What is Aging Process?

There are interesting observation and conversation with friends on the above subject matter, “What is Aging Process?”

Surely this subject matter is of concern to those past middle age, especially those retire from work.

At the same time, most admit that they cannot go into deeper discussion as they have very vague ideas what aging process is all about?

As a concept, we all know that we cannot stay young and strong forever.

But without knowing the aging process, it is difficult to ensure gradual and graceful aging. We do not know what to expect? How not to get into serious illnesses?
Western Medicine does not provide much clues on the above, except general advice : good diet, good sleep, reasonable exercise, be happy.

And that is what most people do.

Those retired have the opinion that enjoy life to the fullness NOW, be happy, go travelling. The underlying assumption is Now everything is OK, enjoy. Later, …..don’t know, until some symptoms show up. Pray that no major illnesses.

Others still have a lot of ambitions with worthy cause. Some want to do charity to help people. This is another assumption that he or she currently is fit and healthy, hence can contribute much.

Later, when and how is he or she no longer fit, age faster, with weakening body functioning ……, that need others to do charity to him or her? i.e. To take care of him or her?

Isn’t is nice to know exactly what is the aging process, then we can become more conscious how to take step to ensure gradual and graceful aging?

In my 1st published video training on “Philosophy, Yin & Yang Theory, And Application” I shared, as per ancient wisdom, Aging Process is diminishing of Yin and Yang.

If that is the proposition, then we need to understand the basic concept of Yin and Yang, and how Yin and Yang are operating constantly in our life and take action based on that understanding.

Is Aging process only the concern of the middle age people?

Once we understand the ancient wisdom, we realize that we should implement the Life Cultivation in balancing Yin and Yang for babies and young children so that they have a better foundation to ensure gradual and graceful aging process.

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What is pain all about?

Today we discuss more the concept and illustration of Yin-Yang.

The theory says that only with balanced Yin-Yang, we can be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We use an illustration to discuss Yin-Yang.

The word of “Pain” in western culture is “pain” by itself. But in Chinese culture, there are two words to describe “Pain”, called “TengTong” “疼痛”。

These two characters represent different manifestation of pain, and it carries meaning of Yin-Yang.

The character Tong “痛” consists of two parts, the outer part represents bed. Meaning the person is in pain and resting on bed. And The inner part is another character “甬” “Yong”, meaning spring water flow. If the spring water is blocked, then it is abnormal and resulted in something negative, i.e. pain.

And YEIC has the concept of Qi, which is like spring water flow, constantly moving, and should not be blocked, otherwise illnesses arise.

Most of the time, the Qi flow is blocked due to wrong diets, unbalanced emotions like worries, anger, fear etc.

内经说 :“不通则痛,痛则不通。”

Then the other character, “疼” “Teng”. Again the outer part of the character represent bed, and the inner part “冬” “dong” represent winter, cold, something external that attacks the body and resulted in pain.

For example, excessive coldness causes blood to be stagnant, not flow easily, and pain resulted. It can also be internal “Cold” generated by the body, the person concerned often feel cold, even in warm weather.

Often females period pain is a result of internal cold generated, which can come from diets of intrinsic cold in nature, or depression, suppression of emotions.

Hence Teng “疼” (one type of pain) represents cold in nature, cold wind, cold flow in motion, and it fits the definition of Yang, (constant flow).

And Tong “痛” (another type of pain) represents something blocked, stagnant, and it fits into the definition of Yin.

Now we can imagine the misery and difficulty of autistic child, they have no language to express their discomfort felt within. It can be Yin Tong “痛” pain, or Teng “疼” Yang pain.

Again compared with western culture and western medicine, no such differentiation is made on pain.

With the above YEIC concepts, treatment can be more focused e.g. to dissolve the blockages so that blood can flow easily, whereas Western Medicine usually just administer pain-killer.

You can see that YEIC has formed a part of Chinese Culture, with Chinese characters taking up the concepts of the ancient sages.

Ancient sages believe that Life cannot be divorced from Yin-Yang.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Yin Yang Theory 阴阳学说”, “Pain in two concepts 疼痛” ,“Blockages cause pain 不通则痛,痛则不通”,”活血化瘀”。

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Learning ABC before writing an Essay

It sounds obvious.

Not knowing the alphabets, how to communicate and write an essay.

Not knowing a language, how to understand the underlying message.

Sometimes, we operate without being aware of such simple logic.

I give an example.

After being given a prescription by a Western Medicine doctor for an illness, the patient quickly checks at the internet, for more information on the medicine given. The patient finds some extra information regarding the medicine, which the doctor did not mention. The patient is worried about that information. On the second day, the patient visited the doctor again to challenge him on his prescription.

The patient know the language of the medicine, though not too technical in details, but sufficient for him to know the pro and con. This is the challenges faced by the Western Medicine doctors.

If the patient visits a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor. When given the prescription, the patient has hard time to understand the prescription after spending long hours with Google search. There are strange language and metaphor used. For example, the Liver is on fire. Or there is too much Evil Qi, or the Yin Yang no balance. Or Wood attacks Earth.

The patient is at a loss. He cannot challenge the TCM doctor.

This is because the patient does not know the ABC, the language of the Chinese medical treatment system.

Some health-conscious people, or have some not too serious symptoms in the body, want to learn from the ancient Chinese health system, do good deal of research and reading. These people are often puzzled by the strange language. Qi Deficiency. Yin Deficiency. Yang Excessiveness. Stomach Qi or Essence depleting.

Soon these learners give up.

Not knowing the alphabets, how to communicate and write an essay.

Not knowing a language, how to understand the underlying message.

For the above cases, my work o Video Training Courses on the Ancient Wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, has the purpose to provide basic ABC language to help learners to explore and understand better their performance, behaviours or health issues based on ancient wisdom.

More than providing the language, but also the knowledge how to do self Yin Yang balancing, e.g. Through food therapy, activating Qi, raising consciousness.

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The next Video Training Course is on “Qi (Its mystery unfolded), Qi Blood & 5-Essential Human Life Variable” will be ready for publishing after Christmas

There are altogether 10 Video Training Course to complete the essentials of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

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Spread Ancient Wisdom to the Whole World

Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being

In promoting 3000 years Chinese ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, 黄帝内经, which addresses all the major aspects of our life : Performance, Health, Illnesses, Emotions, Psychology, Consciousness, Physiology, I have been conducting training classes and doing one to one coaching to clients with all sorts of issues.

Last month a friend introduced an internet platform Udemy, whereby they have 24 millions students / learners eager to learn something in life, I get very excited with the potential reaching out to the whole world.

I plan to design the ancient wisdom in video training course, module by module.

Just a few days ago, my first video training course was approved. That provides great encouragement to me.

I found some great advantages using video training course. For example, to explain the fundamental concept of Yin Yang, how is the concept used to observe and understand the world and various phenomena, how Yin Yang changes taking place in our body, mind and emotions, how Yin Yang balance comes about to achieve harmony, …. I realize that if I do the explanation in the classroom, I may spent less than 10 min. as there are many other topics to cover in the 1-2 training days.

But in the case of video training, I have the luxury to spend more than 1 hour to bring the abstract concept of Yin Yang to deriving principles and application, and explain in details “What is Qi”? for 1.5 hours

I am now designing the 3rd module.

It is real great fun and inspiring.

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Dilemma of Western Nutrition Theory

*”Calcium pills raise heart attack risks by 30%”*

This is another conflicting report against some long established nutritious product. Certainly more will come.

This is today dilemma of Western Medicine and Western Nutrition theory.

They have simple brain and naive mind.

They think that when the body lacks calcium then inject your body with more calcium.

Even engineers knows that with all raw materials input, the manufacturing process produces a new product, not give you back the raw materials.

Very silly ya for nutritionist to treat the body system as non-processing.

Suppose a family is unhappy. It appears that the unhappiness is caused by lack of money. So you give them a lot of money. Do you think they attain happiness ever after?

Surely not. Often easily obtained money destroy their life. What is important is the knowledge and skills to generate the required finance by themselves.

Our new Malaysian government sees the problem of NEP now, and they try hard to make progressive changes.

Similarly our body system must have the capability to generate what is good for healthy bone structure.

How does YEIC understand and treat bone related problems?

First of all, ancient sages observe bone weakness (osteoporosis, walking difficulty, joints pain) , memory loss (dementia), deterioration of brain power, hearing problems etc are related mostly to aging. And they all belong to governing power of Kidneys-sub-system.

They also observe that good Lungs and Large Intestine functionalities improve Kidneys-functions.

They also observe that poor Spleen / Stomach system weakens Kidneys functions. Do you not observe the same, aged people have poor digestive system?

The above is governed by 5-element Theory. 五行学说。

So how do we strengthen bone structures. It must be strengthening the overall body system. And by Life Cultivation 养生, ancient sages give us plenty simple and practical methods to improve the concerned problem.

Interestingly by practicing Life Cultivation, you improve the overall quality of your life, not just weak bones problems.

Do you think ancient sages are wiser and more scientific?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “5-Element Theory 五行学说”, “Life Cultivation 养生”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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1st Video Training Course – Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being

I am most excited to share with you my first Video training course on “Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being” at Udemy internet platform whereby there are 24 millions students who are eager to learn something.

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Blueprint for Life

This is another useful concept from “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” YEIC. It provides a broad category of illnesses.


For any type of illnesses, there is one category belongs to deficiencies occurred at pre-natal, and another category post-natal.

We will use some examples to illustrate such concept.

Pre-natal Deficiency

For most autistic children, after birth or a few years later, parents notice something unusual as compared with normal healthy child development, for example strange behaviors or learning difficulty. Mostly these cases are grouped under “Pre-natal Deficiency”, which also include during fetus stage.

It is like today science called hereditary or DNA problems, or inherently weak body constituents of the mother giving rise to unhealthy baby. 体质失调问题。

Post-natal Deficiency

A grown up person with rather good health, but over years develop into illness : cancers, Parkinson, diabetes etc. .. These are grouped as “Post-natal Deficiency”.

Some may have combination of both Pre-natal and Post-natal Deficiencies.

Post-natal deficiency mostly arise from the person ignorant of Life Cultivation, lack of knowledge of how illnesses come about and engage in activities which do harm to the body.

Life Cultivation is a big subject, which we will discuss later over time.

Irrespective of Pre or Post Natal deficiencies, YEIC broadly explains them as “Yin-Yang imbalance”. In theory, when one can balance the Yin Yang, autistic child can develop healthily, cancers, Parkinson patients can be healed.

Yin-Yang Theory

Yin-Yang Concept is interesting “阴阳学说” but it is rather abstract.

Just a small example

Body organs are classified into Yin and Yang.

E.g. Heart = Yin, Small Intestine = Yang

And Heart & Small Intestines work in pair, closely related to each other like cousin-brothers. We had this relationship discussion earlier.

And Yin-organs and Yang-organs each have their unique functionalities.

Heart = Yin, Yin is defined as condensed matter,

Small Intestine = Yang. Yang is defined as loose, hollow, constantly in motion, which is the case of small intestine, which continuously absorb fresh nutrients from digested foods and discharge to the large intestines the impure portions of the digested foods.

And the YEIC main proposition is that :

*When all the key 5 organs functionalities are in good order and balanced, we have healthy body and mind*.

Are you not impressed with the ancient sages, 3000 years ago, coming out with simple concepts to guide healing and Life Cultivation, and provide a Blueprint for life.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training . “Pre n Post Natal Deficiency 先天不足,后天不足”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Yin-Yang Theory 阴阳学说”,”Body Constituents 体质” , “Organs Functionalities 脏腑功能”,
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Without theories, can we built an airplane?

Why are there often pustules on the face (lips)? (Heat-symptom)

Why pustules at the lips and not nose etc?

Why face often has pimples?

Why eyes are red, especially when angry?

Why wrinkles on the face when we grow older, and not at the feet or butt?

Why during winter, people wrap themselves all over the body with warm clothing, but not so much the face?

Why hairs (on the head) turn white and drop, but not so much hair at other parts of the body?

Why so much money spent on cosmetics and beautification by females, but cosmetic can hardly maintain the desired beauty?

How does Western Medicine explain the above?

Most of the time the explanations are piecemeal, un-connected to each other or just taken for granted.

Ancient sages use a simple concept “Yin and Yang” to explain all.

Head / face are considered Yang with respect to the lower part of the body.

Of all the meridians to the head region, there are 6 Yang meridians, except one Liver-Yin meridian.

Hence the head region is heavily Yang, implies warm or heat. Hence the head / face can withstand winter cold better. At the same time, due to heat, pustules and pimples easily develop.

When one is angry, the Liver Qi rises, YEIC says “Liver energy manifests at eyes”, the eyes turn red without adequate Yin nourishment.

Hairs turn grey and drop due to inadequate Yin sources nearby.

Why pustules at the lips and not nose?

YEIC says : “Spleen’s Opening is at mouth and lips”. When Spleen functionalities are out of balance, pustules as symptoms emerge at lips and mouth, not nose.

What can trigger Spleen / Stomach imbalance? Beside wrong diets, it is over pensiveness, worries. Hence pustules are reminding you to cool down, take life easy..

Why females have difficulty to maintain beauty of the face?

Since the head is a Yang region, it needs a lot of Yin nourishment supplied by Spleen, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys and Heart. But all these organs are easily out of balance due to excessive emotions.

Are you not amazed how ancient sages can use a simple theory to explain various phenomena, with good logic? Yet today modern science still have difficulties.

In fact, Western Medicine also cannot explain logically how Parkinson, Autism, and many other illnesses come about. Yet they can administer medicines and surgery. Funny Ya!

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .
“Yin Yang Theory 阴阳”,”Meridian Theory 经络学说”., “Spleen manifests at mouth and lips 脾开窍于口 其华在唇”,”Organs functionalities 五脏六腑”,”Liver manifests at eyes 肝主目
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Is there an end to Autism definition?

The ancient sages say : “Balancing Yin and Yang chase away thousands of illnesses” *”调理阴阳治万病”*。

Is it that simple?

It is actually a concept and theory.

Let’s talk about thousands of illnesses. Today Western Medicine identifies and labels close to 100,000 illness / diseases with names. And more and more diseases are discovered with label everyday. Then more research and medicine invention, with more sides effects creating more diseases.

This is a vicious cycle created by modern medicinal science.

In year 1911, Western Medicine coined “Autism” for certain symptoms experienced by some children.

Do you know that by today, how many times they change the definition of autism? So many times and the definition still keep changing, as more symptoms are discovered to be group-classified.

We can conclude that there is endless changes to diseases / illnesses. They are not static.

Why the ancient sages say : Focus on balancing Yin and Yang, and not keep chasing after endless changes of diseases / illnesses. It seems ancient sages already for-saw today 100,000 labeled illnesses.

Take a look at your smart handphone, or computer, accessing to internet, isn’t there thousands and millions of information, which keep changing and multiplying.

How are all these information get structurally created?

Very simple. It is the binary magic, “0” and “1”.

With different arrangement and combination and permutation of “0” and “1”, e.g. 0011, 0101, 0001110, etc. we can get millions and endless data generation. Some information are useful, many are junk like diseases.

Ancient sages had this understanding as expressed in Yin and Yang, i.e. “0” and “1”.

Hence instead of focusing and chasing after endless changes, just focus on the “0” and “1” to make it dynamically stable. And stability represents health.

What is Yin-Yang?

This is quite an abstract concept, which I had discussed early. And now we make some more illustration.

I had mentioned, ancient sages classified “Spleen as Yin” and “Stomach as Yang.”

Yin is defined as stable, dense and no-movement and with form.

Yang is defined as constant movement, dynamic, non-tangible and no form.

Physiologically we also observe Spleen is dense and stomach is hollow to receive new intake of foods. After foods are digested, one feels hungry and want to take more foods. Hence Stomach as Yang is constantly in motion.

If we eat too much foods, the stomach is overloaded and could not function well. Against the natural physiological function, the stomach is not more able to be empty and over loaded with food cause little movement.

Then Yin and Yang is no longer in balance. Sickness will occur.

It is that simple.

Likewise, physiology is Yin, and Emotion / Psychology is Yang.

When emotion is out of controlled, then the Yang is in chaos, and Yin (physiology, or body) also becomes unstable. E.g. it can be stomach, no appetite for foods, indigestion etc.

Then Yin and Yang is out of balance again. These can produce all sorts of sickness, bloatedness, diarrhea, constipation, etc etc.

Instead of looking for many different medical specialists to attend to the above many symptoms, fundamentally just balance the emotions and body, balancing the Yin and Yang. As a concept, it is that simple.

Likewise in the case of autistic child, we learn to make careful observation in what ways Yin and Yang are not balanced, and do the balancing. 调理。

We will discuss more on the subject of autism.

The ancient sages say : “Balancing Yin and Yang chase away thousands of illnesses” *”调理阴阳治万病”*。

Do you appreciate more the wisdom of YEIC?

There is no need to be frightened by all the heavy and scarry 100,000 medical labeled illnesses, like cancers, autism, learn more about the ancient wisdom to focus on the Yin and Yang imbalance for balancing.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the  online training.
“Yin Yang 阴阳”,”Organs functionalities 脏腑功能”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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High Blood Pressure – Wrong Focus !!

In the Mandarin WhatsApp group, a member asks :

“Teacher, high blood pressure is due to which organ out of balance? How to avoid taking high blood pressure medicine?”

I ask : “Are you referring to western medicine ??”,she replied : “Yes”

Come to think of it, there are many illnesses require lifelong medication, including high blood pressure.

Lifelong medication to the ancient sage is a rather ridiculous thing. The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) principle is “Restore body organs functionalities, you get well”. If herbs and acupuncture could not cure, consider daily practice of Life Cultivation 养生之道。

Back to the topic of high blood pressure, the issue is not which organ is out of balance, perhaps in the previous discussion, body organ functionalities are often mentioned.

I explain as follow.

Western Medicine focuses on “Pressure” and uses instrument to measure it.

YEIC does not use pressure as a concept. Instead a more powerful concept “Qi-blood” is used to explain many phenomena in the body functionalities or operational problems or illnesses.

When a person is very angry, he feels pressure in his head. Interestingly in Chinese language, angry (生气) ,means generate a lot of qi, resulting in pressure.

It is the qi that raises the blood pressure, and pressure is the end product.

Hence it is wise to put focus on the factor that creates pressure, i.e. qi.

Western Medicine does not have “Qi” concept, they consider high blood pressure is due to blood vessels lack elasticity, or damaged. Hence medication and necessary surgery are the main approaches.

“Qi-blood” is needed to all parts of the body. When you have high workload and the boss is impatiently waiting for your delivery of work, your head feels the pressure. That is because the body needs to send much more “Qi-blood” to your brain to help you finish your task and you feel the pressure or fainting.

If your body constituent (体质) is weak, particularly short of breath, i.e. your “Qi” is weak, and your “Qi-blood” is inadequate ( eg. anemia ),and you struggle to complete the task, besides having high blood pressure, you may have other problems like cold feet (as most qi-blood goes to the head, not feet), insomnia, anxiety attack, … which further increases your high blood pressure.

If you have blood stasis, eg. ladies with irregular periods, thick blood, or with high fat contents in the blood, and fluid part of the blood, due to poor metabolism, contains phlegm, or toxins, which manifest in your urine, stools, sweat, i.e. as per YEIC, called “Yin-Yang imbalance”, … isn’t it true then the Qi needs enormous force to move the heavy, contaminated blood and fluid, causing high blood pressure?

Earlier we have many discussions on our diets, lack of exercises to move qi, our emotions, feelings, personality, life attitude, … affecting Yin-Yang Balance, 阴阳失调,which further affect body organs functionalities, 五脏六腑功能失调,these cause high blood pressure, which is not due to only one organ issue.

Hence if you accept the teaching of ancient wisdom, and practice daily Life Cultivation 养生,and raise the quality of Qi, Blood, body Fluid, you can do away with medication ?, and not suffer high blood pressure, don’t you agree? ???

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in  online training.
“Qi 气”, “Life Cultivation, 养生”, Organs Functionality “五脏六腑功能”,“Qi-blood 气血”,”Fluid 津液”,”Body Constituent 体质”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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