Without theories, can we built an airplane?

Why are there often pustules on the face (lips)? (Heat-symptom)

Why pustules at the lips and not nose etc?

Why face often has pimples?

Why eyes are red, especially when angry?

Why wrinkles on the face when we grow older, and not at the feet or butt?

Why during winter, people wrap themselves all over the body with warm clothing, but not so much the face?

Why hairs (on the head) turn white and drop, but not so much hair at other parts of the body?

Why so much money spent on cosmetics and beautification by females, but cosmetic can hardly maintain the desired beauty?

How does Western Medicine explain the above?

Most of the time the explanations are piecemeal, un-connected to each other or just taken for granted.

Ancient sages use a simple concept “Yin and Yang” to explain all.

Head / face are considered Yang with respect to the lower part of the body.

Of all the meridians to the head region, there are 6 Yang meridians, except one Liver-Yin meridian.

Hence the head region is heavily Yang, implies warm or heat. Hence the head / face can withstand winter cold better. At the same time, due to heat, pustules and pimples easily develop.

When one is angry, the Liver Qi rises, YEIC says “Liver energy manifests at eyes”, the eyes turn red without adequate Yin nourishment.

Hairs turn grey and drop due to inadequate Yin sources nearby.

Why pustules at the lips and not nose?

YEIC says : “Spleen’s Opening is at mouth and lips”. When Spleen functionalities are out of balance, pustules as symptoms emerge at lips and mouth, not nose.

What can trigger Spleen / Stomach imbalance? Beside wrong diets, it is over pensiveness, worries. Hence pustules are reminding you to cool down, take life easy..

Why females have difficulty to maintain beauty of the face?

Since the head is a Yang region, it needs a lot of Yin nourishment supplied by Spleen, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys and Heart. But all these organs are easily out of balance due to excessive emotions.

Are you not amazed how ancient sages can use a simple theory to explain various phenomena, with good logic? Yet today modern science still have difficulties.

In fact, Western Medicine also cannot explain logically how Parkinson, Autism, and many other illnesses come about. Yet they can administer medicines and surgery. Funny Ya!

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
“Yin Yang Theory 阴阳”,”Meridian Theory 经络学说”., “Spleen manifests at mouth and lips 脾开窍于口 其华在唇”,”Organs functionalities 五脏六腑”,”Liver manifests at eyes 肝主目
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Some common foods can be effective medicine

This is a story of the famous Chinese medicine practitioner Zhang Xichun 张锡纯 during the late Qing Dynasty.

We may not want to be a TCM practitioner, but we wish to understand the theory and principles used as per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC), especially how the body internal organs functions, then we can better manage our health without serious illnesses.

When Zhang Xichun 张锡纯 began to study medicine, he was a teacher and often students came to him for treatments.

One student, 13 years old, suffered from nosebleed four times a day. When the student was diagnosed, Zhang Xichun wanted to know more about whether the student felt internal cold or heat. He asked the students many other related questions and the student could not answer well.

Zhang Xichun reasoned on his own, young boy was full of Yang-energy, and it was summer time. It should be internal heat, and the student was given a cold medicine to balance the heat.
But then nasal bleeding became worse by the day. Zhang Xichun immediately gave the child a warm medicine, the main one is dried ginger plus some other herbs.

Then the nose bleeding stopped. The illness is cured.

Why the warm medicine?

This is because the child’s spleen / stomach were weakened by cold. Then the body lacks Yang-energy. The cold created blockages at the stomach, preventing downward movement of digested foods. The old and freshly digested foods in the stomach produce more fermentation and Qi, which can only flow upwards, with heat and causes nose-bleeding.

Dried old ginger is to warm and unblock the stuckness at the stomach.

What have we learned?

The importance of the mechanics of Qi-movement in the body. And knowing how the body system works (which Western Medicine does not offer such explanation), we can easily treat little illnesses using simple food therapy before the illness gets worse.

Dried ginger, a common food in the kitchen, can also cure diseases. This is the theory “Medicine and Food for Healing 药食同源” which we discuss more at the 2-day YEIC training.

We can also use the learned YEIC principles to observe and help autistic child e.g. in tantrum, determining he has internal heat or cold, etc.

The effective functional operation of the spleen and stomach requires temperature, so the cold diet hurts the spleen and stomach.

Every food/diet has five qi (warm, hot, medium, cool, cold). What is the daily diet of your family and your child?
What daily diet can help strengthen your autistic child or cause family illness?

Can you now make better comparison between ancient Food-Diet System and the current Western Nutrition Theory?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
“Qi 气”, “Qi Mechanic 气机 “, “diet”, “Medicine and Food for healing 药食同源”, “Five Qi 五气 (warm, hot, medium, cool, cold) 温,热,中,凉,寒”. .
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Special Need Child’s wrongly labelled as behavioral problem!

This is a discussion from the Chinese YEIC (Ancient Wisdom) WhatsApp group. A mother shared the challenges faced with respect to her child.

After a series of Q&A to understand better the overall situation, (which Yellow Emperor’s Inner Clasic,YEIC, emphasizes a lot, to have a holistic view), the following are the information and analysis made.

(words in brackets are info from the mother).

(A special need child, female, 10 years old, extrovert behaviors)

(The child was born a cesarean case)

(Child’s teeth not strong).

(Learning disability. Simple arithmetic she has great difficulty. Self help not disciplined. Forgetful.)

(In early years, she cannot control her urine, Now improve a bit.)

From the above data, analysis is made from YEIC perspectives.

The above indicates Kidneys-functionalities out of balance, or Kidneys-deficiency.

3000 years ago, ancient sages says : “Kidneys manifests in Bones 肾主骨,Kidneys give rise to bone marrow 骨生髓,which gives rise to brain 通脑”,”Kidneys are responsible for inner body irrigation system e.g. urination 肾主水”

These imply, the above mentioned symptoms like learning difficulty (brain problem), forgetfulness, unable to control urination, teeth (bones) not strong, … are all related to Kidneys-functionalities.

YEIC also says ; “Kidneys store Fear” “肾主恐”. Some fetus are sensitive, during cesarean delivery, they might get frightened with all the instruments used. Such fears stored in the Kidneys-cells and manifest in all sort of fear-related behaviors, one of which is urination problem.

(The child gets flu easily since young. Had used Chinese medicines, if not improving, use Western Medicines. )

It is the theory that excessive use of Western Medicines harm the kidneys-functionalities.

(Prefer cold drinks and foods. Sleep OK. Sometimes constipation).

As per YEIC, cold drinks and food are detrimental to the functionalities of kidneys, spleen and stomach.

(This one year, she likes to bite her fingernails.)

(She does not demand much. If she cannot get what she wants, she feels moody but she does not throw tantrum)

(If she sweats, most sweat at the head region).

(Today 10 years old, she can talk more. But still cannot express herself adequately.)


Because of kidneys-functionalities out of balance, and as per 5-element model, “Kidneys belong to Water “肾属水”,Liver belongs to Wood “肝属木”,The theory is Water gives rise to Wood “水生木”,Then Kidneys by-right should support Liver. But Kidneys now are deficiency, cannot support Liver. One of the Liver-function is to control emotions, especially anger and frustration. In the child’s case, Liver is not nourished by Kidneys and she cannot adequately express her emotions and thoughts.

Sweat mostly at the head region, implies Heart is heaty. By theory, “Water controls Fire”, in this case Kidneys Control Heart (fire), but kidney is weak, cannot control the fire and the fire heat up the head regions to produce sweat. (Most people experience headache, dizziness, ..) Excessive sweating at the head , harms the brain, and weaken intelligence and study ability.

YEIC also says : “Liver manifests in tendon, and finger nails, “肝主筋,其華在爪”,爪=手指甲。

Because the child cannot express adequately, and she does not use tantrum “肝主怒?her frustration and anxiety are then expressed by biting nails.

(Mother says the child’s hands and legs not flexible)

Ancient sages observes : Hand and legs flexible imply cleverness “手脚灵活,聪明伶俐”。Cleverness is kidneys-functionalities, meaning the child has high degrees of all 5 major organs functionalities not in balance.

This is the beauty of ancient wisdom, able to connect and explain phenomena in a logical and holistic manner.

I hope we all are more committed to learn YEIC and help to improve the body internal organs functionalities, helping self and children.

As I mention many times before, special need children, eg autism, the problem is NOT the behavioral issues, but the body internal organs functionalities need to be balanced through diets, qi-movement therapy etc.

Western special need children specialists do not know the Chinese YEIC theories, they continue to use Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration program, Speech Therapy to adjust the children behaviors. We pity the poor children.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
“Key organs functionslities 五脏六腑功能”,。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.

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Endless and confusing Nutrition Theories!

Lately Alkaline Diet is another popular Nutrition diet system.

We have discussed earlier, every now and then Western Nutrition comes up with new theories, new diet system, each advocated by different experts, attracting their own believers, as all these experts do not see eye-to-eye. Some go into aggressive advertisement.

As far as Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC)  Dietary System is concerned, thousands of years till today, it is the same consistent theory. Hence there is never any quarrels, as the dietary system is linked to the whole body functionalities, which are also linked to health, or sickness and illness.

Such holistic theory is used for the last 3000 years, no new theory is needed. Because it is proven working thousands of years.

Alkaline Diet claims that it is the acidic body conditions that cause hundred types of illnesses.

We will now discuss Alkaline Diet make comparison with YEIC.

1。Alkaline Diet identifies human body has two types of Body Constituent : Acidic and Alkaline.

YEIC says, there are nine types of body constituents : some tend to be fat, some thin, some scare of cold, some scare of heat, some feel depressed, some aggressive … etc.

If any of these 9 body constituents get worse, illnesses arise.

There is no Acidic or Alkaline body constituent in YEIC.

Do you think complex human body only has two types of body constituents? What about those who often feel weak, difficulty in breathing, tire easily called Qi-deficiency. Some often feel hot, others cold. Is he acidic or alkaline?

2。In YEIC, the equivalent “acidic” is sourness.

YEIC places great importance to 5 major tastes : Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Salty and Pungent, each affect different organs differently.

In the case of “Sourness” or acidic, it affects the Liver. Too much or too little “sourness” cause imbalance to the liver.


Alkaline Diet says “Acidic is the cause of many illness”, then can we say “Excessive sweetness, or Excessive Saltiness, etc are also causes of many illnesses?

Of course, every thing must be in moderation. Then what is the use of highlighting “Sourness” (acidic) is the cause of many illnesses.

3。It seems Alkaline Diet borrows some ideas from YEIC, it says : “After 1 am, if still not in bed sleeping, the body turns acidic.

So far only YEIC has a system that says daily 24 hours, each period different organs are functioning differently at optimal. Not only the above that says after 1 am, not sleeping.

E.g Which hours liver performing detoxing optimally, which hours kidneys manage water system optimally.

The 200 years of Western Medicine do not have such concepts.

Alkaline Diet says : “At 1 am, not sleeping, body turns acidic”.

3000 years ago, ancient sages say : “Between 1 – 3 am, liver performing detoxing at optimal, if not sleeping, the detox cannot be done effectively, and over time, weaken the body. The concept is Functionalities of the body system, not acidic body.

Ask Alkaline Diet expert,if not sleeping till 5 am,what happen to the body? Turns even more acidic? They wouldn’t be able to give any clear answers, except guessing and proposing more new theories.

4。Alkaline Diet also says : “If not sleeping at 1 am etc. try not to eat meat, eat more Carbohydrates”.

(Ha, ha, Keto and Atkins diets say go for low-carbohydrates. All are experts, who is more right?)

YEIC says, between 1.00-3.00 am,Small intestines is at rest, even if you take any foods, after digestion, the nutrients cannot be absorbed by the Small Intestines at these hours. Then what is the use of the advice from Alkaline diet expert on taking carbohydrates?

There are surely vast differences between YEIC and Western Nutrition Theories. I hope readers will do own serious research on both to determine which one makes sense to you most.

When you have opportunity to study YEIC, you will be amazed by the interconnectedness and completeness of the holistic theory, not just diet, (not just to reduce weight),but link to hours, link to organ functionalities, link to your emotions and psychology, and of course link to illness if balanced is not achieved.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training.

“Body Constituents 体质”,”Organs clock and functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Five tastes 五味 (酸、苦、甘、辛、咸)” , 。。。 。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Is there an end to Autism definition?

The ancient sages say : “Balancing Yin and Yang chase away thousands of illnesses” *”调理阴阳治万病”*。

Is it that simple?

It is actually a concept and theory.

Let’s talk about thousands of illnesses. Today Western Medicine identifies and labels close to 100,000 illness / diseases with names. And more and more diseases are discovered with label everyday. Then more research and medicine invention, with more sides effects creating more diseases.

This is a vicious cycle created by modern medicinal science.

In year 1911, Western Medicine coined “Autism” for certain symptoms experienced by some children.

Do you know that by today, how many times they change the definition of autism? So many times and the definition still keep changing, as more symptoms are discovered to be group-classified.

We can conclude that there is endless changes to diseases / illnesses. They are not static.

Why the ancient sages say : Focus on balancing Yin and Yang, and not keep chasing after endless changes of diseases / illnesses. It seems ancient sages already for-saw today 100,000 labeled illnesses.

Take a look at your smart handphone, or computer, accessing to internet, isn’t there thousands and millions of information, which keep changing and multiplying.

How are all these information get structurally created?

Very simple. It is the binary magic, “0” and “1”.

With different arrangement and combination and permutation of “0” and “1”, e.g. 0011, 0101, 0001110, etc. we can get millions and endless data generation. Some information are useful, many are junk like diseases.

Ancient sages had this understanding as expressed in Yin and Yang, i.e. “0” and “1”.

Hence instead of focusing and chasing after endless changes, just focus on the “0” and “1” to make it dynamically stable. And stability represents health.

What is Yin-Yang?

This is quite an abstract concept, which I had discussed early. And now we make some more illustration.

I had mentioned, ancient sages classified “Spleen as Yin” and “Stomach as Yang.”

Yin is defined as stable, dense and no-movement and with form.

Yang is defined as constant movement, dynamic, non-tangible and no form.

Physiologically we also observe Spleen is dense and stomach is hollow to receive new intake of foods. After foods are digested, one feels hungry and want to take more foods. Hence Stomach as Yang is constantly in motion.

If we eat too much foods, the stomach is overloaded and could not function well. Against the natural physiological function, the stomach is not more able to be empty and over loaded with food cause little movement.

Then Yin and Yang is no longer in balance. Sickness will occur.

It is that simple.

Likewise, physiology is Yin, and Emotion / Psychology is Yang.

When emotion is out of controlled, then the Yang is in chaos, and Yin (physiology, or body) also becomes unstable. E.g. it can be stomach, no appetite for foods, indigestion etc.

Then Yin and Yang is out of balance again. These can produce all sorts of sickness, bloatedness, diarrhea, constipation, etc etc.

Instead of looking for many different medical specialists to attend to the above many symptoms, fundamentally just balance the emotions and body, balancing the Yin and Yang. As a concept, it is that simple.

Likewise in the case of autistic child, we learn to make careful observation in what ways Yin and Yang are not balanced, and do the balancing. 调理。

We will discuss more on the subject of autism.

The ancient sages say : “Balancing Yin and Yang chase away thousands of illnesses” *”调理阴阳治万病”*。

Do you appreciate more the wisdom of YEIC?

There is no need to be frightened by all the heavy and scarry 100,000 medical labeled illnesses, like cancers, autism, learn more about the ancient wisdom to focus on the Yin and Yang imbalance for balancing.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the  online training.
“Yin Yang 阴阳”,”Organs functionalities 脏腑功能”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Leadership Performance without Human Body?

Today we talk about Corporation / Management and Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC).

The aim in management for corporation is to maximize profits. This relies on the competencies and co-operation of management and staff, manifesting their potentials to contribute their best.

In management, we cannot do without leadership, analysis, planning, strategizing, decision making and execution.

Often in these processes, there are problems.

The problems can be in leadership, or analysis, planning etc. Certain important considerations are left out.

Or it can be decision making or execution, resulting in competitors win the deals.

Corporation engages management consultants, guru to carry out various training to staff, with the best management knowledge, skills and arts.

The emphasis is often on IQ, and some EQ.

Can something be missing?

YEIC says, :”Liver manifests its capability in leadership, planning and strategizing. Gall -Bladder in decision making. Spleen in thinking and intention and Kidneys in execution.”

古人说 : “肝主谋,胆主决”,”脾主思”,”肾藏志”。

Physiology (the key organs) is then the foundation for the above management attributes.

Surely if a person is weak in Spleen and Stomach, not able to digest foods and to convert foods to nutrients to nourish the body, how could that person think straight with clear mind.

Now take a closely look at corporation. Most staff are under stress. Excessive planning and thinking harm the Spleen, Poor decision making reflects weak gallbladder functionality.

In Chinese language, gall-bladder character is “dan”, 胆, it means courage, decisiveness.

Furthermore many staff have high blood pressure, some have diabetes or other illnesses.

They are weak physiologically. How can they properly function in the named management attributes in relation to the organs as mentioned above.

Without combining management training in IQ and EQ with the functionalities of the key organs physiologically, surely resulting effect is poor.

When corporations realize the wisdom of YEIC and get the management and staff to practice the Life Cultivation, it is a win-win formula, corporate profit with healthy management and staff.

“Leadership Performance without Human Body”? Is that possible?

We hold the unconscious belief that leadership attribute, performance have nothing to do with the body system, except the mind, is that really true?

3000 years ago, ancient sages already said, separation of mind and body brings sickness and poor performance.

Then how do you take care of your liver, kidneys, spleen, heart and lungs?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training.
“Organs functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Liver manifests its capability in planning and strategizing. Gall -Bladder in decision making. Spleen in thinking and intention and Kidneys in execution.” “肝主谋,胆主决”,”脾主思”, “肾藏志” .
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Science or Miracle ?

Today, we talk about an ancient miraculous healer.

During the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, the king of Qi State had a very strange and severe illness. He slept the whole day, very difficult to wake him up.

All the qualified doctors in the palace failed to cure him. Someone introduced a miraculous healer BianQue 扁鹊 from a village.

After examining, BianQue told the Queen and Prince that the King’s illness can be cured. But after curing the King will kill him.

The Queen and the Prince were astonished to hear that, : “Where is this truth, you have cured the king’s disease, surely he will not kill you!”

A few days later, BianQue chose a rainy day to come to the King. He did not use transport but walked in the rain and muddy road, without umbrella.

BianQue walked into the palace, and the King was still sleeping in the bed. BianQue climbed onto the bed, shaked the King violently, turned him over and continued to shake him, till he woke up a little, with his dirty hands and dress.

The King opened his eyes and saw a filthy man on his bed and his dirty hands all over. The King was totally mad and angry and immediately order the dirty man to be killed.

The Queen and the Prince begged the King for kindness and explained that this man was a healer. The King did not want to listen.

BianQue told the Queen and the Prince : “The King’s anger was activated and the illness is cured. There is no need any medicine for him. Since I have been rude to the King, I humbly requested to be put inside a big bell at the backyard ground, for me to die of suffocation slowly.”

The King agreed.

When the healer was placed inside the big bell, he started digging the ground soil at the peripheral of the bell, so that air can enter for him to breathe. Then he meditated quietly inside the bell.

Three day later, the King’s illness was fully cured. He remembered the healer and felt bad that he ordered him killed. He came to the bell and requested the bell to be lifted.

The King found that BianQue was alive and smiled calmly to the King.

The King, the Queen, the Prince and the rest were very puzzled and asked BianQue to explain.

“The King’s illness was due to excessive worries over the State’s matters. He felt stressed and he choose to bury the negativity in him. I used the strange method to trigger his anger, to help him to released the suppressed negative emotions.”

Do you think BianQue performed a miracle?

Actually not, it is based the the science and theory of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

YEIC says “Spleen, one of the function is Thinking”, Excessive thinking and worries harm the Spleen. This causes no appetite to eat, and digestion problem, which could not produce adequate energy (Qi-blood) to nourish the body. Then the body is weak and tired. In the case of the King, he slept with no energy.

As per 5-element theory, Spleen is represented by Earth, and Liver is represented by Wood. The theory says that Wood controls Earth (imagine a land overgrown with too many trees, the soils get weakened). Then Liver Controls Spleen.

One of the Liver’s attributes is Anger. Then Anger is used to Control (heal) the Spleen with excessive worries and thinking.

This is how YEIC theories work.

Most people say that one should not be angry and it harms health. This is not entirely true, as it depends on circumstances.

If you train a child without anger, even being bullied. This can create more harm to the child as a whole.

Hope you appreciate the ancient wisdom more and more.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .

“Spleen, one of the functions is Thinking of the spleen 脾主思”, “Qi-blood 气血” “, “Spleen is represented by Earth 脾属土”, “Liver is represented by wood 肝属木” “Liver has anger attribute 肝主怒 “, “Wood Controls Earth 木克土”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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New Wise Medical Theory cannot take Root!

In the previous article “Single Cause to Fire, Disease?”, we discussed modern medical philosopher, John Mackie and Carter advocated new medical theory that there is no single cause (e.g. virus) to disease like cancers, but there must be presence of other necessary conditions. And it is the body internal environment that is crucial.

This new perspective is very much in line with the 3000 years old Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) teaching, which elaborated more about body internal environment with regards to body organs functionalities 五脏六腑功能。

Why new medical theories, which are logical and make good sense are not accepted by the mainstream?

I think it is due to the following reasons.

  1. 200 years of Western Medicine development is step by step, bit by bit process, unlike 3000 years ago, YEIC came in a single book with all the holistic theory, which is not changed till today.

In the case of Western Medicine, when there is a new discovery, it may be subjected to much disagreement by other scientists.
Then we can see many ego in conflict, each wants to protect their own turf.

  1. Medical Institutions already produce a large number of doctors, whose mindsets are already being influenced, e.g. diseases caused by virus.

This becomes their belief system. Just like pre-Galileo’s time, all people believed the world was flat. Sailors dared not sail to the far end of the sea.
These are sincere doctors who want to serve people, not that they are greedy to squeeze patients’ money?.

  1. Western drugs e.g. for cancers are supplied by very large pharmaceutical industries, which put in huge investment, and the business stake is big.

These company yearly financial turnover can be larger than GDP of many countries.

Malaysia is lucky that we overthrew previous corrupted government. But there is no single entity that can destroy these pharmaceutical companies, irrespective how much evidence that their drugs ? kill patients.

Surely they will not allow new medical theories to destroy their business.
This is the dilemma of Western Medicine and the helplessness of patients.

Let us continue to gather more the ancient wisdom and practice Life Cultivation, ya?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
” Body Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Life Cultivation 养生” ,“Body Constituent 体质” , “Causes to diseases 病因”.
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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