomena and with which to execute therapy?”

This is indeed the current challenges of 200 years old Western Medicine, which does not have an integrated and holistic theoretical framework governing life and human body system, but so many fragmented and piecemeal theories and application, with no linkages with each other.

3000 years ago, what does YEIC theory says?

“Kidneys system is Prenatal foundation.” (same as today concept like genes, DNA). And “Kidneys Store these Essence” (The essence of life)

These notions or theories explain the behavioral patterns of autistic children and unhealthy older people.

“Kidneys system is Prenatal foundation.” “Kidneys Store these Essence”, upon birth, healthy baby inherits the genes and DNA from healthy parents, called Essence “精”. When subsequent life span with good Life Cultivation practice, one can live till designed life span of 120 years old.

Most autistic children do not have such quality Essence, which in our previous discussion, called “Prenatal deficiency”. Hence Kidneys-Qi is deficient. Kidney Qi governs one’s intelligence (learning ability). Weak Kidney Qi further weaken other organs like Liver (with tantrum, as Liver Stores Anger), etc etc.

For a normal health person, over time, when he excessively uses his energy, emotions, activities, .. the Kidney Essence gets depleted very fast. And these result in many people even before older age, have learning difficulties, forgetfulness, bones weakened (all these are attribute of Kidneys Qi or energy), which later affect other organs like Liver ( with anger and stubbornness, etc.)

With such a theory in hand, we can then focus our attention to do healing to the Kidney Qi / Essense to both autistic children and older people.

Isn’t it important to have a logical and compelling Theory to act upon to get meaningful and effective application in therapy and treatment?

If we operate on the wrong theory e.g. “Anything heavier than air cannot fly” then we can never able to invent and build airplane.

So Lady and Gentleman, what theory do you use to operate on to manage your health, whether it is autism, cancers, Parkinson?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses.

“Kidney-qi lays the life foundation upon birth 肾为先天之本” “Kidneys Store Essence 肾藏精” , “Pre n Post Natal Deficiency 先天不足,后天不足”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Organs Functionalities 脏腑功能”,

“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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You want your child to have good healthy physical components or Capability to manifest full potentials?

A child has serious skin problem, itchy all over the body, he really suffers a great deal. Furthermore he is hyperactive.

Half a year various medical treatments brought no progress.
Professor Low 罗大伦博士,(Beijing YEIC expert) introduces Chinese Yam (a type of vegetable you can buy in the market) and after the child’s father followed the instruction, the child’s skin problem is solved and not so hyper-active then.

We will discuss the medical theory applied.

We will skip Western Medicine treatment, as Western Medicine treats symptom and not root causes.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) says : “Lungs Functionalities manifest through Skin”, meaning skin-problem is related to Lung function. In 5-element model, Lungs are represented by “Metal”, and Spleen represented by “Earth”.

“5-element theory” further says “Earth gives rise to Metal” or “Earth supports Metal”, then only when Earth or Spleen functions are in good order, we can have good Lung-functions, good skin too. In this case, the skin-problem, related to Lung-Functionality-deficiency is due to weak or imbalanced “Earth or Spleen”.

One of the Liver-functionalities is “Easy flow and Spreading out”, and body, limbs movement requires energy or Qi-blood supply to limbs for movement. If Liver-functions are not in balanced, the movement cannot be well coordinated, resulting in hyper-active movement.

Liver is represented by “Wood” in the 5-element. If the Earth is weak or loosened, then the Wood or tree is not stable and move uncontrollably. Again the key problem, or function out of order is the Earth – Spleen.

Weak Spleen causes Skin-problem (Lungs), and causes hyperactive movement, (Liver).

Chinese Yam is administered.
What is the key property of Chinese Yam? The key property of Chinese Yam is to strengthen Spleen, which is the root cause of the above case.

What are the properties and functionalities of foods (Chinese yam) was carefully studied thousands of years ago, unlike Western Nutrition theory which breaks foods down to components like carbohydrate, fat, vitamin etc.

This is how YEIC treats “skin problem, hyper-activeness” as mere symptoms, but look up for key root-cause using the above discussed Theory.

Do you see autism and Parkinson problems have a lot to do with functionalities of Liver and Spleen?

You want your child to have good healthy physical components or Capability to manifest full potentials?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses.“5-element theory 五行学说” “Lung equates to metal 肺属金,Spleen to Earth 脾属土,,Liver to Wood, 肝属木”,”Lungs manifest at Skin 肺主皮毛”,”Functionalities of Organs 脏腑功能”,“”Diet and Medicine interchangeable 药食同源”    “Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Special Need Child’s wrongly labelled as behavioral problem!

This is a discussion from the Chinese YEIC (Ancient Wisdom) WhatsApp group. A mother shared the challenges faced with respect to her child.

After a series of Q&A to understand better the overall situation, (which Yellow Emperor’s Inner Clasic,YEIC, emphasizes a lot, to have a holistic view), the following are the information and analysis made.

(words in brackets are info from the mother).

(A special need child, female, 10 years old, extrovert behaviors)

(The child was born a cesarean case)

(Child’s teeth not strong).

(Learning disability. Simple arithmetic she has great difficulty. Self help not disciplined. Forgetful.)

(In early years, she cannot control her urine, Now improve a bit.)

From the above data, analysis is made from YEIC perspectives.

The above indicates Kidneys-functionalities out of balance, or Kidneys-deficiency.

3000 years ago, ancient sages says : “Kidneys manifests in Bones 肾主骨,Kidneys give rise to bone marrow 骨生髓,which gives rise to brain 通脑”,”Kidneys are responsible for inner body irrigation system e.g. urination 肾主水”

These imply, the above mentioned symptoms like learning difficulty (brain problem), forgetfulness, unable to control urination, teeth (bones) not strong, … are all related to Kidneys-functionalities.

YEIC also says ; “Kidneys store Fear” “肾主恐”. Some fetus are sensitive, during cesarean delivery, they might get frightened with all the instruments used. Such fears stored in the Kidneys-cells and manifest in all sort of fear-related behaviors, one of which is urination problem.

(The child gets flu easily since young. Had used Chinese medicines, if not improving, use Western Medicines. )

It is the theory that excessive use of Western Medicines harm the kidneys-functionalities.

(Prefer cold drinks and foods. Sleep OK. Sometimes constipation).

As per YEIC, cold drinks and food are detrimental to the functionalities of kidneys, spleen and stomach.

(This one year, she likes to bite her fingernails.)

(She does not demand much. If she cannot get what she wants, she feels moody but she does not throw tantrum)

(If she sweats, most sweat at the head region).

(Today 10 years old, she can talk more. But still cannot express herself adequately.)


Because of kidneys-functionalities out of balance, and as per 5-element model, “Kidneys belong to Water “肾属水”,Liver belongs to Wood “肝属木”,The theory is Water gives rise to Wood “水生木”,Then Kidneys by-right should support Liver. But Kidneys now are deficiency, cannot support Liver. One of the Liver-function is to control emotions, especially anger and frustration. In the child’s case, Liver is not nourished by Kidneys and she cannot adequately express her emotions and thoughts.

Sweat mostly at the head region, implies Heart is heaty. By theory, “Water controls Fire”, in this case Kidneys Control Heart (fire), but kidney is weak, cannot control the fire and the fire heat up the head regions to produce sweat. (Most people experience headache, dizziness, ..) Excessive sweating at the head , harms the brain, and weaken intelligence and study ability.

YEIC also says : “Liver manifests in tendon, and finger nails, “肝主筋,其華在爪”,爪=手指甲。

Because the child cannot express adequately, and she does not use tantrum “肝主怒😡her frustration and anxiety are then expressed by biting nails.

(Mother says the child’s hands and legs not flexible)

Ancient sages observes : Hand and legs flexible imply cleverness “手脚灵活,聪明伶俐”。Cleverness is kidneys-functionalities, meaning the child has high degrees of all 5 major organs functionalities not in balance.

This is the beauty of ancient wisdom, able to connect and explain phenomena in a logical and holistic manner.

I hope we all are more committed to learn YEIC and help to improve the body internal organs functionalities, helping self and children.

As I mention many times before, special need children, eg autism, the problem is NOT the behavioral issues, but the body internal organs functionalities need to be balanced through diets, qi-movement therapy etc.

Western special need children specialists do not know the Chinese YEIC theories, they continue to use Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration program, Speech Therapy to adjust the children behaviors. We pity the poor children.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the 2-day YEIC training class , or online training for learners outside Malaysia.
“Key organs functionslities 五脏六腑功能”,。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.

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How Scientific is Western Science?

Today we discuss how scientific is the Western Nutrition Theory.

We continue to use earlier discussion on “Alkaline Diet “ and we discuss how the founder use scientific methods to bring about such theory.

They use pH indicator as the measurement system and discover, perhaps after thousands of cases, which quality as scientific basic, that many cancer patients have acidic body constituent.

And their proposed theory is then “No disease, including cancer, can survive in an alkaline environment “

Does it consider scientific deduction? Sure it is, as the logical steps taken with conclusion made is “Scientific”.

If you only use “pH indicator” as a yardstick to examine the universe, of course, based on such limited parameters chosen, i.e. pH is either acidic or alkaline, fit into scientific study.

But the problem is : Does the complex body system only consist of 2 parameters, acidic / alkaline? If we add in other parameters, should we not get different results?

Let’s us accept that there are only two parameters, acidic and alkaline. And as per the Alkaline Diet expert, when you make your body alkaline, then you would not attract illnesses.

Then I present you the following case, and you tell me it is a scientific approach or not?

A room is smelly and dirty (acidic condition). Everyday you apply perfume (alkaline) to neutralize the smell and dirt. Then the room will have good smell and clean. (alkaline).

Do you accept such logic?

Or should we not analyze how the bad smell and dirt come from? Is it window not open for good ventilation? No sunshine? Damp condition, no housekeeping, attracting insects or rats and dead living organism emit bad smell?

Then shouldn’t such bad elements and conditions be eliminated to get clean room? And not apply perfume?

It is not consumption of alkaline foods that matters. You think so?

So what is considered scientific, what is Science?

Dictionary : ‘the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe, based on observation, experiment, and measurement, and the formulation of laws to describe these facts in general terms”

In the above case, using two parameters (acidic and alkaline) to conduct experiments, measurement and formulate theory, is considered satisfying the conditions that it is scientific.

But restricting a complex system into two parameters with conclusion made is only True, if the two parameters really represent the whole complex system.

But it is not. The complex body system consists of different organs with different functionalities, involving emotion and stress, involving consciousness, etc. that affect the well being of a person.

How can then the above expert make claim that they conclusion is for the whole complex body system?

In our two day “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” training class, we also discuss with parents having autistic child, Parkinson’s sufferers etc. that many proposed scientific theories on Autism and Parkinson are vague and unclear and cannot be comprehended in simple logics.

Parents with autistic children and teacher are governed by the vague theories, spend precious time, money and effort to have the special need children go through all sorts of activities like Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration program, Speech Therapy. The poor children suffer more.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the 2-day YEIC training class , or online training for learners outside Malaysia.
“Body Constituents 体质”,”Organs clock and functionalities 五脏六腑功能”, 。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”


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“Philosophy, Yin Yang Theory & Application”

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Special Need Child, Bone Structure, Organ Functionalities

Grateful to a Chinese WhatsApp group member sharing the following case for group learning.

Through a process of Q&A to find out as much relevant information, as YEIC emphasis is Holistic approach, not just focus on a few symptoms.

She says that specialist made diagnosis on her child and concluded that the child is an asperger case. The mother has little clues what and why?

Instead of being disturbed or frightened by bombastic illness label like “asperger”, “cancer”, “autism”, “Parkinson”, it is important to check what aspects of the child’s basic functionalities are out of balance. E.g. 5-senses-faculties, digestion, excretion, EQ besides IQ etc.

Often when Western Medicine specialists conclude illnesses with labels, it is as if the patient is sentenced to death. This itself creates enormous pressure and worries on the part of the patients. Then the mother’s worries also project onto the child. Negative energies just get amplified.

Early I made inquiry about the child bone-development, are the teeth sound and strong, etc. There are good reasons for such questions.

In the olden days in China, there were many natural disasters like floods, dry spell, .. life was difficult with much hardship and little to eat. Old people will observe the young children and know which children had more chance of survival, how did they do it?

They observed the children teeth. Why?

YEIC says, The soundness of Kidney Qi is manifested in bones, which are also related to bone marrow and intelligence, with strong will power and determination.

Do you now also connect with the observation of many older persons having weak bones, teeth dropped, lowered learning ability, reduced will power? All these are because of weakened and deteriorating Kidney Qi.

Once we have a sound theory, in the case about how Kidneys Qi governs several important functions, we can take steps to strengthen Kidneys Qi before weaknesses develop further.

In many organizations and corporation, management are concerned about some staff not having strong will power to do their tasks, with lowered performances, perhaps they should invest in YEIC training to staff instead of just leadership and team-building training.

The mother above says the child’s teeth structure OK. That is good news.

YEIC also says all the 5-key organs relate and affect each other. From the gathered information from the mother, we have the following.

The child likes playing on sand beach, water splashing, balls, but when come to writing or drawing, he hardly has a few seconds concentration.

And the child gets mad with tantrum if he is made to complete the homework. Teachers and mother will put more pressure on him to do study.

YEIC says, Spleen has the function in Thinking. This infers the child dislike writing is due to Spleen / Stomach out of balance.

As per 5-element model, Spleen = Earth, Kidneys = Water. Earth controls Water, e.g. earth dam can control and regulate river water. Kidneys also has the function in wanting to move with strength and muscle, implies extrovert type of character.

With weakened Spleen, not able to control Kidneys, the child prefers only outdoors activities, not studying.

With pressure from teachers and mother to do homework, the child gets frustrated and angry.

YEIC says, Liver manifests ager and Heart Stores Consciousness / Spirit.

Liver = Wood and Wood controls Earth, Meaning child’s frustration harms the liver function, which further affects Spleen.

And Heart = Fire, Wood can give rise to Fire. but now the Wood, i.e. Liver is out of balance and that causes imbalance to the Heart. The mother says the child eyes seem floating without good eye contact with people. This indicates the heart could not manage good consciousness.

This is how ancient sages using the inter-related theory of organs with their unique functionalities, explain various phenomena, be it illness, behaviors etc.

This is the limitations of Western Special need Children education, as they overly focus on the behavioral problems of the children and not relate to the physiology. As such many Autism education centers train the children to be like robots, keep modifying the children behaviors with disciplines. Really pity these poor children due to teachers’ / parents’ ignorance.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses ..
“Kidneys, one of the function, is in Will Power 肾主志”,“Kidneys responsible for bone development, born marrow and intelligence 肾主骨生髓通于脑”,”Spleen, on of the functions, is in Thinking. 脾主思”,”Liver manifests a你ger 肝主怒”,”Heart stores Consciousness 心❤主神明”。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Using Simple Logic to discuss Nervous System

Today we continue the discussion on “Nervous System”.

Western Medicine considers diseases like Parkinson, Autism, Alzheimer, Depression, … are due to Nervous System problems.

Hence their attention is focused on “Nervous System”.

When they consider certain illness is due to heart and blood circulation problem, they shift their attention on such.

Let’s discuss based on logic.

Heart, blood circulation problem surely needs supply of oxygen as per the lungs-functionalities. Agreed?

Surely they also need the liver to carry out its detox function, to ensure flesh supply of blood to the heart and for blood circulation. Agree?

Surely they require good digestive functions of the spleen and stomach so as to ensure transformed foods into nutrients can be supplied to the heart and blood circulation. Agree?

Surely they require good metabolism from the kidneys to ensure no toxin accumulation in the heart and blood. Agree?

From the above logics, all key organs functionalities are to be in good order so that heart and blood circulation are in good order too.

Likewise we can extend the same logics to the “nervous system”, which requires good organs functionalities.

Isn’t it strange that there is different medical treatments for Parkinson, Autism, Alzheimer, Depression, …although they all arise from “nervous system” problems!

We are no medical doctors, specialists, but we can follow the above logics, why can’t the western medical trained doctors cannot see such logics?

Western Medicine considers ancient YEIC has no logics, in its holistic approach, but it is precisely this logic that take good care of the key organs functionalities, good health ensured. 五脏六腑的基本功能!

Do you feel you need simple logics to govern your life or complicated and entangled theories?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses.
“Key organs functionslities 五脏六腑功能”,。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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You want good Nervous System or Consciousness?

Nervous System problem is often quoted by Western Medicine as the cause to a variety of diseases, like Parkinson’s, Autism, Alzheimer’s.

As per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC), there is no such concept nor term called “Nervous System”.

But 3000 years ago, ancient sages place great importance to “Consciousness” “Intelligence” “EQ”, which are hallmark of human being as compared with animals.

These Intangible system was also recognized as closely related to the tangible system like respiratory system, digestive system, excretion system, metabolism of the body.

For example, “Anger is associated with the function of Liver”, “怒伤肝”,Thinking power is associated with the function of Spleen “脾主思”,Will Power is associated with the function of Kidneys “肾藏志”,Joy and happiness are associated with the function of heart “心主喜”.

During my two day YEIC training class, I ask students : “Do you prefer to have nervous system or higher Consciousness system?”

Obviously they choose the later. After all animal also have nervous system.

Logics tell us that if we possess high Consciousness, surely it implies the nervous system is intact.

The the focus should be placed on manifesting the higher human Consciousness, involving intelligence, EQ and understand their relationship with the tangible body functionalities system, like blood circulation, breathing etc.

On these matter, ancient sages give us a lot of knowledge and information and therapies.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training courses. “Anger affect Liver, 怒伤肝”,”Spleen has thinking functionalities 脾主思”,”Will Power is associated with Kidneys function 肾藏志”,”Joy and Happiness are felt in the Heart 心主喜”,。。。 。。。

“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Some Autistic Behaviors Explained

Yesterday we discussed how crying with tears and nose running come about, with the principles and logic given by ancient sages 3000 years ago.

What is amazing is that today modern science and Western Medicine still cannot offer a logical explanation to many physiological phenomena.

Today, from yesterday discussion, we talk about autism and its explanation.

We all know that challenge of having autistic child is enormous, especially for the parents, besides the child in suffering.

We discuss some aspects of autistic child’s behavioral challenges.

Some autistic children cover their ears, screaming, as if hearing some horrible sounds, and knock their heads against the wall. They have uncontrolled fears.

Western scientists discover that these children are very sensitive to sound, even what we consider reasonable sounds, to them like thunders. Their hearing faculty is in disarray. Yet Western Medicine doctors cannot pinpoint what actually is wrong with the ears.

Special Needs Education specialists advise the parents to send the children to all sorts of therapies, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration therapy, Speech therapy etc.

These specialists consider the autistic child’s problems as behavioral.

What do ancient sages say about this?

YEIC says, : “Kidneys functionalities manifest at ears” “Both ears are linked with the brain”, “Kidneys stores Essence, Essence gives rise to bone marrow, and bone marrow give rise to brain for all mental activities”.

黄帝内经曰 “肾开窍于耳”, “肾气通于耳。肾和则耳能闻五音矣.”。
古人也说 : “两耳通脑,所听之身声归于脑”,”肾藏精”,”精生髓””,髓聚于脑形成髓海,主持精神、思维活动的功能。

Mind you, the above were recorded 3000 years ago, whereas Western Medicine has only 200 years history.

The above implies ears, hearing, brain, kidneys, … are part of a sub-system and parts are not to be separately treated.

YEIC also says : “Kidneys stores DNA” This implies if the mother’s health conditions are not good during pregnancy, the health of the fetus and baby are greatly affected.

Note: Health conditions not good does not mean must have serious illnesses, It can be the mother’s body constituent is cold in nature, without warmth to nourish the fetus.

Different autistic child has different sensory faculties out of balance. It can be hearing, sighting, touching, tastes and smell, which also affect speech learning. These sensory faculties are closely related to the 5 key organs functionalities.

Today the rate of autistic children is on the increase, and these can be correlated to the general health of the population too.

Hence in the above case example, the child behaves like encountering ghosts, screaming with both hands covering the ears, knocking his head against the wall, kidneys functionalities must be restored, not OT or other types of behavioral therapies.

When we understand more and more the wisdom of the ancient sages, we will not subject the autistic children to unnecessary therapies for which they must have suffered a great deal insides without able to tell the parents.

For the young adults, YEIC knowledge is so valuable for you to bring out a new healthy generation, don’t you agree?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the video training class ,
“Organs Functions 五脏六腑功能”,”Kidneys manifest at ears 肾开窍于耳”,” Kidneys stores Essence 肾藏精”, “Essence give rise to bone marrow 精生髓 ”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago”

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How crying comes about?

It is common we cry with tears when we feel sad, especially for ladies.

Sometimes tears with running nose.

How do we explain physiologically the happening, tears and running nose?

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) says : “Heart manifests in Happiness”, likewise, heart also manifests sadness.

Hence in extreme happiness and sadness, the heart is “moved”, causing imbalance. And extra energy is necessary to restore balance. Such energy, the old sages called “Qi-Blood”.

YEIC also says “Liver is responsible for distribution of Qi and Blood”. Then, in the above case, the Qi-Blood must be directed to the heart.

As the Liver is doing extra work to deliver the Qi-blood, energy, Liver also needs extra energy (qi-blood), which is drawn from the Kidneys, the reservoirs of energy, This reservoir is like Retirement Fund, meant to be used at old age. YEIC says, “Kidneys stores Essence”.

Kidneys are represented by Water as per 5-element theory. And indeed Kidneys are in charge of body fluids, including urine.

YEIC says, the fluid part of the Liver is tears. And Kidneys direct the fluids to the Liver.

YEIC also says “Liver manifests in Eyes”. Then on one hand, Liver delivers Qi-Blood to the heart, Kidneys supply fluid (a form of energy or fuel) to the Liver too. The by-product of the above Liver operation is Tears.

To supply Qi-blood, obviously we need Qi to move the blood. This requires the working function of Lungs, taking in air through breathing. YEIC says : Lungs manifests in running nose fluid. And Lungs manifest at nose. Then we have running nose.

With excessive discharge of tears and running nose fluids, the digestion is affected. No appetite for foods, then lack of foods as nutrients to make fresh Qi-Blood.

Hence excessive emotional upheavals harm Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen.

That is why ancients sages consider the importance of emotions affecting health.

In fact, any time, whatever activities, emotional, mental, or manual work, energy or Qi-blood is consumed. If excessive, health imbalance is caused, as all 5 key organs are affected.

In the extreme case of sadness with non stop crying, the kidney-essence maybe excessively consumed. And the person may go blind, or all sorts of illnesses.

If you ask Western doctors about sadness, tears and running nose, how would they explain?

Likely they say : “No big deal, it is natural.” or “there are tears glands, tears are secretion, ..” and they do not have other theories to explain further.

Isn’t it typical that Western Medicine cannot explain fully many illnesses, but vaguely say nervous system in the case of Parkinson or dementia. But they offer you medicines and surgical procedures. Funny, ya?

Does it mean that one should not have emotions, no crying is better?

Not so.

If a child never has any emotions, no sadness, no anger, no fear …etc

Then it reflects the organs functionalities are out of balance. All are needed in moderation, the key philosophy of YEIC.

Actually children crying does not necessarily indicate sadness, but activating the functions of the lungs and hearts etc. They cry at one moment, and laugh and play when you shift their attention.

Not long ago, I had a coaching . counselling case. She has a lot of sad stories, and she said she had run out of tears. During coaching, she only used her mind to communicate with me, no emotions.

One day, something big and negative triggers her emotions deeply. She seems like totally collapsed and called me urgently. When I met up with her, in her emotional stage, she was able to release her emotions and her breathing became calmer and we had a more effective coaching session.

Sadness is energy. Emotion is energy. Energy can be transformed.

Now do you appreciate more and more the ancients wisdom, 3000 years ago they gave us principles and theories to explain and understand many phenomena and how to strengthen the organs functionalities, which is like the immune system.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the 2-day YEIC training class, or On-Line training for overseas learners outside Malaysia.
“Organs Functions 五脏六腑功能”,”Hearts manifests in Joy and Sadness 心主喜”, “Liver function in distribution 肝主疏泄”,”Kidneys store Essence 肾藏精”,”Kidneys represented by Water 肾主水”,”Liver manifests in tears 肝其液在泪”,”Liver opening in eyes 肝开窍于目”,”Lungs has function in fluid like running nose 肺其液在涕”,”Lungs opening at nose 肺开窍于鼻”.
Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago”

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