Why divide your body into parts to manage?

I am grateful that a Chinese WhatsApp group member shared about the learning problem faced by her child. This provides us an opportunity to learn about YEIC application.

As I mentioned earlier, this platform is not for symptoms diagnosis and treatment, but rather using the discussion to bring up the Theories and Principles of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC), the ancient wisdom.

And the emphasis is Total and Integrated Approach and I use case study (e.g. below) to illustrate further why it is important to understand the Whole rather than some symptoms.

Once we understand the overall concepts and theories, we can better make good observation of various symptoms in our body and link to the overall body system.

The story of the child is constructed after a series of Q&A between me and the mother.

“The daughter is now 14 yrs old. Since 4-5 years old, she has learning disability. Today she hardly knows a few words and cannot write.

She has speech deficiency, and poor expression ability. Her eyesight is OK, urination is OK. Sometimes with constipation.

At 7 years old, the child had shocking experience.

She can take care of the younger brothers.”

To understand the Total Picture, good Q&A is necessary. Today many Western Medicine doctors and TCM doctors, seldom make too much inquiry, except focusing on the symptoms and carry out treatments.

This is very much against the Principles of YEIC, “Focus should be on the person as a Whole, not symptoms.”

Why I ask about the age of the case, as different age reveals different stages of psychological and physiological development. A younger person normally has more psychological and emotional issues, whereas older persons have more physiological issues.

I ask about various performance capability, as different performances are governed by different organs functionalities. E.g. eyesight is related to Liver function, learning with memory are related to Kidneys functionalities.

What are the good performances of the child, then we can deduce what organs functions well.

Although there is no details about how the child was shocked, YEIC theory tells us that Kidney Qi is harmed due to shock or fear.

One of the Kidney functions is related to Intelligence and Learning capability. We can see the connection now that the child past shock and fear experience affects her today learning ability.

The above is just brief way to illustration the application of YEIC theories and principles in our daily life.

Many group members often ask about how to do treatments to certain symptoms or problems. You can realize that this WhatsApp discussion is limited to reveal a more complete picture for understanding. Hence it is not wise to give suggestions on treatment based on partial information.

Furthermore, as discussed in the training class, Life Cultivation to help balance the Yin and Yang in our body system is not apply a single treatment, which will not work well, But it calls for several adjustments and therapies to be carried out together.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Fear harms Kidneys 恐伤肾”,”Liver, one of the function is eye performance 肝主目”,Intelligence and Memory are related to Kidneys and Bladder 肾与膀胱的心理功能在”智慧”,”记忆力”。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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What are Key Messages behind diverse symptoms?

Today we have a case analysis, with limited information provided by a group member in the Chinese WhatsApp group.

The following are some of the symptoms : Sinusitis, feel giddy while driving, after meal feel giddy too. Not able to focus and concentrate.

Sinusitis problem since young.

If sinusitis is a hereditary problem then the person concerned should find an effective and complete healing method so as not to pass down to the next generation, not to accept it as it is.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic(YEIC) says : Lungs functionalities also manifest at the nose. Lungs and Large Intestines have paired relationship.

As per 5-element theory, Lungs are represented by Metal, and Metal controls Wood (think of metal axe chops wood). And Liver is represented by Wood. Then there is relationship between Lungs and Liver.

5-Element theory, “Earth gives rise to Metal”, Spleen is represented by Earth-element, meaning Spleen nourishes Lungs.

Hence sinusitis problem can be related to nose, lungs, spleen and liver.

We can see that symptoms can be related to more than one organ. Then we need to search for more clues for relationship identification.

For example, with sinusitis problem since young, was the child attacked by cold too often, taking too much antibiotic medicines due to frequent sickness? What diets system used that make worse the situation?

Any stress or pressure from e.g. homework, parents and teachers. Especially autistic children, parents and teachers not only have high expectation but with speed on the various therapies employed. This cause more stress and pressure to children.

Because as per YEIC, emotions, stress, personality affect different organs. Example, anxiety affects the Lungs functionalities, which is relevant in the above case.

Today symptoms as mentioned above, indicate symptoms at childhood not entirely eradicated, coupled with lack of knowledge on Life Cultivation., more symptoms arise.

Sinusitis problem since young indicate Lung-deficiency, which needs to draw more energy (YEIC called Qi-Blood) from Spleen (Earth) . Spleen is supposed to nourish Lungs, but not able to do so, as now Spleen becomes weak.

When Spleen is weak, it cannot produce enough Qi-blood to supply to the brain to do mental work. YEIC also says, Spleen, one of the functions, is Thinking. Now the person concerned cannot think and concentrate well.

As the case is a female, other information is required, eg. how is the period, flow, amount of bloods, any blood stasic?

Because YEIC also says, Livers stores and detox blood. From the period performance, we can also deduce to what extent is Liver functions are affected.

The 5-element theory also provides us as a guide, Metal Controls Wood, i.e. Lungs Control Liver. If Lungs are weak, it causes imbalance to the Liver.

Now we see that, : sinusitis problem is related to the Lungs-function, feel giddy while driving, after meal feel giddy too (related to inadequate supply of Qi-blood from the Spleen and Liver). Not able to focus and concentrate relates to Spleen, with one of the functions, in Thinking.

With good understanding of YEIC theories, we can related various symptoms to the key body organs system and we only need to improve the organs functionalities.

What are Key Messages behind diverse symptoms?

Don’t let various symptoms drive you mad looking for solution to each symptom.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Lungs manifests at Nose 肺主鼻”,”Metal Controls Wood金克木”,”Earth nourishes Metal 土生金”,Various emotions affect different organs 情志(喜、怒、憂、思、悲、恐、驚) 伤脏腑, ”Diet system 饮食” ,”Cold 寒”,”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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What are the functionalities of Kidneys?

Today we continue to discuss how the Western doctors / therapists, after studying Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, understand more deeply the psychological aspects in the human body system.

These types of information are rarely found in the Chinese worlds of TCM literature.

Kidneys, one of the key functions, is responsible for the Excretion of by-products of metabolism namely urine, sweats. And bladder function is storage of the fluids and excretion of urine.

These were recognized by ancients sages 3000 years ago, whereas Western Science discovered such in the last 200 years.

YEIC also says : “ Kidneys store Essence, Kidneys are responsible for the formation of bones, and bones gives rise to bone marrow, which forms the brain, Kidneys has function in reproduction, growth capability.

This implies brain, intelligence, sexual performance, production of future generations are derived from the Yin-Yang interaction of Kidneys,

YEIC also notes : Kidneys and Bladder have cousin relationship. Kidneys are Yin, Bladder Yang. As per the 5-elements, Kidneys are illustrated as Water.

The Western scholars conclude : Kidneys and Bladder have capacity and capability in Past, Present and Future Consciousness.

The past can be the culture, tribes, hereditary.

Kidneys function include management of past, present, future dreams.

Early we also discussed “Kidneys Functionalities are also derived from Pre-natal. We can now see that Kidneys have vital function in our life.

Now we can use the above to explain many phenomena experienced in our life, e.g. autism.

Many autistic children problem came from Prenatal imbalance, i.e. at fetus stage, which we discussed early. The reasons can be hereditary, weak body constituents of the mother who were not healthy, shocks or trauma experienced by mother during pregnancy, which also shocked the fetus, (YEIC says “Kidneys store Fear), or sick mother consume too much Western Medicine before and during pregnancy,

All these and others affect the healthy development of fetus and baby.

Hence the learning deficiency of the autistic child, is not brain, behavioral problems or nervous system problems, but Kidneys Qi deficiency.

Sexual performance is one of the Kidneys functions. Young people with excessive masturbation habits lose a lot of Kidneys-Essence, weakened the Kidneys-functionalities, which can include weak bones, feel tired easily, not able to focus, learning dis-ability and affect the intelligence.

Forgetfulness, not able to derive past learning for today application, with fuzzy vision of the future, lack of willpower, are also another tell-tale sign of Kidney Qi-deficiency.

Can we not now appreciate deeply the wisdom of the ancient sages, sharing with us all the connectivity of phenomena we experience today, and the Western Medicine cannot give us clear, logical steps and holistic explanation?

Ancient sages also share with us Life Cultivation as ways to improve deficiencies.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Kidneys store Essence 肾藏精”,”Kidneys functions responsible for Intelligence 肾主骨生髓, 脑为髓之海”, “Kidneys functions include reproduction, health growth physically and mentally 生殖,生長發育功能”,”Kidneys function has pre-natal attributes, 肾为先天之本”, “Fear harms Kidneys function 恐伤肾”,
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Joy felt at heart. What about fears, anxiety by which organs?

Today we discuss more relationship between body organs and emotions.

Western scholars and therapists, who study Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, place more emphasis on the psychological aspects in relation to the body system.

On this note, Eastern Traditional Medicine, TCM doctors, do not consider emotions and psychology too much in treating patients.

Early we discussed “Spleen and Stomach in pair”, Spleen is Yin and Stomach is Yang. Spleen belongs to Earth-element. Stomach function is to dissolved foods, Spleen function is to transform digested foods to minute particles as nutrients for the body. (previous articles)

Spleen and Stomach also have psychological and emotional functions.

Fetus in mother’s womb depends on nutrients / energy supply from mother. Upon delivery the baby depends on his or her lungs to breathe and consume mother’s milk to grow.

This is a dramatic experience for the baby, learning to grow on by himself or herself.

And this self-learning process depends on the maturing process of Spleen and Stomach so as to take in other foods, besides milk.

But for 9 months pregnancy period, the fetus felt secure and happy in mother’s womb, with great emotional attachment to the mother.

If the Spleen Yin too strong, even after a few years, the child still feels very attached to the mother, and would not socialize with others, in school or at home.

On the opposite, if Spleen Qi is weak, the bonding between the baby / child is very weak. This is the phenomenal most occurred to autistic children, they do not like mother or parents to hug them. Spleen weakness also reflects in gastrointestinal problems.

When Stomach (Yang) able to take in more variety of foods, correspondingly the child’s learning sphere enlarges, and less dependence on the mother. And and child can socialize with more people.

YEIC also says : Spleen / Stomach has function in Thinking “脾主思“。

Hence for the autistic children with the above mentioned problems, the solutions lie in strengthening the Spleen and Stomach.

With good understanding of YEIC knowledge, parents can help heal the child.

Now, do you see the relationship and connectivity of Spleen / Stomach / Growth process / dependency / independence / thinking / socializing?

This is how Western therapists / psychologists, after studying Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, are able to provides more psychological aspects i.e. the Mind-Body-Emotion into the YEIC integrated theory.

Do you now find it fascinating about the ancient wisdom?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Yin-Yang 阴阳”,”Qi-blood 气血”,”5 Consciousness 五神”,”5 Emotions 情志”,”Spleen  in growth 脾为后天之本”,,。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Energy for work, mental activity. What Energy?

Today we talk about Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic and YOU.

In our WhatsApp group, most members are young till middle age. You are on your own or husband or wife to your partner, parents to children, children to your parents.

You work hard to support self and families. Responsibilities are not light.

You have your own preference, styles, strategies with your unique characters, attitudes and psychology to meet all the life challenges. In all these, you need to spend “Energy” to attend to your activities towards your goals in life.

What is Energy?

How do we consume energy so that we remain healthy and not get sick?

Different strategies in energy consumption due to your own preferences, what tell-tales signs let you know you could be out of balance?

How do we get energy replenishment?

As we are influenced by Western Science and Medicine, we may not treat the above questions more deeply and seriously, but just a simple notion that good diets (as per Western Nutrition Theory), good exercise, sleep well, do regular medical check up, keep us healthy.

Now if we take a closer look at people we know close to us, they have the same above notions, but they get sick, some seriously sick, or die young,how come?

Could it be that the above notion are too abstracts, too vague?

What does Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic(YEIC) say about this?

Ancient sages do not use the term “Energy”, but Yin-Yang.

They classify the Yin-Yang as follow。

Yin = Blood, Body fluid / hormone, Essence

Yang = Qi, Consciousness / Mind

The above variables need to be in balance, otherwise illnesses occur.

When there is some small symptoms, pain, discomfort, Western Medicine doctors may say no problems, but as per YEIC, it is considered Yin-Yang out of balance, if not treated, it leads to serious diseases.

Yin-Yang (or Energy) comes from parents, or hereditary, called Essence, the rest come from digested and transformed foods, and air we breathe.

Note: as discussed early, not till the foods can be properly digested and transformed to energy, the foods are not called Nutritious Foods.

What energy for physical work and what energy for mental work?

These Yin-Yang (energy) helps our body growth, carry out mental or laborious activities. And we need to constantly replenish with fresh foods and air and sleep.

When we carry out labors work, we use more Body-fluid energy

When we carry out more mental work / emotional activities, we use more Blood-energy.

At younger age, or youth, we have more abundant Yin-Yang energies, what we called good immune system.

But even at younger age,, if we consume excessive Yin-Yang energies, we may feel alright, not sickness, actually the energy comes from the stored energy called Essence at the Kidneys, which is meant for old age pension. Hence today more young people age faster and they have illnesses similar to old people with poor health.

YEIC says : “Kidneys store Essence”

Different personalities and strategies in excessive consumption of Yin-yang energy, particularly Essence, energy consumption patterns are different.

Let’s talk about introvert and extrovert personalities.

Extrovert personality expresses in strong leadership, creativity, controlling, .. they consume more Liver and Spleen energies.

Introvert personality, conservative, not taking initiative, they deplete their Kidneys and Lungs energies faster.

All these are examples of imbalance in Yin and Yang.

We need suitable Food-System to do the balancing, what foods to improve Liver functions, or Kidney functions etc.

Now do you see how different is the YEIC food system as compared with Western Nutrition Theory.

Do you see YEIC gives us much clearly guidelines about healthy living, certainly not vague or abstracts, do you not agree?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Yin Yang阴阳”,”Blood, Fluid, Essence, Qi and Consciousness 血,津液,精,气,神,”,”5 emotions and consciousness 五神”,”情志”,”Liver stores Anger “, “Kidneys store Fear 肾藏精”,。。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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What is inside, manifests outside.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) says, “Illnesses occurred inside our body, they sure manifest externally as signals for us to decipher”

For example :

If there are ear-related health problems, the root problem is the Kidneys-functionalities. Hence YEIC says, “Kidney functionalities, one of which manifests in ears”

If there are eyes-related health problems, the root problem is the Liver-functionalities. Hence YEIC says, “Liver functionalities, one of which manifests in eyes”

Many Western Medicine eye-specialists testify, serious eyes-diseases, many of the patients have liver-related problems, like fatty liver.

Ancient sages, through years of observation, conclude the critically importance of functionalities 5-major organs functionalities (Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys) and their paired (Small Intestines, Gallbladder, Stomach, Large Intestines and Bladders), which determine health and illnesses.

The above illustrate organs functionalities from physiological perspectives, YEIC also says, emotions, thoughts, belief system, psychology, personality also greatly affect the organs functionalities, “五神”,”情志”。

Hence if a person get angry easily or frustrated or stressed, the negativity produce extra blood pressure with increase Qi pushing the blood-flow, which is carried by Liver-function, which further result in red eyes, urine yellowish color and hearing problems.

YEIC says “Liver stores Anger”, excessive anger harms liver, which is related to eyes.

Then you may ask, earlier you mentioned liver related to eyes, what about hearing problems?

YEIC says, : “One of the Kidney-functionalities manifests at ears, i.e. hearing”

And there is a Relationship between Liver and Kidneys (which Western Medicine does not know).

This is as per 5-element theory, Liver is Wood, Kidneys Water. The relationship is Water nourishes Wood. Liver representation is Wood, and Liver is harmed by negative emotions, produces heat that “burn” the eyes red.

Then the Water from the Kidneys cannot cool down the excessive heat in the Liver. And Kidney functions are affected, one of which is hearing problem.

Do you find it fascinating that ancients sages able to put in logics of various phenomena, in a relationship interaction and not like Western Medicine who will order you to see Eye-specialists and Ear-Specialist, and non of the specialist addresses your fundamental problems, i.e. your stress and emotions.

Autistic child’s tantrum

Many autistic children throw tantrum, temperamental, and some with violent behaviors, do you also see more clearly now that it is the Liver-functionalities out of order?

Early we also discuss, YEIC has the principle of “treat the person, not the sickness or behaviors”. Hence two autistic children with tantrum issues, one could be Liver function problem, another Kidney functions which is associated with fear that he experiences.

Life Cultivation requires the knowledge of the ancient theories so that one can make careful observation of our body, mind and emotions to constantly do adjustment and balancing.

Hence Life Cultivation can only be executed by own-self, not doctors.

YEIC says, “Illnesses occurred inside our body, they sure manifest externally as signals for us to decipher”

Can you feel the wisdom on the above statement?

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “Kidneys manifest at Ears 肾开竅于耳”,”Liver manifests at eyes 肝开竅于目”,”5 Consciousness and 5 emotions 五神”,”情志”,”Liver stores Anger 肝主怒”,”Kidneys stores Fear 恐伤肾”,”5-element theory 五行学说”,”,。。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Avoidance Strategy for Autistic Child for life?

I am glad one of the Chinese WhatsApp group members provided the following discussion.

With discussion, sharing of experiences etc. we can learn more. It is better than just posting articles, videos from other sources without first own assessment or application and experience and share the same.

The group member introduced “Gluten Free Diet” topic for discussion.

Western Medicine research find Gluten diet is related to certain illnesses. According to Wikipedia, it says there is no 100% evidence that Gluten is related to autism.

Again, I wish to clarify, I am not against Western Medicine.

It is after much research and own application of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC), it becomes clear to me the pro and con of Western Medicine, due to big contrasting theories. And I wish to share the differences for readers to make their own evaluation and judgment.

Back to the discussion on Gluten Free Diet, with such belief, parents put a lot of constraints on autistic child to avoid Gluten diet.

Is Avoidance strategy the best strategy for life?

Shouldn’t the focus be on improve the functionalities of Spleen and Stomach so that the child can enjoy a wider selection of foods?

Western Medicine uses term like Gastrointestinal problem. YEIC simply says “Spleen and Stomach out of balance”.

Let’s us understand the thought pattern of the ancient sages.

Spleen and Stomach are closely related to each other. We also discussed earlier, they are like cousin brother relationship.

Spleen is Yin, Stomach is Yang, a model used to indicate relationship.

Yin-Yang needs to be in good balance, so that consumed foods can be “digested” and “transformed” into nutrients for the body, absorbed by the Small Intestines, with waste product sent to Large Intestine for expulsion.

YEIC has the same theory like 200 years Western Science more than 3000 years ago.

YEIC says, “Spleen is a vital organs with functionality to transform foods into nutrients / energy or Qi-blood, for any living person. : “脾为后天之本”。

Western Medicine does not see the importance of Spleen function.

How do we help the autistic child to be able to enjoy wide selection of foods, including Gluten-diets?

We have to start strengthening the functionalities of Spleen.

YEIC also says : “Spleen, one of the functions, is Thinking”. This is the beauty of ancient integrated system, physiology and minds and emotions are related to each other.

We also notice many autistic children have learning difficulties. This implies weak Spleen functions.

They also have digestion problems.

We also notice many aged people cannot consume too much foods, and learning capability is much slow-ed and impaired, again it is due to Spleen weakening.

We also can easily notice, healthy adult with too much thinking and worries, have no appetite for foods.

Now you see the wisdom of ancients sages, through careful observation, they can derive relationship between Spleen / Stomach with digestion, thinking, learning ability.

With such theory, we only need to focus on how to improve the Spleen, and YEIC in the Life Cultivation, provides us many methods to execute daily.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training . “Spleen & Stomach cousin relationship 相表里”,”Yin-Yang 阴阳”,”Spleen function is a critical function for all 脾为后天之本”,”Spleen has function in thinking 脾主思”,。。。。
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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TCM doctors also cannot help!

Sometime back I shared an article about a child with serious skin problem, for half a year various TCM medical treatments, resulted in not only no improvement, in some cases the problem intensified.

During the sharing at my 2-day Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) training, many participants also had bad experiences with TCM doctors, in one case, an autistic child with a few years acupuncture treatments, the autism problems became worse.

I pointed out to the participants that in the old days, China emperors had hundred of qualified TCM doctors, in many cases, these doctors, not only could not cure the illnesses of the emperor or royals, the illnesses intensified.

Eventually they found miraculous healer in the villages, who cured the very important people in the palaces. Miraculous healer like Hua Tuo 华佗!


1。There are many different medical treatments in TCM : accupucture, herbs, massage, etc. Some work well for certain patients, but not others.

2。The foundation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is on YEIC (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classics) which provides the holistic and integrated theories. And these integrated approach is far superior than any of the above different treatment methods, which are individually sub-divided from the whole.

3。YEIC also emphasizes the importance of Mind, Consciousness and Emotions. “五神” involving psychology, personality, life attitudes etc.

YEIC also places great importance on daily foods consumed which either helps or harm our body. These necessary aspects of integrated health are not addressed by most TCM doctors.

Treat the person, not the illnesses

4。YEIC says, “Treat the person, not the illnesses”. But today most TCM doctors like Western Medicine doctors treat the symptoms and illnesses too, not the person as a whole.

  1. One of the principles of YEIC : “30% treatment, more importantly 70% Life Cultivation” 三分治七分养。 This gives great emphasis on how you live your life daily as critically important, not just medicine.

6。Because YEIC embraces all things in the universe, life, not just health in totality, there are very few “miraculous healer” who have wide fields of knowledge and experiences.

Just like a skillful detective, with so many clues, facts, events happening …. He is able to filter the noises and only focus on the signals to solve the case.

7。Visiting a doctor is only a few hours with a few visits matter, but the YEIC emphasis on Life Cultivation which is 24 hours, daily consciousness and practices.

If today you find a “miraculous healer” to cure your illnesses, it is your luck and fortune.

However it is far better you learn the knowledge of YEIC and become your own best doctors on small illnesses so that they would not develop into serious health problems, and practice Life Cultivation.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .“Best doctor prevent sickness 上医”,”5 Consciousness 五神”,”5 Emotions 五情志”, “Treat person not illness 治人不治病”,”30% treatment 70% life cultivation 三分治七分养”,”Prevention 治未病” 。。。

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Facing Old Age

There is this video about adult son hitting the old parents in China. It is very distasteful, as values of respecting old people, what more parents, are considered vital important.

I have another reflection watching the video.

I had a coaching case of an old lady, whose adult son’s patience has been stretched by her to a limit. The old lady for the last year or so, became very temperamental, scolding the in-laws and the maid and accusing the son for stealing her money, and wanted her to die soon.

The old mother has pain here and there, discomfort every day which she complains non-stop. The son and family try their very best to accommodate her, bring her to clinic and hospitals.

But nothing improves. And the son wonders it is because of her psychological issues and calls me for help.

I also come across some adult children, with such difficult case, lost their patience and hit the old parents, which they regret greatly later.

Psychological Issue or Physiological Issue

After my coaching session with the old mother, I explained to the family it is not psychological issues but her body organs system deteriorate badly, with lots of imbalances, and these affect the mood and behaviors.

This is similar to autistic child’s behavioral problems arising from physiological imbalances or called Yin-Yang imbalance.

This is the key principle of YEIC : psychology and physiology affecting each other.

Both the old mother and the adult children do not know YEIC Life Cultivation 养生 principles, meaning if the old lady knows YEIC, and if she practices Life Cultivation before her old age, her body internal system, though may deteriorate, but in a more balanced manner. (In my previous articles, I mentioned how emotions affect organs, like Anger affects Liver, Fear affects Kidneys), ..

And the children do not know YEIC and they hope doctors can help the mother, but doctors can’t. Because Western Medicine never considers psychology and emotion as part of the body organs systems.

Some people, without Life Cultivation, when come to old age, they may not manifest in behavioral problems, but illnesses like diabetes, Parkinson, cancers etc.

I suggest to the adult children and in-law to learn YEIC so as to apply Life Cultivation for their mother. One cannot depend on medicine and doctors (Western Medicine or TCM) forever. But, like most people, the children expect me to give a magical pill or solution, without them having to learn new things with application.

This is a common mindset of people. “Too busy with life, if sick, see doctors”. This is very different from YEIC, which stress the importance on Life Cultivation to prevent sickness.

It is difficult for me to convince them, nor do I want to convince them, but only explain to them. Obviously the adult children do not think what may happen to them when they grow old. Most people assume, today my health is quite Ok, I should be ok in the future. Is that so?

I see the adult children and in-law still busy sending the old grumbling mother from clinic to TCM doctors to hospitals.

It is pitiful people get caught in vicious circle without any breakthrough.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training. “5 Consciousness and 5 Organs 五神对应五脏” “Emotions and Organs 情志”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Functionalities of Organs 脏腑功能”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Blueprint for Life

This is another useful concept from “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” YEIC. It provides a broad category of illnesses.


For any type of illnesses, there is one category belongs to deficiencies occurred at pre-natal, and another category post-natal.

We will use some examples to illustrate such concept.

Pre-natal Deficiency

For most autistic children, after birth or a few years later, parents notice something unusual as compared with normal healthy child development, for example strange behaviors or learning difficulty. Mostly these cases are grouped under “Pre-natal Deficiency”, which also include during fetus stage.

It is like today science called hereditary or DNA problems, or inherently weak body constituents of the mother giving rise to unhealthy baby. 体质失调问题。

Post-natal Deficiency

A grown up person with rather good health, but over years develop into illness : cancers, Parkinson, diabetes etc. .. These are grouped as “Post-natal Deficiency”.

Some may have combination of both Pre-natal and Post-natal Deficiencies.

Post-natal deficiency mostly arise from the person ignorant of Life Cultivation, lack of knowledge of how illnesses come about and engage in activities which do harm to the body.

Life Cultivation is a big subject, which we will discuss later over time.

Irrespective of Pre or Post Natal deficiencies, YEIC broadly explains them as “Yin-Yang imbalance”. In theory, when one can balance the Yin Yang, autistic child can develop healthily, cancers, Parkinson patients can be healed.

Yin-Yang Theory

Yin-Yang Concept is interesting “阴阳学说” but it is rather abstract.

Just a small example

Body organs are classified into Yin and Yang.

E.g. Heart = Yin, Small Intestine = Yang

And Heart & Small Intestines work in pair, closely related to each other like cousin-brothers. We had this relationship discussion earlier.

And Yin-organs and Yang-organs each have their unique functionalities.

Heart = Yin, Yin is defined as condensed matter,

Small Intestine = Yang. Yang is defined as loose, hollow, constantly in motion, which is the case of small intestine, which continuously absorb fresh nutrients from digested foods and discharge to the large intestines the impure portions of the digested foods.

And the YEIC main proposition is that :

*When all the key 5 organs functionalities are in good order and balanced, we have healthy body and mind*.

Are you not impressed with the ancient sages, 3000 years ago, coming out with simple concepts to guide healing and Life Cultivation, and provide a Blueprint for life.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training . “Pre n Post Natal Deficiency 先天不足,后天不足”,”Life Cultivation 养生”,”Yin-Yang Theory 阴阳学说”,”Body Constituents 体质” , “Organs Functionalities 脏腑功能”,
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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Andrew Wong
EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator.
心理辅导师 / 培训老师 / 带动集团学习师
Hp +6012 606 1525

学习 “黄帝内经“博客